The Weekend: Heavy Losses For Amarr

The battlefields were blazing over the weekend as Amarr and Minmatar fought over plexes. Losses well into the billions for both sides litter the killboards. Though putting up a good fight, the Amarr lost several systems including the staging point for many Amarr fleets, Huola. Also Vard was captured by the Minmatar despite this win for a plex by the Amarr.

Details below from Mazer Rakum.
“It was a very interesting and fun fight. I had a gang out of about fifteen people in fast nano type stuff, consisting of cynabals and BC down, basically whatever people wanted to bring. I got the call from Flyinghotpocket that there was a rather large gang out in Vard sitting in the major plex and that they needed support. There was a total of four Amarr gangs out, 0000, Skunks, Amarr Retribution, and the TMFED and friends drunk gang.”

“I ordered our gang to warp to gate. As we were landing, Skunks and Hotpockets gang’s were activating the plex gate and entering. This was a great thing as we had cynabals and other squishy ships that would be expensive losses if scrammed on the warp in. I ordered my gang to align, and once most of my gang was on gate we entered soon after.”

“I was in a squishy nano oracle so I had got pushed quite far off, but was able to avoid warping out. I called on my secondary target caller, and Jackman stepped up. Being as we had four separate gangs we were pretty much just focusing down stuff that was already taking damage. After quite a long brawl, Minnmatar decided to bail. Shortly after the field was looted a neutral t2 frig gang with bcs and logi got reported as they landed on gate. Our four gangs decided to gcc the neutrals if they entered the plex to hold the field. Our gang’s superior dps was able to easily break the reps of the opposing neutral gang, and we were able to dispatch most of the neutrals with minimal losses. We were able to hold the field a second time and to capture the major plex.”

“I was surprised how four separate Amarr gangs were able to dispatch two gangs of similar size to us right after the other. I’m pretty sure everyone on our side felt that we were just leroying into the Minnmatar, and we were just hoping for a good fight. All in all it was a great time. Props to both the Minnmatar (with em support) and the neutral gang for bringing a good fight.”

(pictured provided by Flyinghotpocket)


2 Responses to “The Weekend: Heavy Losses For Amarr”

  1. LovesToPew Says:

    At least you guys are gettin some action. I joined FW a week ago, and still can’t get access to any fleets. Hate to say it, but it’s no wonder FW is dying.

    • each milita uses far too many spy alts in the enemy militia. paranoia about the very real problem of spys certainly does make it harder to get into the larger fleets when you first join. but you can fly solo and join in fights, or follow groups and join in when the battle happens. you can form up your own fleet from general milita, too!

      or talk to different milita corps in person and convince someone to give you a shot 🙂

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