Interview: Jhaelee de’Auvrie, Amarrian Loyalist & CEO of The Peerage

How long have you been playing EvE Online and how much of that time has been spent in Factional Warfare?

Well I have been playing EVE for only three or so years; FW has taken up the vast majority of that with Jhae. I like the FW crowd and unless things go down hill really badly, I do not see myself leaving Amarr FW any times soon.

Your employment history lists your first corporation as PIE Inc, a well-known, Amarrian loyalist roleplaying corp. How much of your game play is affected by RP?

When I heard about Faction Warfare I thought it sounded like a great way to be involved in an evolving and changing part of EVE. I went out and looked for groups that were well invested in FW and dedicated to an ideal based on the NPC Empire they were fighting for. Considering I was playing an Amarrian character, the Amarr side of things seemed like the natural direction. At that time PIE was one of the biggest names in Amarr FW, so it was there that I applied.

As of now, I would say that ‘RP’ still has a strong element in deciding what I do and why I do it. I am still in FW for the descriptive reason of supporting the Amarr Empire. To that end, I end up doing and prompting a lot of ‘plexing’ (despite it being completely thankless and costly).

Actual direct RP wise, I have been pretty inactive for a year or so. I just ended up getting sick of all the self-centered petty drama that so much of the RP community is filled with and drifted towards other things.

What do you hope to see CCP change for FW?

Wow, this could take pages. So three main issues:

1. More so than fixing the plexing mechanics, I would like to see missions completely removed. Make the FW mechanic (whether it is some modified version of plexing or something completely new) the way FW pilots earn isk from FW. It sickens me to know that 50% or more of each militia is just mission running alts and because of all of them, the market is flooded and thus we have to spend more time away from fighting and doing the FW thing to fund our selves.

2. As for plexing, as a mechanic it is showing its age. CCP has improved with time and has shown with the mechanics behind Incursions that they can pull of some pretty impressive PvE related things.

As is right now it is a boring, thankless activity that ultimately only results in a personal warm fuzzy feeling. There is a huge imbalance in the NPCs that needs to be addressed. Putting time and effort into it needs to be actually rewarded.

I would love to see some kind of action other than sitting next to a timer be involved. Maybe offensive plexes requiring killing the NPCs, maybe remote repairing as the defensive way of doing it. Possible changes to the NPC AI so mindless tricks like speed tanking no longer work. Something/anything to make it more worth investing time into.

Then system control needs to actually count towards something.

3. Finally get on with the story. This kind of conflict would and should not have gone on this long with no greater result. We all want to see some progression in the story of EVE Online, and this almost war between the factions has the potential to be really interesting. Right now it feels like a half completed idea that was shoved to the side rather than be finished.

Opinion on Alliances now in Militia, do you think it’s affected much?

I am really surprised that we did not see a glut of people join to run mission like so many (myself included) feared. For the most part this has actually been a nice little change. EM has shown their mettle by sticking to their RP basing and thrown in with the Minmatar officially (no more hiding behind GCC and gate guns). For the Amarr that is going to make thing harder. Sadly, none of the RP/forumwarrior groups that have always claimed to back the Amarr Empire have gotten off their backsides and done the same. Hats off to you EM.

What made you choose Amarr militia over the others militias?

Simplistically in the beginning because that was the race my character was from. I have stuck with them because I like the people involved. We have a pretty nice community.

What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of the Amarr militia currently?

Considering the adversity we are often faced with (out numbered, NPC imbalance, etc.) I would have to say one of the biggest things the Amarr militia has going for it is determination on the part of many. Though constantly being up against the odds can lead to burn out and apathy.

Weakness wise, I would have to say that we are a pretty untrusting lot. That makes it really hard for new players and new faces to actually become part of things. Spies are an issue that all four of the militias deal with, so there are side channels that all the actual intel is given in. Often I see new people asking questions in the MILITIA channel be met with either silence or trolling. This is an issue I wish there was an easy fix for.

Who are some of the other pilots and corporations within the Amarr militia that you admire?

Top of that list would be RTSAvalanche. Aside from being a great guy to sit around and chat with, he is damn good at the game and has the balls to fly some pretty flashy ships. Kravasher Prime is another great guy, never really lets anything get to him. Maz3r is always one to give advice.

Over all, there are a lot of good people in the Amarr militia and a lot of players that are more skilled at the game than I am.

Tell us about your corporation, The Peerage [A.NBL]. What inspired you to create it?

Well, good old KotMC fell apart and that left a bunch of us hanging in the wind. I had decided instead of looking back, to start moving forward and thus created The Peerage. It was only after I did that I found out about I.LAW also having been created. Eran and I chatted on the subject for a bit and I decided to continue forward with A.Nbl.

As is, we are basically NRDS Amarr PvP corp. I created it to be manly focused on FW, not to just be another lowsec PvP corp. Despite growth being slow, we have a nice little place in the Amarr FW community.

How do you recruit? What are the requirements for joining [A.NBL]? Is it an RP corp?

Oddly enough, most of our recruits have come from being helpful in the MILITIA channel. We have had a few less than trustworthy applicants, but that happens to everyone. Right now we are looking for people interested in being part of Amarr FW. We can offer you a place as part of the community, assistance getting rolling, and veterans with a wealth of experience to learn from.

As for being a RP corp, that all depends on what you mean by RP corp. Do we just sit in station and use EVE as a graphic telnet MUD channel, no. We do not require our players to refer to older members by things like ‘sir’ or such. We are all just people playing a game.

Instead, we have a descriptive reason for fighting as part of the Amarr militia. We focus our efforts on the enemy militias rather than going after anyone/everything flying in lowsec.

What are you currently most proud of about your corp? Also, what are your future plans for your corp?

Really, the thing that I am personally most proud of is that it is still around. Esna has been willing to stick it out with me and now we are starting to get some recruits and things rolling.

I am hoping to see us continue to grow and expand as a corp. With greater numbers there are great options available for things the corp can achieve. Unless some changes come through that completely destroy FW, we will continue to fight for the Amarr Empire down in the warzone.

Does your corp have a public channel, killboards, or blogs that you would like us to link to?

“The Peerage Public” is a great place for people looking to find out more about us, sit around and chat, or for new FW pilots with questions.

Website wise, I have not really put together anything worthy of respect yet. Buisness organization is my strong point, not website design. In the future I may see about playing around a bit and trying to put something together, or possibly get lucky and recruit someone with some talent . . .

Aside from our record on the Amarr Killboard, we can be found on as well.

For those interested in seeing our limited little forum:

I direct any interested applicants that direction to learn a little bit about us.

Thank you for doing the interview, any parting thoughts?

I feel honored to have been sought out by you for this. I hope I did not rattle on to long on some of the questions (I know I have a tendancy to ‘soap box’).

FW System: Sosala
EvE Celebrity: Shalee Lianne (not just sucking up here)
EvE Releated Website:  Amarr Killboard
Null Sec Alliance: White Noise
Wartarget To Shoot: sasawong (just to kill) or the guys in Wings of Maak (for good fights)
Space Station: the Amarr Station Hub ones (like Iesa VI moon 6 Ministry)
Song To Fly To: I listen to a lot of Finntroll while playing EVE
Way To Make Isk: Incursions (mostly because it is a group activity)
Ammo: Gleam crystals
Pirate Corp: aside from individuals with in a few of them, none. They tend to be full of trolls and asshats who forget that we are all playing a video game to have fun.
Favorite Ship: the good old Arbitrator


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  1. Good luck to the Peerage! Hope you guys grow into a formidable enemy. (:

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