Low Sec Fight Club Contest

In an interview with CSM7 Candidates on their opinions of Low Sec at Marc Scaurus’s blog, Hans Jagerblitzen said, “I think low sec pilots have one of the simplest, purest gameplay cultures – we just want log on and blow someone up within the hour, and not have to sit around like we’re in the woods hunting deer.

Low sec is Fight Club, and the way you fix low sec is let us take our gloves off, and to stop giving us so many damn time out penalties. Shorten Global Criminal Countdown timers. Reduce the numbers of situations that initiate GCC in the first place. Taper off the presence of sentry gun fire as you get closer to 0.0. I wont deny that low sec needs a few more “carrots” in the form of increased reward to offset the risk, but really very few of us are here for the money. We’re here for the blood.”

In the spirit of promoting the ‘Fight Club’ idea, Sov Wars wants to hear about your best fights in Low Sec in 2012.

Give me your story complete with kill mails for a chance to win a tech1 Battleship.

Contest rules:

*You must post within one week of this post, just post in the comments on this article.
*The fight must have happened in Low Sec this year.
*You must be a miliita member.


The winner will be announced next weekend.


2 Responses to “Low Sec Fight Club Contest”


    FHP smackin all up in vard local when when dont has the deeps to kill his bait-tankin’ raven on vard station. )’: We start to go home when SUDDENLY SPACESHIPS. He has them out and aboot, eh. So we ludicrous speed back to dal gate in vard and DA FIGHT BEGINS. THEY COME AT US AGAIN AND AGAIN. WE NEVER FEAR DA SPACESHIPS. FIGHT TO THE DEATH. M0220H SUCKS AND DIES. URIK IS IN A FAT ORACLE AND DIES. SUDDENLY, MATAR VICTOR. Flyinghotpocket noticeably more quiet in local.


  2. How about the reward tapers off the closer to high sec you get 🙂

    I’m sat on a high sec gate ( .5 ) in an abaddon , drones kiling the navy, it reduces the amount of dps i’m needing to perma tank (pulsing) and the frigs web so i can get at least some use out of the mwd.

    Had a few succes’s on the gate this evening, last night was a nightmare. Missed an officer fit raven and a fleet phoon, won’t bore you wit the details, we’ve all been there. Had a tussle with a passive shield tank Mael, clever pilot, after making the run for the gate play, mwd on but webbed, he fit me with ac’s , ogre 2’s n the neuts you would expect on a phoon, he hit me with everthing soon as he hit 5k .. Couldn’t de-agress quick enough, he deserved the kill to be honest.

    Anyway back to tonight…

    Logged in, scouts out.. hit the gate, crack open a beer

    Nothing, make some food, chat with the corp open another beer. Not paying attention makes me miss a tengu n have to go collect some more drones and dock for cap charges.

    Hit my gate, scorp jumpes in 🙂 Lock, engage, scorp in over half shields first volley, guns are already overheated n i wait to see if he’s arm tanked, scouts see anything 1 jump out , ont have any potential rr’s on 360, second volley hits….he’s lost his shields… jammed,,,, jammed…..jammed…, every time he’s got a jam , recall drones, better to be safe than sorry. Still jammed, he’s agressed he’s expecting me to jump. Misses a jam then another and thats last night forgetten about

    I kid you not, 2 mins later a hulk jumps in, Drops a plex… bonus!

    Arazu n a couple of frigs have a go, arazu orbited close , massive reduction in my damage output but this dude just decided to give me his ship.

    Harby and bestower ganks …. then my alt gets a ship scan on a target jumpin into umi, arma dressed up as the Mael the night before. Warp to insta dock, drop the sensor booster for another cap injector, drop a couple of guns for neuts and i’m back on the gate in under a minute. Close fight , last night found me needing a counter, tonight i got the opportunity to try it (not often it happens like that).

    Ying @ Yang, I’ll buy that !


    Oh yeah, also had a damnation but it was an univentful slug fest

    Back in low sec tomorrow now you guys know where I am 🙂

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