Sasawong: Who Is This Mystical Creature Anyhow?

Everything We Think We Know

The man, the myth, the legend.

Sasawong is a well known Minmatar plexer who currently holds the record for having the most victory points in all of factional warfare.

Though many recognize his name and efforts, little else is know about the man who almost singlehandely defends Minmatar sovereignty.

I had thought it would be an interesting read if I could get an interview with this well-known Minmatar figure….however, I am currently blocked by him (haha) and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

My next plan of action was to mail out a couple of questions to other well known plexers within the militias. I sent out my first mail and before I could send off another, I got a response with ‘Sasawong can go fuck himself’.

Oh boy. Nix that idea.

I asked my old CEO, Aldrith Shutaq, what he knew of this man of mystery. “It is strange, we Amarrians hardly know squat about him. He doesn’t talk to a single one of us. I’ve seen him on at all hours of the day. I had him on my watchlist and every time I’d see him log on I’d get this little tinge of anxiety, knowing he’d be out there running our plexes soon. Usually when I’d confront him, usually me in my Slicer and him in a Thrasher, Rifter, Firetail or sometimes a Rupture, he’d run. Unless, of course, it was an important system, one that the Minnies were concentrating plexing efforts on. Then he’d come back with friends. The first few times I confronted him he’d stand and fight, and he’s not a terrible combat pilot, but he’s not great I’d say either. I beat him solo a few times and after that he got smart. His dedication seems superhuman. I really don’t understand what motivates his plexing efforts. I’m an RP’er and even I get so bored of plexes I just need to do something else. He seems almost like a silent force of nature than another player sometimes.”

A couple of years ago, when Eran Mintor was still in the Minmatar Militia, I asked him if the rumors were true, that Sasawong was really three Japanese guys sharing an account. That was the rumors floating around the Amarr Militia at the time anyhow.

Today I ask Zenton Karvash of the Minmatar to tell me about him, he responds with, “He’s German and really is just one person.  Can’t say I know much more.”  Apparently Zenton heard the rumors while he was in Amarr Militia back in the day.

So, who exactly is Sasawong?

You tell me.

Sasawong Fact Sheet

Battleclinic ranks him in the top 10k with 5286kills.
Favorite ship seems to be an SFI.
Best known associate is Annah Kitheran.
Blocks Amarrian Princesses who trolls him in local (apparently, anyhow)

What do you know about him?  Respond in the comments!


7 Responses to “Sasawong: Who Is This Mystical Creature Anyhow?”

  1. I think he is a robot.

  2. Silence ikillyouu Says:

    Sasa does his own thing.
    Wen we focus on taking houla silly sasawong is in raa.
    He dosnt take orders and hardly talks to anyone.

  3. Daisha Voluptia Says:

    The few times sasawong spoke to me in local he came across as a nice guy. Most Amarr Militia guys both smile and curse a little bit when they see saswong in local.

  4. Anya Sulii Says:

    sasawong is a difficult man to know. If your interests align with his he can be quite nice and helpful; if not he pretty much ignores you. He has his own plans and doesn’t really share the details with anyone. When I first met him he was focused totally on plex warfare but lately he has joined roaming fleets.

    And after a couple years of flying with him that’s all I know.

  5. I remember him being more involved with larger fleets back when teh war broke out. But since then, he seems to have withdrawn into the shadows of his own personal vendetta against the Empire.

  6. He always fits ecm in the mids of his ruptures and thrashers when he fights me. That bastard!

  7. Markius TheShed Says:

    Sasa is a plexing god sent from the Minmatar elder spirits to vanquish all Amarrians.
    If you were to see him in RL you would melt like in Raiders of the lost.

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