Amymuffmuff, CEO of CTRL-Q

What inspired your name?
A RL friend got me into the game and we were trying to think of a name I could use. My at the time RL gf had my name as her name on a IM site. So that’s where it came from.
Do you have clueless guys trying to chat you up due to your girlish game-name?
No. I have never had this issue.
Is Amymuffmuff your first/main character?
Yes. Amy is my first character in EVE.
How long have you been playing EVE and how much of that time has been in the Minmatar Militia?
I’m 1 month short of 3 years in game. I’ve had 2 years + in Ctrl-Q and before then I was in militia for around 6 months total. After signing my previous corp. Icarus Prime up to the fight.
Why did you choose the Minmatar Militia over the others?
As I said before my RL mates got me into the game. They lived in minmatar space. So as soon as I created my character I flew the 20 odd jumps from Amarr to Minmatar and been there ever since.
Also, discuss why you’ve stayed in the Minmatar Militia as long as you have.
Simply because I enjoy it. Have a great bunch of people to fly with and I love the PVP.
From your perspective, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Minmatar Militia. 
One of the main issues is having the right ships for the right role. Along with them being fit correctly. Reships is key.
What kind of advice would you give a rookie pilot just joining Minmatar Militia? 
Get yourself a bunch of t1 frigs and just try and join in on some gangs. Get yourself a map printed out. Fly around all the systems and make safe spots and tacticals on gates and such so when it comes to fleets you know where you are going and what you need to be doing.
Tell us about your corp, CTRL-Q. What are your duties within your corp?
I do the recruitment. kb. diplomacy. forums, with help from the directors in these areas. And I am currently the CEO.  I also help run alot of the militia stuff such as TS server. Killboards. Intel channels etc
How long has CTRL- been around? Did you create it?
The corp was founded by David Devant, essentially as I joined EVE. Even though I had never heard of it at the time. I personally have been part of the corp for 2 years and 2 months. And have held the CEO position for around 6-7months now.
What about your corp are you most proud of? 
The great bunch of guys who play and fly together on a regular basis. We just like to have fun.
What are the requirements to joining CTRL-Q? Also, link to any killboards, websites, or blogs that you’d like to share with us.
Be active in PVP. have a good sense of humour. Join in with the rest of the corp. Don’t be afraid to explode every so often.
Tell us about your Alliance, Iron Oxide. Who’s idea was it to create Iron Oxide? 
The idea for the alliance essentially came from the fact that the 3 lead corps, Ctrl-Q, Angry Mustellid and The Flowing Penguins all had been previously flying with each other on a constant basis and we knew we worked well together. So when alliances in FW was announced we decided to form one ourselves. The name was put towards the members in each corp to decide. The best was then put to the directors and we voted on the best choice.
What are your duties within the Alliance?
I am 2iC and head diplomat in the alliance, with Annah Kitheran of Angry Mustellid being the alliance executor. I, along with a few of the board of directors also help run the alliance KB and forums.
What are the requirements for a corporation looking to join Iron Oxide?
They are all judged on a case by case basis and there are no set requirements.
Do you think the allowance of alliances within militia’s have had much of an affect on FW as whole?
I think it has been a good change on the whole though it has emphasized the differences between certain corps/TZs on both sides who have been split apart due to the changes.
What do you think of plexing? Do you participate?
I do plex and think it could do with some work to actually have a purpose as now occupancy doesn’t really mean much other than pride on the victors side. Even if the other doesn’t pay that much attention to it.
Do you FC? If so, tell us of some of your experiences doing so.
I do. The best times IMO when being an FC is simply being able to trust in the pilots in your fleet to do as they ask, when they are asked to do so. One of the main experiences i have had as an FC is in realising how much you have to be aware of what is going on and not just the fight at hand.
Did you watch the FW fanfest video? What do you think of the proposed changes?
I did. I think a change is needed but not exactly sure to what extent. I am not 100% certain that a complete ban from all stations in a system is necessary but something does need to be done.
Do you think you will remain in FW after Inferno with the proposed changes?
I hope so. It all depends on what changes actually come into effect and how it alters the current war as it is.
What are some of your most memorable experiences within FW?
Just alot of the large scale and key fights we have had. Upto a point the minmatar were being dominated by the amarr in large scale engagements. Then we had 1 key fight in sifilar which turned the tide for us and we started “winning the war” so to speak in the large scale capital battles.
Who do you most admire within FW?
There are a few who i admire. Bahamut420 is one as hes such a nice great guy who everyone loves. Ya nor is another as he is the one who initially got me into Q and i ended up flying with alot in the beginning.
If CCP gave you free reign to make FW exactly how you’d want it, what would you change?
I would give plexes a purpose. And have at least a KM to the bunker bashing that happens. As well as actually giving LP for killing the enemy and capturing plexes and reduce the amount gained in missions.
Have you ever been to Fanfest or any EVE meets? If so tell us about your experiences.
No I haven’t unfortunately. Due to being at uni I have had to concentrate on my studies instead of finding the time to go. Hopefully will change next year!
Thank you for doing the interview, any parting thoughts?
Just that I hope we have some more great fights in the future with the amarr as i’m starting to miss the constant action of the past.
    FW System: Arzad/Ourzad
    Space Station: Arzad 24th Imperial Crusade
    EVE related celebrity: Hans Jagerblitzen for getting on the CSM!
    Null Sec Alliance or Corp: Favourite alliance in general is Rooks and Kings for there epic PVP vids and skills in general.
    Pirate Corp or Alliance: SILENT alliance. There just so fun to kill.
    EVE Related Website:
    Way To Make Isk: complexes
    Ammo: Scorch L
    Ship: Revelation
    Wartarget to shoot: Flyinghotpocket
    Corpse: Same as above
    Food & Drink While Playing EVE: Pizza and Diet coke
    Song To Fly To: Any song by dragonforce

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