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Why Faction War Is Going To Suck

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Next week is the launch of Inferno and if it is anything like the fanfest video promises for Factional Warfare, it’s going to suck for the underdogs.

Let me explain.

From what I understand, plexing is going to suddenly have meaning, which in theory isn’t a bad idea. It’s what most FW pilots have wanted all along, I mean, who really wants to orbit a beacon for 20 minutes for no reward other than victory points (that amounts to nothing).

As it stands, very few players plex, and those who do, do so for various reasons. Some do it merely for rp reasons (like myself), some do it to control the size of a fight and use the plexes as tactical points, and some do it merely because they want to defend their militia’s space. If you have 30 minutes and are bored, why not?

I loved plexing when I was a new player, it gave me something to do in a frigate and I felt like I was contributing to the war effort.

Later I would like plexing as I started to pvp because it did control fights- can’t get hotdropped in them.

With the proposed new changes, plexing will be rewarded by giving the pilot LP instead of the worthless VP (that I’ve accumulated so much of).

That is a good thing. Very, very good thing. I foresee many pilots jumping into plexing now.

The current plexing system is horrid in that, the map is difficult to understand how contested a system is. Little blobby paint dots across the star map, ugh.

I believe they are going to update that so that it will be easier to know what is contested and how contested is. I think, anyhow. Which is still a really good improvement for FW.

On to the sucky part.

Currently if a system flips to the opposing side, it means nothing. There are no reasons to flip it other than RP reasons or bragging rights. It means little to a typical FW pilot if a system is occupied by your enemy.

What’s going to happen now (proposed) is when a system is captured by your enemy, you cannot the dock in the stations.

“Oh great, just like null sec!” one of my 0.0 friends said to me yesterday as I was complaining about this.

But that’s the point. Low sec and FW is not null sec, and the same mechanics should not apply.

FW is supposed to be ‘fight club’, as Hans Jagerblitzen has said in the past. The majority of the FW pilots want to log on, undock and go pew pew. We aren’t interested in holding Sov, if we were, we would actually BE in null sec.

As it stands, it takes around six hours to flip a system. This means while you’re asleep or at work, your space-enemies are out there taking your systems and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

In the past this mattered little. In the future this means that I’m going to be locked out of my station next time I log on.

So what, should we not care about our real lives? Don’t work, don’t sleep, don’t have a relationship. Just stay on EVE and plex so you can access your stuff.

Okay so that’s a little melodramatic, but still, that’s how I feel at the moment.

Militia’s are vastly different from null sec Alliances. Null sec alliances have call-to-arms and work together on a single goal. They have thousands of people around the clock working together. Militia’s are fragmented. I play at night and rarely know what’s going on with the daytime Amarr militia. Can I count on those guys to be plexing and defending the stations I’m living in?

The alternative is moving out of the FW war zone, which our corporation is currently in the process of doing, and I assume a lot of other corporations are planning the same.

And isn’t that kind of ironic? To be a FW corporation but cannot actually live in an FW system without fear of losing access to your stuff within 24 hours?

The other night, our corporation with a few friends plexed to take back Arzad from Minmatar control. We did it around 3am (at which point I went to bed) By the next afternoon, the Minmatar had already taken it back.

A system shouldn’t flip twice within the space of twelve hours.

The following night, the Late Night Alliance was out plexing and took TZVI. They had 40 in their fleet. Amarr had seven. There was nothing we could counter with.

It seems as if the victors are going to be vastly rewarded when FW is redone, and the underdogs are going to be struggling as always. Which hasn’t been too much of a problem in the past, because occupancy didn’t mean anything. We could ship down to frigs and dessies and still get a couple of fights.

But now we might not be able to access our stuff if we don’t log on every single night. And it’s going to suck when trying to go for a roam because we wont be able to dock anywhere within the war zone. Already the Minmatar have ten of our systems while we hold only one of theirs. They have taken these systems for no reward other than they can.

I think it’s going to get far worse when they are rewarded for their efforts.

And then what? What new corporation is going to want to join the losing militia side? Which would you pick? ‘Oh welcome to FW, but you can’t actually dock anywhere.’ Of course they will join the winning side, which will only unbalance things even more.

I feel like if they lock us out of our stations it’s going to really hinder FW. I don’t see the benefits of being on the losing side, especially when all we want to do is pvp. We could quit FW and have access to all the stations again and just go pirate, that would be far more lucrative than being punished for not having the numbers to fight the blobbier side. (and don’t start, I know every militia blobs at times)

Even if they make it take longer to claim a system, instead of six hours, even if they make it take days, it’s going to still suck because the enemy has claimed systems under the old system, which only took them six hours but will then take us days to take back.

So I’m begging CCP, please reset the occupancy if you insist on locking us out of our stations. (though I would rather not be locked out in the first place)

What do you guys think?

RTSAvalanche: Amarr Militia’s ‘Most Interesting Man’

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How long have you been playing EVE? What made you decide to join the game?

Late 2009 is when I first really started playing. After playing Crysis till the point where its servers were getting more & more empty it was time to hunt for a new game. I remembered a guy I would often play with, he mentioned a friend of his had lost some ship in a game called “EVE” and that it would literaly take him months to rebuild what he lost! Such game play was completely alien to me… I became curious!

Is RTSAvalanche your first character? 

I made an ever brief appearance in mid 2004, lasting no more than 2 weeks. At the time being a Roady for a local Sydney band “The Vaine,” I just didn’t have the time or life style where I settle down and get into such an overwhelming game. One could say I made a grand return to EVE in late 2009 as RTSAvalanche, thought I had previously long since forgotten about EVE prior to this.

Why did you join Amarr Militia?

After the days of Soleq.. which was really my crash course in EVE. It was decided that Jimmy Nickson, Daisha Voluptia, & myself after flying together for so long that we’d continue our EVE journey together. Jimmy’s want to RP as Amarr lead us to the Amarr Militia on which upon we started TLSTR which is still around to this day!  (Don Radke, Darkkard came back to us later)

Have you tried any of the other militias?

Nope, I have no plans to either. I’ve made many great friends in the Amarr militia which I really enjoying flying with!  <33 you guys!!

What else in EVE have you tried out?

All of it, hi-sec mining, wormholes, corp ceo, diplomacy, pve, pvp & even industrial (building ravens)… but nothing compares to small fast pace gangs in low-sec!!!

How do you make your ISK?

Haha.. There is no secret to it. If I want some spending money, I’ll go off and do some FW missions, and let’s not forget about loot from fallen enemies in glorious battles! ^^

What is the most expensive ship you own?

Oh deary me.. it probably would be wise of me not to say, but hell, for the fun of it i’ll let you guys know! A couple of months back Chribba sold me his Utu.. rounded off (with its fit) it’s pretty easily worth 37b.  Yes, the Utu ended up costing slightly more than the Mimir!

Why do you prefer blingy ships?

IT’S FUN!!!!!!!!!  But also, I love pushing things to their maximum! If I hear there is a cruiser that can do 1,000dps.. that’s it, I want it! I’ll then spend lots of time on EFT & spar-ing with friends to work out any kinks in the fit. When you throw such ships in battle, it can get the blood pumping & you really try your best to keep that ship alive while following FC commands, forcing you to be a more focused pilot and over time perhaps a better one… that’s if you don’t want to replace 1b ships on a daily basis. =p

What’s the most expensive ship you’ve ever lost?

Oooh… tough one. I remember PL dropped supers on my 100GU a few months back. That said I know I’ve hurt my wallet far worst in the past.  Machariel and Bhaalgorn.  Looking back on these, I can’t help but smile – these were such fun times!

Who do you most admire in Amarr Militia? Also, which of our enemies do you most admire?

Predator Elite, Zero2espect, Eran mintor – Love the 3 of them to death, each of them has spent countless hours helping out the Amarr Militia in their own ways. Pred was the first one to give me a real chance in Militia and later vouched for me to Join TMFED.

Manos Kdo, m0220h & Mr Barista – The why is simple really, they see this as a jolly fun game & generaly down for a ‘GF’. When we are just kicking back they are an absolute delight to talk too. I know if I were Minmatar, I’d be rolling with them!

Gald & Sasa deserve a mention too (for different reasons) – some of us hate them, but the truth is they do bring us fights!! =]

Have you been to any Fanfests or EVE meets? If so, describe your experiences. If not, do you plan on going to any in the future?

No… and I feel bad saying that. How ever I can say I’ve been giving thought about the 10th anniversary FanFest next year!!!

What do you think of the proposed FW changes for Inferno?

I watched fanfest live & I’ve heard a lot of talking that’s going on. I’m not sure how much of it is concrete. However, I’ve done my time in null-sec and moved to low-sec because it has a more casual feel about it (( it’s about blowing each other up!! )). Don’t make it any more complex it needs to be!
I personally feel that we will be forced to plex… or we lose stations to dock in! So instead of us getting an incentive to plex (eg LP or fights) things stay as they are but get worse if you do not plex. Till I hear more definite details closer to release date, I stand opposed to the changes.

If you could trade places in EVE with any one person for one day, who would it be and why?

I wouldn’t mind doing some DNS black ops…. Also, I wouldn’t mind knowing how many mails Chribba gets on any one day, haha!!

From your perspective, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Amarr Militia.

As an alliance we do not work so well as a whole anymore. I think we all miss the 30man battleship gangs. We’d always bet if Bahmaut420 was gonna drop his Archon or not haha. So a lack of communication and timezone differences definitely affects us.

However, I often seen alot of smaller fleets. BWG, 000, ILAW & 7TH are some I can think of on the top of my head. I feel when in smaller groups, what you do matters more! So I really believe as a whole our pilots are becoming better because of this!

I should point out the corps that do these small fleets are always so happy & inviting for other corps to join in on their fun! =]

What are some of your most memorable battles in FW?

Too many!   Long ago we had a 2hour fight in kourm against 2 carriers + subcap support and i’ll never forgot what Eran Mintor said when he cyno’d in “Umm.. guys I don’t have fuel to siege” – it’s ok though, some how he lived & we did win!

Pred lead a fleet to kill a carrier in Amamake recently, it was pure leeroy & doing shit in the moment. I frapped this and will be sure to post it in the future.

W-BR had an ALL dramiel fleet, we took down many abaddons, took minimal losses and countless laughs! Shit like that needs to happen again!

And of course “The TMFED Hello Kitty Commando Pink Angel Fleet” …what isn’t sexy about 8 machariels blow shit up?

Thank you for the interview, any parting thoughts?

Keep the fights coming!  And remember… all problems can be solved with overheating!! ^^


FW System: Auga, my home.
Space StationN-8BZ6 IX (not many know why tho!)
EVE Chronicle: I’ve read several in the E-on magazines, but I don’t recall the titles
EVE Related celebrity: Chribba, Garmon & Gods Coldblood
Pirate Corp or Alliance: None come to mind, I’ve so FW focused.
EVE Related Website:, it’s where I get my eft updates ^^
Way To Make Isk: Selling corpses to Shalee =p ..and diving in on any loot I see!
Ship: Mimir & Machariel… don’t make me choose!! =p
Wartarget To Shoot: Any that come on to Tmfeds space-lawn (Auga)
Corpse: Nitro DSP’s… I’ve considered putting it on display in my Mimir
Food & Drink While Playing EVE: V (or sot of energy drink) and left over pizza!!
Song To Fly To
Thing To Do When Not Playing EVE: Watch ANIME!!!!!


Har Harrison on FanFest

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How long did you stay?
I was there for 8 nights

Did you go alone?
I went by myself.

Who did you hang out with? Was it easy to find other FW players?
I hung out with a bunch of the Amarr Militia guys that I met – 3 from TMFED who were at my hotel, a guy from Shadows of the Federation who was at the hotel and the guys from Wolfbrigade.

What did you think of Iceland?
Iceland was cool (literally) – glad I took thermals for the horse riding and snorkeling I did. Its a very interesting place and I would love to have spent more time there.

Did you go to the FW roundtable? If so how was it?
I went to the FW round table – it was a bit of a mess due to the suggestion of adding cyno jammers as the top upgrade – it caused much controversy. As I pointed out – the militia is a coalition, NOT an alliance. Having one corp/alliance able to control the cyno would stop others moving ships around. For Amarr corp 1 to move to a system with a jammer held by corp 2 would be problamatic.

What do you think of the proposed FW changes?
Some of the other changes I liked – the data cores for FW LP as it gives us something more to sell. The LP for PvP and plexing is long overdue.

Would you recommend going to next year’s FF?
I’d love to go next year and would recommend (think finances and holidays will be an issue for me though)

Any pictures you’d like to share?






Living A Lie: The Truth Behind The Name

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Helicity Boson, a well known pirate and blogger asked for us to share our stories (on his blog here), and that got me musing on how I came to EVE, on how my story really began.

I’ve told the tale over the years but usually I’d leave out various details, inwardly cringing while I lied by obmission.

But this is EVE, a dark, strange, and beautiful world where people lie and do bad things so I’d brush it off, tucking the truth away in the back of my mind.

Some of you are familar with my RP blog, “Living A Lie.”  Let me tell you how that name came about.

Spring of 2009, my friend Andrew had finally worn me down, making me promise to try this game he was constantly playing.

Our conversations usually went something like this:

Him: “Omg get an account on EVE already!”
Me: “Uh…”
Him: “You will love it I know you will!”
Me: “But it’s…you know…spaceships.”
Him: *dramatic sigh*

As we treked down the dusty roads of the Barrens in World of Warcraft, he would regale me of epic space battles. As I stopped to pick flowers in the lush forests of Silvermoon, he would be linking me EVE game trailers.

I was already vaguely familiar with EVE, having found the website years prior.  I remember browsing the gallery, marveling at the beauty of space.  I listened to the soundtrack, even read some of the fanfic stories.

But a part of me resisted trying it because I wasn’t much of a gamer at the time (this was before I got suckered into playing WoW) though I was definately intrigued.

Finally what drew me in was a story he mentioned about how someone infiltrated a corporation and stayed there for nearly a year, then betrayed them by stealing everything and had the CEO murdered!  He linked me to an article and said “this is EVE”.

I took the bait and was hooked.

Though we had fun on WoW, I couldn’t help but be entranced by the idea of loss in EVE.  He explained how brutal things were within the game, that if you got your ship blown up, that was it, there was no respawn.  No magic bags to carry your stuff around, that wherever you left your stuff thats where it remained til you went back and got it.

He went on to tell me that he was creating his own corporation called Clubs and Diamonds [CLADI] and that it was going to be a merc corp and that if I joined EVE, I could be his spy girl.

Naturally my thoughts went to the article, of how I could be just like Istvaan Shogaatsu!  A digital female James Bond, how exciting!

I made my first account and eagerly signed in, ready for the drama! The intrigue! The chance to make my mark on this dark and alluring game!

and then he signed me up for a carebear corporation that mined.

Mined.  Rocks.

I pouted a bit because I was stuck pew pewing rocks while he was off in ‘null sec’, whatever that mysterious and dangerous place was.

Fine, whatever.  I learned the very basics of flying around while he was creating the new corporation.

By the time he had it set up and had his first contract, he was finally ready for me to join him…but by now I had gotten to know the miners and was somewhat reluctant to leave them!

We had a bit of back and forth:

Him: “This is why I brought you to EVE!”
Me: “But but but I like these guys! They are so nice!”
Him: “Do you really want to shoot rocks the rest of your EVE career?”

I decided to make my second account. I created Shalee Lianne and within a few days I applied to the corporation that [CLADI] was going to wardec.

Andrew had me research the corporation and I was absolutely thrilled to find out it was a roleplaying corp!  I was eager to infiltrate, eager to play the part of spy because it was just roleplay, I easily justified it to myself.

The corporation was Pratoria Imperialis Excubitoris [PIE] of the Amarr Militia.

It took two weeks to get accepted into the corp because a character had to be at least 14 days old.  During that time I would sit and chat to members in their public channel.

One of them, Dante Chance, thought I was some sort of Minmatar spy.

I giggled, having no idea what a Minmatar even was.  He asked me to get on voice comms to prove that I really was a girl and as clueless as I pretended to be.

We fleeted, he took me around space, taught me how to align and warp (which I already knew from my mining days) but I feigned the helpless girl and by the end of the night, he was vouching for me on my application.  I had no problem at all telling him I wasn’t  a Minmatar spy.

However, as the days passed, I started to have mixed feelings.  Was it lying or just rping?

Finally it was time to be interviewed and I was allowed in.

This was an interesting time, settling into the corporation, getting to know the players, and finding out that ‘militia’ meant living in low sec and getting shot at.

The nerve of some people, shooting me!

The [CLADI] wardec went live and we were instructed to fly smart by the PIE admirality.

Meanwhile, I had been gathering as much intel as I could.  Most of it was pretty basic stuff, home systems and fleet comps and member names.  I would email Andrew (EVE name, Vonlin) at least ten times a day with mostly useless info because I was so new to the game, I didn’t know what was important and what wasn’t.

Up until this point, the [CLADI] guys had no idea I was working with them. Vonlin thought it best to keep it a secret because it being EVE, you never really know who you can trust, right?

The first night of the wardec was pretty thrilling.  I jumped onto vent hoping to tell Vonlin about something and found the guys engaging someone from PIE. (Vonlin hadn’t logged on yet) Since I knew what was happening from the PIE side I told the guys and accidently blew my cover.

Oh well.  It made it easier to report intel, anyhow.

The guys ended up naming me Operative Sigh.

Though ‘we’ were winning the war, a part of me started to feel really bad about things.  My spying was less about roleplaying and more about lying.

Starting out, I knew that joining PIE was just a ‘job’ and that betrayal was part of that job, however I couldn’t shake off how bad it was making me feel.

It was everything I thought it wasn’t going to be.  It was depressing, deceitful, and I ended up hating it.

Instead of fulfilling my grandeur dreams of spygirl extraordinaire, I ended up being miserable by the end of the war.

I had to tell someone what I had done.

During this time I’d been roleplaying with Zenton Karvash, who at the time was in PIE with me.  I told him via roleplay, in-character.

It was a risk, certainly.  Maybe a part of me was hoping he would tell our superiors, another was hoping he would just keep the secret to himself.

He kept it.

At the end of the wardec I had to make a choice.  Vonlin asked me to quit and prepare for our next wardec.

I thought about leaving militia and tried to imagine how things would be if I were to continue on as a spy.

I realized I had grown too attached to the Amarr Militia.  I liked flying around in my tech 1 fit punisher blasting away at the rats in the plexes. I liked roleplaying and I liked the people I had grown to know.

I just couldn’t do it.  I didn’t want to leave and I knew myself well enough to know that I couldn’t justify spying as roleplaying any longer.  If it were just in character, maybe.  But spying requires you to lie to the players, not just the characters.  There’s nothing clever or exciting about being that kind of person, at least to me.

So I decided to stay and play the game without Vonlin and the rest of the guys.  Sure, there was always a fear of being exposed because the [CLADI] guys knew my secret but I decided to risk it.  I trusted them enough and really, roleplay didn’t really matter to them anyhow.

The one thing I didn’t factor on was having someone outside of [CLADI] knowing the truth.  The guy who placed the contract on PIE was privy to my identity and after so many months, he contacted me.

He knew everything.  At first he complimented my skills…and then he threatened to out me to my superiors if I didn’t agree to infiltrate another corporation to steal something for him.

At the time it seemed horrific.  All I could think of was losing everything I had worked for in Amarr Militia, of how I would never be trusted again.  Integrity was everything in PIE.  I was certain I would be kicked out or worse.  After all, this was a group of rpers which meant that I could be hunted by the Inquisitors.  They could even forbid the other members to talk to me!  I could have lost my rank in PIE, my corp, and my friends.  Naturally I was devestated.

I told Vonlin how I was being blackmailed and he took care of things somehow or other.  He never told me how, only that he did.

My secret was safe again.  I told only a handful of other people since then, who as far as I know have kept it to themselves all this time.  It’s not a secret anymore, rather, part one of my confessions as an Amarrian roleplayer.

So there you have it, the real story of how I came to play EVE.

Omnicide Incarnate On FanFest 2012

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How long did you stay?
I stayed for four days, I arrived early in the morning on the 21st, and left around 5pm on the 25th.

Did you go alone?
Yes indeed.

Who did you hang out with? Was it easy to find other FW players?
I ended up hanging out with some people I randomly met in line for the dust tournament, never met them in-game or anything, really nice guys had a great time with them and their significant others! It was easy enough to find the wolfsbrigade guys and friends, also saw a LOT of minmatar players, Ushra’Khan had a significant prescence. And there was some Amarr FW player, but I didn’t ask his name who was making us all look bad in some of the round tables 😉

What did you think of Iceland?
At first I was unimpressed, you get off the plane, and the weather is the same as chicago (really crappy) then you have a 45 minute bus ride, and the terrain is really interesting but not really inviting… and the first few buildings I saw looked like an architect literally copied apartment complexes from chicago as well. But after my first full day in the actual city of Reykjavik I loved the country, wish I could have stayed… loved it there.

Did you go to the FW roundtable, if so how was it?
Nope, it overlapped with the Dust tournament.

What do you think of the proposed FW changes?
I liked a lot of what I heard, but some of it also worries me, specifically I loathe the idea of “stepping stone to 0.0” I really wish people would wake up and realize not everyone wants to be a mindless drone in some bloc somewhere. CTA’s and being a member of a blob so big it incurs time dilation is not my idea of entertainment.

Would you recommend going to next year’s FF?
Definitely, I’ll be there if I got the money again.

Do you have any pictures you’d like to share?

Your’s truly in a dev’s hat for the pub crawl

Ninjas hide in plain sight in Iceland..

Iceland is really pretty, blue lagoon…

Obligatory hot eve themed bartenders:

Iceland is pretty…

Amymuffmuff, CEO of CTRL-Q

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What inspired your name?
A RL friend got me into the game and we were trying to think of a name I could use. My at the time RL gf had my name as her name on a IM site. So that’s where it came from.
Do you have clueless guys trying to chat you up due to your girlish game-name?
No. I have never had this issue.
Is Amymuffmuff your first/main character?
Yes. Amy is my first character in EVE.
How long have you been playing EVE and how much of that time has been in the Minmatar Militia?
I’m 1 month short of 3 years in game. I’ve had 2 years + in Ctrl-Q and before then I was in militia for around 6 months total. After signing my previous corp. Icarus Prime up to the fight.
Why did you choose the Minmatar Militia over the others?
As I said before my RL mates got me into the game. They lived in minmatar space. So as soon as I created my character I flew the 20 odd jumps from Amarr to Minmatar and been there ever since.
Also, discuss why you’ve stayed in the Minmatar Militia as long as you have.
Simply because I enjoy it. Have a great bunch of people to fly with and I love the PVP.
From your perspective, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Minmatar Militia. 
One of the main issues is having the right ships for the right role. Along with them being fit correctly. Reships is key.
What kind of advice would you give a rookie pilot just joining Minmatar Militia? 
Get yourself a bunch of t1 frigs and just try and join in on some gangs. Get yourself a map printed out. Fly around all the systems and make safe spots and tacticals on gates and such so when it comes to fleets you know where you are going and what you need to be doing.
Tell us about your corp, CTRL-Q. What are your duties within your corp?
I do the recruitment. kb. diplomacy. forums, with help from the directors in these areas. And I am currently the CEO.  I also help run alot of the militia stuff such as TS server. Killboards. Intel channels etc
How long has CTRL- been around? Did you create it?
The corp was founded by David Devant, essentially as I joined EVE. Even though I had never heard of it at the time. I personally have been part of the corp for 2 years and 2 months. And have held the CEO position for around 6-7months now.
What about your corp are you most proud of? 
The great bunch of guys who play and fly together on a regular basis. We just like to have fun.
What are the requirements to joining CTRL-Q? Also, link to any killboards, websites, or blogs that you’d like to share with us.
Be active in PVP. have a good sense of humour. Join in with the rest of the corp. Don’t be afraid to explode every so often.
Tell us about your Alliance, Iron Oxide. Who’s idea was it to create Iron Oxide? 
The idea for the alliance essentially came from the fact that the 3 lead corps, Ctrl-Q, Angry Mustellid and The Flowing Penguins all had been previously flying with each other on a constant basis and we knew we worked well together. So when alliances in FW was announced we decided to form one ourselves. The name was put towards the members in each corp to decide. The best was then put to the directors and we voted on the best choice.
What are your duties within the Alliance?
I am 2iC and head diplomat in the alliance, with Annah Kitheran of Angry Mustellid being the alliance executor. I, along with a few of the board of directors also help run the alliance KB and forums.
What are the requirements for a corporation looking to join Iron Oxide?
They are all judged on a case by case basis and there are no set requirements.
Do you think the allowance of alliances within militia’s have had much of an affect on FW as whole?
I think it has been a good change on the whole though it has emphasized the differences between certain corps/TZs on both sides who have been split apart due to the changes.
What do you think of plexing? Do you participate?
I do plex and think it could do with some work to actually have a purpose as now occupancy doesn’t really mean much other than pride on the victors side. Even if the other doesn’t pay that much attention to it.
Do you FC? If so, tell us of some of your experiences doing so.
I do. The best times IMO when being an FC is simply being able to trust in the pilots in your fleet to do as they ask, when they are asked to do so. One of the main experiences i have had as an FC is in realising how much you have to be aware of what is going on and not just the fight at hand.
Did you watch the FW fanfest video? What do you think of the proposed changes?
I did. I think a change is needed but not exactly sure to what extent. I am not 100% certain that a complete ban from all stations in a system is necessary but something does need to be done.
Do you think you will remain in FW after Inferno with the proposed changes?
I hope so. It all depends on what changes actually come into effect and how it alters the current war as it is.
What are some of your most memorable experiences within FW?
Just alot of the large scale and key fights we have had. Upto a point the minmatar were being dominated by the amarr in large scale engagements. Then we had 1 key fight in sifilar which turned the tide for us and we started “winning the war” so to speak in the large scale capital battles.
Who do you most admire within FW?
There are a few who i admire. Bahamut420 is one as hes such a nice great guy who everyone loves. Ya nor is another as he is the one who initially got me into Q and i ended up flying with alot in the beginning.
If CCP gave you free reign to make FW exactly how you’d want it, what would you change?
I would give plexes a purpose. And have at least a KM to the bunker bashing that happens. As well as actually giving LP for killing the enemy and capturing plexes and reduce the amount gained in missions.
Have you ever been to Fanfest or any EVE meets? If so tell us about your experiences.
No I haven’t unfortunately. Due to being at uni I have had to concentrate on my studies instead of finding the time to go. Hopefully will change next year!
Thank you for doing the interview, any parting thoughts?
Just that I hope we have some more great fights in the future with the amarr as i’m starting to miss the constant action of the past.
    FW System: Arzad/Ourzad
    Space Station: Arzad 24th Imperial Crusade
    EVE related celebrity: Hans Jagerblitzen for getting on the CSM!
    Null Sec Alliance or Corp: Favourite alliance in general is Rooks and Kings for there epic PVP vids and skills in general.
    Pirate Corp or Alliance: SILENT alliance. There just so fun to kill.
    EVE Related Website:
    Way To Make Isk: complexes
    Ammo: Scorch L
    Ship: Revelation
    Wartarget to shoot: Flyinghotpocket
    Corpse: Same as above
    Food & Drink While Playing EVE: Pizza and Diet coke
    Song To Fly To: Any song by dragonforce

Huola Reclaimed

Posted in Uncategorized on April 3, 2012 by shaleelianne

Today, the Amarrian Militia seized Huola from the Minmatar.

Already the Minmatar plan to retaliate. Hans Jagerblitzen tweeted, “Once dusk hits, Late Nite Alliance will come out in force to flip occupancy.”

Despite the bold claims, technically Huola will remain in a state of ‘loss’ until tomorrow’s downtime, afterwards the system will then show as occupied by Amarr.

“Huola means very little tactically to the Amarr Militia but it is our symbolic home. Regaining control while holding Auga is a sign of our strength and cooperation. With the possible upcoming changes to FW it is the first of many systems to take back and retain control of.” Almity of the Imperial Outlaws said after hearing of the battle.

Wylona, another Imperial Outlaw spoke of the coordination in today’s fight stating, “Capitol One was on fire with the target calling and our scimis were on point with reps.”

Wanting to get the full account of what happened, I asked Capitol One for details:

“I’m going to give a big shout out to sYnc Vir for leading the Plexing effort in Huola and coordinating with another Amarr gang doing the same.”

“It was through a tireless effort on his part along with that of the Amarr Militia that basically led to Huola becoming vulnerable moments after I had logged on and joined fleet.”

“Since it was Sync’s fleet he called on the fleet to ship to High dps Shield BC’s to bust the bunker, although in the meantime the Minmatar managed to cap a small plex and force the system back to contested. We formed the BC fleet and got some Scimitars for logi (4 of them if I’m right) and regrouped in Kourm on the Huola gate, with a portion of our fleet already in Huola.”

“Since Sync (our beloved plexer who hates plexing) was one of our logistics pilots (heroic Scimitar) I took it upon myself to target call and lead the fleet for the duration of the bunker bust and the battle that followed.”

“Shout out to Minmatar for bringing a good fight, to our logi for saving me and keeping our fleet heroicly repped.”

“Holding Huola will definitely be a difficult task, considering that a number of Minmatar base out of the system, whether the system stays Amarr or falls back to the Minmatar, I’m sure there will be a lot of fights involved.”

Did we have a batphone ready? I asked.

“As for the batphone, I’m going to say Yes/No.”

“Neither myself or Sync were arranging a batphone, but then we had Predator Elite join fleet who claimed to be getting a batphone ready incase the Minmatar dropped too many caps.”

“That sort of never came to pass, but after the engagement at the Huola Bunker, myself and several corpmates got into dreads (me being Triage) hoping to gank a Minmatar Archon that was allegedly bumped off station.”

“Sadly he managed to dock after we’d cyno’d in on him, and we quickly jumped our caps home to Kamela while the rest of the fleet converged on the Bunker and laid down fire until the System was won.”

“Amarr Victor!”

The battle report can be found here.  Later I hope to post some pictures and videos of the fight as well.