A Sneaky Interview

Sneaky Noob, Minmatar Extraordinaire

What inspired your name?

Well, the name Sneaky Noob was inspired by my desire to troll/gank some annoying corpmates of mine way back when I started playing EVE. I needed an alt with a really annoying name, and thus was born Sneaky Noob. I also think it’s cool when I get a killmail, cause like “u been kill’d by sneaky noob”, ya know?

The name of my main character, Pel Ukken, has a different background. I have shaved my head IRL for over 10 years now, and in Spanish the word for “no hair” is “pelon”. Add some beers, idiotic friends and way too much free time and you get Pelukken which then morphed into Pel Ukken. Oh and you can totally turn “ukken” into a verb, like “I want to ukken all over your face”. It’s a Mexican thing.

How long have you been playing EvE? How much of that time has been spent in FW?

Pel was born in April of 2009 and Sneaky about 2-3 months afterwards. So over two years now I guess. Total in FW has been probably a year a half.

What other parts of the game have you tried?

The Rookie LOL-corp, wormholes, highsec wardecs, piracy and nullsec sovwar bullshit. Oh an one night, for about 4 hours, I mined in highsec.

Why did you choose Minmatar Militia?

It was Reverand Phoenix’s idea. The original rookie lol-corp disbanded and some of our more PvP minded members wanted to kill shit in the face. Rev recommended FW and we made the mistake of listening to him. We don’t do that anymore.

What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of the Minmatar Militia currently?

Our main strength is the versatility and diversity of the people that make up the militia corps. At this point we can really do just about any fleet composition and have 10 to 15 pilots in that ship in about 5 minutes. And they can fly them well. Another awesome characteristic of Minmatar Militia is that since there are no clear leaders, just about anyone can step up and take charge. This means a) you can’t kill our FC and b) FC’s don’t burn out. Finally, we like fighting/dying. Once you realize they both go hand in hand, getting fights is alot easier.

As to our weaknesses I’d probably point out that the same diversity that is our strength is also our weakness. We have one common enemy but that’s about it, no other common thread unites us all. So when you lot go AFK for an extended period of time we start getting on each other’s nerves. And that means we starting shooting each other. Oh, and we are stuck-up arrogant bastards.

Tell us about your Alliance. I hear you’re the one who came up with the corp ticker? What inspired it?

Late Night Alliance has been an idea that many of us have had for a while now. I remember after the last alliance tournament that Baha, Gald and myself started discussing the making of an alliance. Then CCP decided alliances were ok for FW and that made life simpler. As for the name, well… we fly late at night, so Late Night Alliance kinda fit.

The ticker is named after one of our super-sekirt intell channels. Bald Beaver named the channel and he has some kind of fixation with man love, and he named the channel “gay”. Whenever I’d log in I would say hi to everyone by waving in channel and saying “hello ghey knights”…

Kinda stupid, I know.

What are the requirements for a corporation looking to join [GHEY]?

1) Want to kill shit (preferably Amarr).

2) Not be retarded.

3) Be self sufficient.

4) Speak English.

Those in themselves eliminate over 95% of the people in EVE.

Who do you most admire in FW? Why?

Baha and Siggy, cause they tolerate me and pretend that what I say is important. Gald, cause he switched sides and took it like a man (and killed me over and over and over and over). Sasawong cause he plexes like a man possessed. Oh, and Flyinghotpocket. He’s like the fucking Energizer bunny.

Do you FC?

Yes. It’s fun. It’s a great team-building experience and makes fights much more exciting. Also, ordering around a bunch of white dudes is an awesome experience to anyone from Latin America.

What kind of advice would you give someone new to Faction War?

Don’t take anything personally, always update your clone, be prepared to die (alot) and get out of the NPC corp ASAP.

What are some of your most memorable fights in militia?

The time we dropped mina wolf’s nyx on you guys. I commanded that fight from start to finish, which means it’s my fault we didn’t have HIC’s on standby. But that fight was epic and we kicked ass.

There was this other time I took over a combined Star Fraction/Electus Matari/Militia fleet that had been involved in a POS shoot or POS defense.  We chased off some pirates dudes and finally caught up with them in Metro, where SigmaPi and I divided our fleet into two and sandwiched them on a gate, killing a bunch of battleships and a couple of Nightmares in the process. As we made our way back into Kourmonen from Auga, Leoline suicided a disco-battleship fleet into us, podding everyone in his fleet and killing nothing. Icing on the cake 🙂

What is your opinion on plexing? Do you even bother with it?

Plexing is broken, I think you’ll agree with me on that. It’s nice for limiting combat to a specific ship size but actual fighting within the plex is unbalanced, since defenders have a pretty big advantage. Add in the broken aggression and spawning mechanics and it’s really meaningless. I avoid it like the plague but I will assist people in running down plexes if they ask nicely.

What do you think CCP should change to make FW better?

Make sovereignty mean something, case in point, right now Huola is controlled by Minmatar and Auga by Amarr… and? That’s it, something changed in the upper righthand corner of my screen. Not many people care and that’s fucked up.

CCP also needs to encourage more active PvPer’s to join FW, and that requires more than just some changes to FW, it means a total overhaul of everything that is lowsec.

Oh, and add more exclusive items to the militia LP store.

What else do you think CCP could change to make EvE better?

Having experienced many facets of EVE, I think the main problem that the game has now is “bigger is better”. The overpopulation of supercapitals, the massive 1,000 man fleets, the pervasive meta-gaming and the proliferation of bots are some of the symptoms of a game in which quantity has much more weight than quality. Lowsec small gang warfare is one of the few places where player skill is still a vital aspect of the game and that’s why I’m still here.

I also think that CCP also fucked up terribly with releases like Incarna, were the main addition to the game was something that the vast majority of the poplation didn’t give two shits about. That’s like giving thirsty man a new pair of shoes after he walks out of the desert. Fuck shoes, gimme water.

Crucible was much better. The tier three BC’s were a success (if slightly overpowered) and CCP should build on that. Internet spaceship game responds well to new spaceships. Who would have guessed?

Will you be voting for Hans Jagerblitzen in the CSM7 elections?

Yes. He’s got some solid ideas on what is wrong at the moment and is willing to listen to others on how to fix things.

You were the author of the Icy Hawt but now you’ve recently started the Late Night Alliance blog. Why the change?

Ha ha ha ha. Well… to be perfectly honest I bought a new computer about 2 months ago (and threw away the old one) and when I tried to log back on to The Icy Hawt I discovered that I a) had forgotten the password, b) forgotten the login and c) forgot which email I had linked to the account.

Since recovering everything seemed to be too much of a hassle and I felt the need to write, I said fuckit and started a new site.

Our official response is that it is no longer a site focused on the activities of a single corp, but on those of an entire alliance. More at eleven.

What is your favorite thing to write about?

Fights, drama and people screwing up. I really like my narration style for battle reports, since I try and make it as LOL-RP as I can while making sure I explain how awesome we are and how much ass we kicked.

Writing about drama is just a guilty pleasure. Same with “informative trolls” about other people’s fuckups.

Have you ever been to Fanfest or any EvE meets? If so, tell us about your experiences.

No I have not. I don’t actually know anyone IRL that plays EVE. I keep it rather hidden.

When will you be leaving Minmatar to join your Amarrian Mistress?

As much as the idea of flying next to my Golden Mistress Shalee Lianee pleases me, I have to admit that I prefer to be naughty and have her discipline me every evening after our fleets clash.

Thank you for doing the interview, any parting thoughts?

Yeah, all you tards need to go read The Late Nite News.


FW System: Toss-up between Auga and Huola, mainly cause that’s where all my ships are. Also, ❤ the Abandoned Research Outpost… om nom nom Dark Blood.

EvE Celebrity: Shalee Lianee and Lukka. I have a spacecrush on the former and the latter just cracks me up.

EvE Releated Website: I actually get a kick out of evenews24. It’s so bad, it’s good (they also link Susan’s blog, which is pretty cool).

Null Sec Alliance: I was part of RZR some time ago, and while I disliked the whole “NC” thing they had going with MM and the other NC corps, they were very nice and helpful to a newcomer. I’ve thought about going back and rejoining but the reality is I just don’t have the time.

Wartarget To Shoot: You. It’s almost erotic. Sorry for oversharing.

Space Station: The Amarr one that’s built on an asteroid. That and the Caldari nullsec player-owned stations. They are pretty, and awesome graphics are one of the most addictive aspects of this game.

Song To Fly To: “Magdalena” or “Passive” by A Perfect Circle. Maynard makes me psychotic and is good for fighting. If I’m scouting or running missions I like to listen to something soothing and relaxing.

Way To Make Isk: Steal from IFW’s and K.POW’s corp wallets. I mean, run FW missions and undercut Rev’s sell orders for Stabber Fleets.

Ammo: I like Mjolnir ammo, just cause the name is like ARGGG! HAMMERGOD TIEM! RAWR FACEBASH!

Pirate Corp: Ka Pow Pow! Cause, here at Ka Pow Pow, we shoot people!

Favorite Ship: I have more kills in a Drake than any other ship, but at the moment I’m loving my Proteus way too much. I also have a strange fixation with a Navy Augoror that a certain Amarrian gave me and I renamed “The Pet”.

Favorite Troll: So many to choose from! I once made a 14yo kid cry in the middle of a Provi-raid, back when CVA still owned it. Ramingo and the emergence of “u ded” is another classic troll moment, which was unfortunately lost when the Minmatar Militia killboard when full-evekill.

I made Too Ducky emorage quit once. I troll’d Mara Abraham out of ROSS.


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  1. I think I’m Sneaky’s numero uno fan. Troll on, mi amigo.

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