Omnicide Incarnate On FanFest 2012

How long did you stay?
I stayed for four days, I arrived early in the morning on the 21st, and left around 5pm on the 25th.

Did you go alone?
Yes indeed.

Who did you hang out with? Was it easy to find other FW players?
I ended up hanging out with some people I randomly met in line for the dust tournament, never met them in-game or anything, really nice guys had a great time with them and their significant others! It was easy enough to find the wolfsbrigade guys and friends, also saw a LOT of minmatar players, Ushra’Khan had a significant prescence. And there was some Amarr FW player, but I didn’t ask his name who was making us all look bad in some of the round tables 😉

What did you think of Iceland?
At first I was unimpressed, you get off the plane, and the weather is the same as chicago (really crappy) then you have a 45 minute bus ride, and the terrain is really interesting but not really inviting… and the first few buildings I saw looked like an architect literally copied apartment complexes from chicago as well. But after my first full day in the actual city of Reykjavik I loved the country, wish I could have stayed… loved it there.

Did you go to the FW roundtable, if so how was it?
Nope, it overlapped with the Dust tournament.

What do you think of the proposed FW changes?
I liked a lot of what I heard, but some of it also worries me, specifically I loathe the idea of “stepping stone to 0.0” I really wish people would wake up and realize not everyone wants to be a mindless drone in some bloc somewhere. CTA’s and being a member of a blob so big it incurs time dilation is not my idea of entertainment.

Would you recommend going to next year’s FF?
Definitely, I’ll be there if I got the money again.

Do you have any pictures you’d like to share?

Your’s truly in a dev’s hat for the pub crawl

Ninjas hide in plain sight in Iceland..

Iceland is really pretty, blue lagoon…

Obligatory hot eve themed bartenders:

Iceland is pretty…


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