Just Where IS Faction Warfare headed, anyways?

The recently concluded December CSM summit included a focused discussion about the Faction Warfare system improvement possibilities that CCP is considering, possibly as early as Summer Expansion.

Everyone should take the time to read carefully, but keep in mind that these are just ideas at the earliest planning stages, so there is still opportunity for us as a community to be heard and provide feedback.

One of the leading advocates for Faction Warfare change, Hans Jagerblitzen, has a few words for the community in response.

I also encourage you all to provide both CCP and the CSM your feedback on the subject in the proper feedback thread.
Here is the excerpt from the December 2011 CSM summit minutes:

“CCP has begun some concept work on how they want FW to evolve in the medium- to long-term.
Some iterations to FW may be possible as soon as summer 2012. They would like to merge the FW
and 0.0 sov system capture mechanics somewhat, but are not happy with either of the current

CCP would like to inject some of the drama that surrounds the CSM election system into FW, by
having some sort of in-game election of militia leaders/admirals. This would help move some of the
0.0 style politics/revenge/spying into FW. Another important addition to this system would be some
real power/consequences for system ownership, such as the elected leaders being able to set things
like tax rates in lowsec stations that they control (and having some of this tax ISK flow to the
faction). The leadership would be able to set strategic goals as well as adjust settings for the new FW benefits.

Some of the CSM members expressed some concern that FW issues would greatly impact pirate
organizations that live in the area, and wanted to make sure that non-FW entities would be able to
neutralize FW control in some way (by blowing stuff up, preferably). CCP agreed to take that into
account when designing the system, but that the important thing was to make FW meaningful and

CCP mentioned that letting alliances join FW was supposed to be a Crucible feature, but was not
completed in time. It will be released in the very near future, so that groups that want to participate
in FW don’t need to break up their existing social structures in order to join. Some CSM members
noted that this, in addition to the election mechanics, would allow nullsec entities to co-opt FW

On the question of where FW revenues would go, CCP suggested that they would be able to be used
for system upgrades; an example was to increase LP payouts or something similar.
The CSM suggested that one of the major issues with lowsec was the large increase in risk with a
much smaller increase in rewards. It was suggested that allowing FW upgrades to decrease risk, such
as making probes less effective in a system, would help draw people into lowsec. This brought up a
side conversation about how the current probing mechanics has negatively impacted tactics like
sniping, which is an issue CCP is aware of.

CCP suggested that in the long term, they would like to see the possibility of FW folks taking over
nearby high and nullsec systems, and turning them into FW-controlled systems. Some CSMs
suggested that FW could be used as a testbed for new capture mechanics, since FW would be
smaller scale than nullsec.

The CSM presented a list of smaller issues that were raised by the FW community. CCP promised to
look at the list, but pointed out that issues that had to do with Crimewatch (the system that
manages aggression timers, security status hits, criminal flags and other lowsec mechanics) were
unlikely to be addressed without the Crimewatch rewrite that CCP is planning.”

Here is the source of the full minutes, and the response thread where you can speak out in response to this “new direction” for Faction Warfare.


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