Plexing In Militia

In last months patch, CCP included a small ‘fix’ for FW plexing.  In the past, it would take weeks to plex in a FW system to make it vulnerable enough to flip to the opposing side.  Most of the plexing occurred during downtime, when plexes respawned, giving the advantage to those who played after downtime.

After the patch, a certain type of plex was capable of spawning every half hour, giving pilots in all time zones an equal chance to claim systems for their faction.

I asked a few of our dedicated FW plexers their opinions on these new changes and what they think CCP can do to make plexing even better.


Corwin Broadside

How do you think the new plexing mechanics have affected factional warfare?

The new system of the plex spawning every 30mins has made the process a higher tempo ordeal. Along with this it is much more feasible mechanic for the US tz players to use, rather than waiting for the dt respawns.

Do you feel that FW pilots are more inspired to plex currently?

To be honest, in a word no. The player base in FW feel that there is no point to it as you get nothing for it, just bragging rights.

What is your motivation to plex?

Well there’s several layers to that -:

a) The degree in which the Caldari in the US TZ is so badly out numbered, out skillpointed, etc, is quite unbelievable. So pushing for a move towards plexing has given the Caldari a chance to limit the ship types the Gallente can bring to a fight. Often times the gallente would just bring 10 battlecruisers and fast tackle to chase down Caldari frigate gangs. It evens the playing field a little.
b) Plexxing is one of the best ways to get small gang pvp
c) I personally need a goal pretty much in what ever I do or I just get bored. Plexing makes the fights more tactical. Losing the battle but wining the war has meaning in plexing. Just going out and getting kills on a gate gets old quick for me. So many people only care about getting kill mails. The best engagement of just this weekend for me was being out numbered 2 to 1, losing a total of 3 ships, getting but only one kill but we held the field (and the plex) for the first time in I don’t know how long. That boost in moral was worth more that any kill mail for me.

What would you like to see changed to the plexing mechanics in the future?

Well… I’m really not sure. I have heard lots of valid points being raised by many people on the forums and who I fly with etc. But plain and simple, the general pilot wants a reward for taking a system. If that’s loyalty points or the fact that the opposition could not dock in that system if it was captured. I’m not sure which would be best. ideally I would just like the individual corps see it as a great way to work together and get cooperation good across mutli timezones (Thats a caldari dream but I won’t hold my breath).



How do you think the new plexing mechanics have affected factional warfare?

First, what CCP did was replace three types of plexes with three new plex types – Minor Outposts (dessies and below), Outposts (cruiser and below), and Major Outposts (BCs and below). The NPCs in these three plexes are significantly nerfed to the point where even Caldari NPC ECM isn’t activated in the two smaller ones. Fights in these plexes are not really influenced by NPCs at all. These plexes also do not move to a different system after being captured, they respawn 30 minutes later in the same system.

The second modification has greatly improved factional warfare for two reasons.

A) All pilots can now contribute to the Occupancy War – regardless of timezone. No longer can after-DT plexers and afk alt plexers keep normal players from helping their side win by denying them the ability to run plexes in contested systems.

B) Systems can be conquered in a reasonable amount of time if there is no opposition. Before, it would take weeks to conquer a system if there were little opposition. Now you can conquer a system in less than a day with no opposition. Players are more willing to engage in something if they can achieve an objective in a reasonable amount of time.

Both of these reasons have led to a significant increase in people willing to engage in plex warfare. Before Crucible, at most five of our guys in QCATS would engage in the Occupancy War. Now my whole corporation (and also my FW alliance) fights in plexes every day.

Do you feel that FW pilots are more inspired to plex currently?

More players are inspired to plex. And many more players are inspired to fight those who are plexing.

What is your motivation to plex?

Fights > e-peen > lol-RP. The main reason is the fights.

What would you like to see changed to the plexing mechanics in the future?

The plexing mechanic is pretty much there. We have a 90-95% solution that works. More fights. The map reflects the reality of the war. For example, every system that is occupied has a large corporation living within two jumps of it (with the exception of Nagamennan which is on the Gallente-Caldari border). This is how it should be.

CCP should now concentrate on the rewards portion of the Occupancy War.

Jhaelee de’Auvrie

How do you think the new plexing mechanics have affected factional warfare?

By new mechanics, I assume you are asking about the 30 minute respawn of a minor, medium, and major plex in each system. It has been an interesting change. Originally I was not thrilled about that being dumped in. Now I feel it has been a semi-successful thing, it is a change but not a huge improvement. Just a change.

I think the biggest positive was that it happened at all. Faction Warfare had for so long gone ignored or treated like ‘0.0 light’ by CCP (hence new players being directed there right after finishing the tutorials) that a lot of FW people had become disillusioned. Even this attempt to fix/improve things gave a small bit of hope that attention would still be paid to this aging aspect of the game.

Do you feel that FW pilots are more inspired to plex currently?

Shortly after the changes, there was a flurry of activity as it became clear that systems could be flipped in a single day. Those that did not often plex were drawn by the prospect of fights to be had. Things have slowly fallen off though.

At this point, there are still a greater number of people out plexing (on both the Amarr and Minmatar sides) than during the months leading up to the changes. It is unclear though if the slow creep of disillusionment and burn out will bleed this off entirely though.

What is your motivation to plex?

For me, I see FW as the only game mechanic way of supporting one of the four big NPC factions. So that ends up being a strong part of it. The rest is pride and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with seeing hours of work pay off.

It might sound kind of stupid to a lot of the players that I would invest so much time constantly into something that does nothing but cost ships for something like that, but everyone needs to find their own motivation and their own reasons for playing.

What would you like to see changed to the plexing mechanics in the future?

Wow, this could take up pages (which it has on the forums). Frankly I think the entire thing needs to be scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up. Remove the FW missions, work what ever the FW mechanic is into the income earning thing for a complete package, not just something tagged on.

The clearness of the Sansha effect in the systems under an Incursion is nice. Compared to the inconsistent and often delayed color spots on the star map something that easy to read would be amazing.

If this kind of plex system is kept, make it into a group activity. Once again, the Incursions are something to look at. Something that requires more than just a frigate with a micro warp drive set to orbit would be nice. Possibly a toughened NPC AI, offensive plexing requiring killing NPCs, or some other attention requiring activity. Possibly remote repairing of some sort for the defensive.

Basically there is a lot of room for improvement, but it needs to be viewed as a rebuild rather than piece-meal changes thrown in. A lot of it all depends on what CCP’s idea and vision of FW are. What the capsuleer (and thus player) involvement in this conflict between the NPC factions is going to be.

Esna Pitojee

How do you think the new plexing mechanics have affected factional warfare?

I think that the new plexing mechanics have both spurred increased amounts of plexing and system-flipping, but also devalued the efforts of individual plexers who may put many long hours in attempting to flip a system only to be forced back a concentrated, if shorter effort by a larger group.

Do you feel that FW pilots are more inspired to plex currently?

To the extent that many attempt to provoke an engagement with the militia by opening a plex in a primary militia system or sending a system into a vulnerable state, yes. However, the vast majority of FW pilots remain uninspired to plex simply for the sake of system contestion/re-securing/capturing, in large part due to the lack of significant rewards for long hours spent plexing instead of extremely lucrative missioning.

What is your motivation to plex?

My primary motivation for plexing is the capturing and securing of systems for roleplay purposes. A secondary purpose is an attempt to provoke engagements from small numbers of hostile militia and/or pirates (they keyword being small, rather than large ‘blob’ fleets). By far the last and least important reason is the securing of valuable tags from Major complexes; however, relatively few of these are needed, and majors provide a large number of them.

What would you like to see changed to the plexing mechanics in the future?

There are four major points I would like to see changed regarding FW plexes in the future (barring, of course, a major FW occupancy overhaul to move the mechanics away from plexing).

1: NPC rebalances: At current it is possible to run an Amarr complex – even a major – solo in a T1 frigate. Other races, but Minmatar in particular due to a combination of target painters and missiles, are nigh-impossible to run without a larger, more expensive ship or a fleetmate to “draw aggro”. I’m obviously biased here, but from any perspective that represents a massive disparity between competing factions who should be balanced.

2; While CCP’s addition of 3 constantly respawning plexes did help some, there is still a slight benefit for an immediate post-downtime rush due to the fact that the majority of other plexes are still repopulated after downtime, making it harder to flip a system in the later-EU and US timezones.

3: Various plex bugs need to be resolved. Since Crucible 1.1, we have been increasingly encountering a bug that causes the 3 respawning plexes to fail to respawn; moreover, it appears that this may be a bug that can be deliberately caused by those wishing to prevent the capture of a system. Other bugs include plexes failing to de-spawn after capture and systems taking a variable number of plexes to secure (I have seen systems fall under 20 to 24 plexes, and others remain contested after 28 net plexes captured).

4: Finally, a system in which rewards (monetary or LP) could be sent to FW pilots – and FW pilots only – on the completion of a PLEX, but based on the number of NPCs killed in the plex. For example, if I complete a minor complex having killed 20 NPCs worth 100 LP each, I would receive a total of 2000 LP. If I complete a major having destroyed only 14 of 20 NPCs worth 1000 LP each, I would receive 14,000 out of 20,000 possible LP, but in both cases the reward would only be delivered when the timer runs down. To prevent farming using multiple characters in a plex, an incursion-like system in which only members of a fleet with the highest damage done would receive rewards might be necessary. This in turn might also move the dynamic away from the “kite and cap” team concept and more towards a combat-ready fleet to be used in plexes.


How do you think the new plexing mechanics have affected factional warfare?

Well needed change more pvp in plexs, though now they need to fix the freaking plex glitchs.

Do you feel that FW pilots are more inspired to plex currently?

A few are more inspired.  A few.

What is your motivation to plex?

It brings good fights and money.  Plex fights are always different ships. (unless your fighting Minmatar, they are always in the same ships and keep dying like champs.)

What would you like to see changed to the plexing mechanics in the future?

The stupid plex glitch fixed.  A plex for interdictors to have some fun that isn’t a major.  Obviously meaningful reward, ie make occupancy mean something, like you can’t dock in enemy sov like null.  We are going to be the 0.0 test bed right?(which is dumb btw)

Also, make the rats on all sides actually do something.  Speed tanking is retarded IF there are rats.  Make them incursion like IE fuck your shit up if you’re in a stupid frigate alone, but not incursion like millions of rats.

Wex Manchester

How do you think the new plexing mechanics have affected factional warfare?

The new mechanic has undoubtedly made system occupancy more volatile, and it’s also taken away much of the previous bias favoring pilots who were able to log in just after Down Time. Uniform distribution of plexing opportunities has opened up that part of Eve to players from around the globe.

Do you feel that FW pilots are more inspired to plex currently?

I believe so. More plexing opportunities begets more pilots attempting them and that’s leading to more fights. Previously only those who were concerned with system occupancy did plexes. Now more pilots are in plexes looking for fights.

What is your motivation to plex?

It’s a good way to get fair fights since the plexes are gated in most cases and will only allow pilots in similar class ships to enter. Getting fair fights is great motivation.

What would you like to see changed to the plexing mechanics in the future?

I would like there to be a more tangible reward for plexing. Perhaps a reasonable amount of LP awarded, and split among all the pilots who complete the plex.


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  1. It appears ccp nerfed the caldari rats to address the imbalance, but they did not nerf the minmatar rats.

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