Har Harrison on FanFest

How long did you stay?
I was there for 8 nights

Did you go alone?
I went by myself.

Who did you hang out with? Was it easy to find other FW players?
I hung out with a bunch of the Amarr Militia guys that I met – 3 from TMFED who were at my hotel, a guy from Shadows of the Federation who was at the hotel and the guys from Wolfbrigade.

What did you think of Iceland?
Iceland was cool (literally) – glad I took thermals for the horse riding and snorkeling I did. Its a very interesting place and I would love to have spent more time there.

Did you go to the FW roundtable? If so how was it?
I went to the FW round table – it was a bit of a mess due to the suggestion of adding cyno jammers as the top upgrade – it caused much controversy. As I pointed out – the militia is a coalition, NOT an alliance. Having one corp/alliance able to control the cyno would stop others moving ships around. For Amarr corp 1 to move to a system with a jammer held by corp 2 would be problamatic.

What do you think of the proposed FW changes?
Some of the other changes I liked – the data cores for FW LP as it gives us something more to sell. The LP for PvP and plexing is long overdue.

Would you recommend going to next year’s FF?
I’d love to go next year and would recommend (think finances and holidays will be an issue for me though)

Any pictures you’d like to share?







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