Huola Reclaimed

Today, the Amarrian Militia seized Huola from the Minmatar.

Already the Minmatar plan to retaliate. Hans Jagerblitzen tweeted, “Once dusk hits, Late Nite Alliance will come out in force to flip occupancy.”

Despite the bold claims, technically Huola will remain in a state of ‘loss’ until tomorrow’s downtime, afterwards the system will then show as occupied by Amarr.

“Huola means very little tactically to the Amarr Militia but it is our symbolic home. Regaining control while holding Auga is a sign of our strength and cooperation. With the possible upcoming changes to FW it is the first of many systems to take back and retain control of.” Almity of the Imperial Outlaws said after hearing of the battle.

Wylona, another Imperial Outlaw spoke of the coordination in today’s fight stating, “Capitol One was on fire with the target calling and our scimis were on point with reps.”

Wanting to get the full account of what happened, I asked Capitol One for details:

“I’m going to give a big shout out to sYnc Vir for leading the Plexing effort in Huola and coordinating with another Amarr gang doing the same.”

“It was through a tireless effort on his part along with that of the Amarr Militia that basically led to Huola becoming vulnerable moments after I had logged on and joined fleet.”

“Since it was Sync’s fleet he called on the fleet to ship to High dps Shield BC’s to bust the bunker, although in the meantime the Minmatar managed to cap a small plex and force the system back to contested. We formed the BC fleet and got some Scimitars for logi (4 of them if I’m right) and regrouped in Kourm on the Huola gate, with a portion of our fleet already in Huola.”

“Since Sync (our beloved plexer who hates plexing) was one of our logistics pilots (heroic Scimitar) I took it upon myself to target call and lead the fleet for the duration of the bunker bust and the battle that followed.”

“Shout out to Minmatar for bringing a good fight, to our logi for saving me and keeping our fleet heroicly repped.”

“Holding Huola will definitely be a difficult task, considering that a number of Minmatar base out of the system, whether the system stays Amarr or falls back to the Minmatar, I’m sure there will be a lot of fights involved.”

Did we have a batphone ready? I asked.

“As for the batphone, I’m going to say Yes/No.”

“Neither myself or Sync were arranging a batphone, but then we had Predator Elite join fleet who claimed to be getting a batphone ready incase the Minmatar dropped too many caps.”

“That sort of never came to pass, but after the engagement at the Huola Bunker, myself and several corpmates got into dreads (me being Triage) hoping to gank a Minmatar Archon that was allegedly bumped off station.”

“Sadly he managed to dock after we’d cyno’d in on him, and we quickly jumped our caps home to Kamela while the rest of the fleet converged on the Bunker and laid down fire until the System was won.”

“Amarr Victor!”

The battle report can be found here.  Later I hope to post some pictures and videos of the fight as well.


3 Responses to “Huola Reclaimed”

  1. Anya Sulii Says:

    Here’s to sleeping through the whole thing!

  2. Minnies took it back the next day.
    What was the point of all that planing?

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