Electus Matari Joins FW

Earlier this week, the well known roleplaying alliance, Electus Matari joined factional warfare.

EM, ‘known for its allegiance to the Minmatar Republic and its anti-piracy work’ claims that it’s not EM’s ‘intent to focus solely or even primarily on Militia work’.

Problems are anticipated from both EM and within the general Minmatar Militia.

EM will be cut off from Jita and some within the alliance are worried that ‘conditions in low-security will hamper industrial operations.’ Others claim Jita is ‘over-rated’ and states that ‘you can get anything you need from Rens.’

Another problem EM faces is their current standings list that includes ‘reds’ within the Minmatar Militia. Arkady Sadik says, “I am aware of three active corporations in the Minmatar Militia we have red. One of them is (was?) mostly active in Evati camping gates and rarely participated in fights against the Amarr. The second we tried to contact repeatedly to negotiate blue standings after they engaged us, but never received a response. The third flat out refused mutual blue standings, stating they’d like to keep shooting us when it suits them. For the latter two groups, it most certainly was not lack of interest from our side to find a solution.”

Petrus Blackshell of Rifterlings has stated, “There are numerous entities within the TLF which, while not straight-up pirate entities, operate under NBSI rules of engagement. We engage all targets of opportunity that are not explicitly friendly, as neutrals are very often in fact unfriendly, or working for the enemy or other entity.  I hope that -EM-‘s membership in the militia will not create a schism between those who prefer NBSI policies and those who frown upon them.”

The Amarr seem unconcerned. Rodj Blake has posted to them, “See you in space,” to which Raphael Saint says, “I have yet to actually see them.”

For more information on EM see their website here, or join their in game channel, ‘EM-public’.



3 Responses to “Electus Matari Joins FW”

  1. Raphael Saint Says:

    Here’s EM’s effect on FW:

    More green for the Amarr KB.

  2. Jhaelee de'Auvrie Says:

    I am just glad to see atleast one of the major RP groups willing to put their money where their mouth is. EM as stepped in and put themselves at risk by fully being part of FW, not just ‘neutrals’ protected by gate guns and CONCORD in highsec. For that, they deserve acknowlegement (and the ability to point and laugh at the other RP-forum warrior corps/alliances not willing to step up).

  3. horndemon Says:

    what a stupid decision to enter into fw and then shot at -10.0 militians like evati residents, which are loyal to militia since years and are free to shot at neutrals, if they want. EM need to activate their two neurons they have to embrace the idea that they can’t continue to shoot at -10.0 militians. Since you, EM, went into fw you broke you old RP toy. Change your retarded rules.

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