An Open Letter to Militia, from Shalee Lianne & Hans Jagerblitzen

Over the last couple of months I’ve been talking with Hans Jagerblitzen almost daily about our shared frustrations of how CCP has wholly neglected Factional Warfare in favor of null sec projects.

This was never more evident than when CCP neglected to show up at their own round table at Fanfest last year.

Countless threads have been posted all over EvE forums by militia members asking, no, pleading, for some in put from CCP in regards to what is the future for Factional Warfare.

Most of the times these threads are met with blatant silence. Sometimes, though rarely, a CCP employee will pipe up with some small idea then disappear without ever following up on it.

This is unacceptable.

All players of this game should have a voice, should be heard, should be responded to.

The CSM elections are soon upon us. This will be our time to stand up as one united voice and say to CCP that we will no longer be ignored, that we will not accept being pushed aside in favor of null sec, that how we play the game matters.

The purpose of the CSM is to represent society interests to CCP. This requires active engagement with the player community to master EVE issue awareness, understanding, and evaluation in the context of the greatest good for the greater player base.

This upcoming CSM election, I urge you to vote for Hans Jagerblitzen because he will be your voice. He will represent what matters to us.

Though we are enemies on the battlefield, I cannot think of anyone else who is more prepared and more qualified to take on this election and WIN it. He is a man who will go the distance for us, for all of us.

History has shown us the power that the CSM can weild. It is time for the militias to band together and seize that power, to show CCP and null sec that we are a force to be reckoned with.

– Shalee Lianne, Amarr Militia


For many of you, this announcement is merely a formality.  You either knew what I’ve been working on because we’ve been speaking about it privately, or you suspected as much based on the tone of my forum posting, or perhaps you were one of the many that personally asked me to run for CSM and helped to inspire this campaign.

With your support, I am finally prepared to declare my candidacy for CSM 7, and the launch of a historic campaign to send the message that the council needs a leader who will protect the interests of the 75% of us that don’t live in 0.0 or its particular brand of gameplay.  To put it bluntly, the nullsec bias of the council could not be more evident than in the case of our ongoing battle to improve the Factional Warfare system.

I have personally led the fight for months now to rally the Faction Warfare community into a unified voice and point them at both the CSM and the developers. At the suggestion of Trebor Daehdoow, I opened and began moderating what has become a 47-page threadnought that provided an easy-to-access resource for the community to share focused feedback directly with the council and CCP.

After three years of neglect, after being humiliated by a no-show by CCP at the “Faction Warfare Round Table” at Fanfest 2011, after promised iterations that never came,  I tried to comfort the community one last time by explaining that we finally had a window of opportunity – a sympathetic CSM and an upcoming summit, along with FW miraculously being on the agenda.

I’d even exchanged private emails with several of them, seeking assurance that the community’s wishes would be discussed during the talks.   The result of all this labor was a single line item in the recent summit notes – “The CSM presented a list of smaller issues that were raised by the FW community.”  That’s it.

wanted to advocate for the current CSM. I enjoyed some of the goodies Crucible brought.  But the fact remains – there are proposals on the table that fundamentally jeopardize the future of small-gang warfare in lowsec.

There is no way to sugar-coat the truth – a radical set of iterations were discussed at the summit that demonstrate a complete failure to comprehend or respect the very reasons we fight in the militia to begin with.

Faction Warfare pilots want fights.  Lots of them. Everywhere, and in multiple places at once.   We are a very simple crowd fueled by a simple culture – we enjoy pickup PvP without the drama, and without the meta-gaming, and withoutthe complications of shared resources and excessive political structure.

Those of us who have committed our careers to Faction Warfare know there is a great thirst for casual PvP amongst the player base at large – and we’ve all shared in the frustration of trying to explain that if Faction Warfare were simply fixed, everyone could enjoy more of it.  Why would we push for more “Jesus Features” when the answer is already here, waiting to be repaired?

Faction Warfare is now directly endangered.   One of the last great havens for sub capital warfare outside of wormholes is about to change forever – and the ones equipped to ensure the process is done properly are thethousands of players that have stuck around and fought each other year after year..

There are many capsuleers jaded with the current electoral system. They claim it’s biased. They think it’s rigged.  They think it’s hopeless for an empire candidate to compete with a 0.0 alliance bloc.   They think empire dwellers are too divided – and too weak.   I couldn’t think of any better team of players to prove these assumptions wrong this Spring than my brothers and sisters in the militias – enemies and friends alike.

I am in no way intimidated by the projected vote counts needed to win a seat.  We know how many of us will be coming out to save Faction Warfare this spring, even if no one else does yet.

Many of the most highly respected leaders from all four factions have already pledged their support to me. We will continue to war with each other on Tranquility but in this CSM race we are all one party, one team, one voice.   We may not agree on every solution for every problem, but we all know we are facing our final hour to make a stand and turn things around.

I ask all of you to stand alongside me as I campaign to seize one of the top 7 council seats from the incumbency and send the message to CCP that Faction Warfare is not 0.0 lite.

-Send the message that we want more activity in lowsec, but not more blobbing!

-Send the message that we culturally disdain the drama that complicates 0.0 warfare!

-Send the message that we are not a test bed for nullsec sovereignty improvements!

-Send the message that we are not here to be “co-opted” by nullsec groups!

Faction Warfare is our home.  It is now time to finish the fight, and fight to the last man.  Across every corp, every CEO, every alt, and alongside every old friend that has left us.      I’m asking you all personally to help me fix Factional Warfare, once and for all.

Failure to win a council seat will mean another year with no hope for a voice, and in a manner of months Faction Warfare will be shaped into a feature we no longer recognize or cherish.

I refuse to accept this, and I know you can’t either.

Please vote Hans Jagerblitzen for CSM 7.    

ATTENTION: Trusted CEO’s, FC’s, and community leaders wishing to be a part of spreading the message to their friends and corpmates should contact myself or Shalee Lianne if you are not already on our secure mailing list.  We’re excited to have you on board, and will need your support to solidify our victory this March.

7 Responses to “An Open Letter to Militia, from Shalee Lianne & Hans Jagerblitzen”


  2. Har Harrison Says:

    I’m Har Harrison and I endorse this message

  3. Hans Jagerblitzen Says:

    Confirming Hans jobs will change if elected.

  4. Veshta Yoshida Says:

    I am not Har Harrison, and I endorse this message.

    – Veshta Yoshida, PIE Inc.
    Divine Commodore of the Empire,
    Light of Amarr,
    Bringer of Peace and Enlightenment.

  5. Gallactica Says:

    You have my sword.

  6. You have my vote as a Heretic

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