On the radio…

I am happy to announce that Hans Jagerblitzen will be appearing live on EvE Radio tomorrow, Saturday the 18th, at 00:00 EvE time. He will be a guest of DJ Funkybacon, alongside existing CSM6 members Seleene and Two Step, who are both running for re-election. The three of them will be talking about their campaigns and about the issues. Tune in if you’re interested, and please tell your friends and share this in your channels!

Also, the next day he will be recording a podcast for “Voices from the Void” with Marc Scaurus (Tuskers blogger) alongside Kelduum of EvE University. It will be released on Monday, Feb 20.

Whether or not he has your vote, both are great opportunities for you all to get to know him and what he stands for, and to hear him in his own voice. Tell everyone you know who may be interested to tune in!

For more information on the Hans campaign, please visit the Jita Hall forums, this thread.


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