RTSAvalanche: Amarr Militia’s ‘Most Interesting Man’

How long have you been playing EVE? What made you decide to join the game?

Late 2009 is when I first really started playing. After playing Crysis till the point where its servers were getting more & more empty it was time to hunt for a new game. I remembered a guy I would often play with, he mentioned a friend of his had lost some ship in a game called “EVE” and that it would literaly take him months to rebuild what he lost! Such game play was completely alien to me… I became curious!

Is RTSAvalanche your first character? 

I made an ever brief appearance in mid 2004, lasting no more than 2 weeks. At the time being a Roady for a local Sydney band “The Vaine,” I just didn’t have the time or life style where I settle down and get into such an overwhelming game. One could say I made a grand return to EVE in late 2009 as RTSAvalanche, thought I had previously long since forgotten about EVE prior to this.

Why did you join Amarr Militia?

After the days of Soleq.. which was really my crash course in EVE. It was decided that Jimmy Nickson, Daisha Voluptia, & myself after flying together for so long that we’d continue our EVE journey together. Jimmy’s want to RP as Amarr lead us to the Amarr Militia on which upon we started TLSTR which is still around to this day!  (Don Radke, Darkkard came back to us later)

Have you tried any of the other militias?

Nope, I have no plans to either. I’ve made many great friends in the Amarr militia which I really enjoying flying with!  <33 you guys!!

What else in EVE have you tried out?

All of it, hi-sec mining, wormholes, corp ceo, diplomacy, pve, pvp & even industrial (building ravens)… but nothing compares to small fast pace gangs in low-sec!!!

How do you make your ISK?

Haha.. There is no secret to it. If I want some spending money, I’ll go off and do some FW missions, and let’s not forget about loot from fallen enemies in glorious battles! ^^

What is the most expensive ship you own?

Oh deary me.. it probably would be wise of me not to say, but hell, for the fun of it i’ll let you guys know! A couple of months back Chribba sold me his Utu.. rounded off (with its fit) it’s pretty easily worth 37b.  Yes, the Utu ended up costing slightly more than the Mimir!

Why do you prefer blingy ships?

IT’S FUN!!!!!!!!!  But also, I love pushing things to their maximum! If I hear there is a cruiser that can do 1,000dps.. that’s it, I want it! I’ll then spend lots of time on EFT & spar-ing with friends to work out any kinks in the fit. When you throw such ships in battle, it can get the blood pumping & you really try your best to keep that ship alive while following FC commands, forcing you to be a more focused pilot and over time perhaps a better one… that’s if you don’t want to replace 1b ships on a daily basis. =p

What’s the most expensive ship you’ve ever lost?

Oooh… tough one. I remember PL dropped supers on my 100GU a few months back. That said I know I’ve hurt my wallet far worst in the past.  Machariel and Bhaalgorn.  Looking back on these, I can’t help but smile – these were such fun times!

Who do you most admire in Amarr Militia? Also, which of our enemies do you most admire?

Predator Elite, Zero2espect, Eran mintor – Love the 3 of them to death, each of them has spent countless hours helping out the Amarr Militia in their own ways. Pred was the first one to give me a real chance in Militia and later vouched for me to Join TMFED.

Manos Kdo, m0220h & Mr Barista – The why is simple really, they see this as a jolly fun game & generaly down for a ‘GF’. When we are just kicking back they are an absolute delight to talk too. I know if I were Minmatar, I’d be rolling with them!

Gald & Sasa deserve a mention too (for different reasons) – some of us hate them, but the truth is they do bring us fights!! =]

Have you been to any Fanfests or EVE meets? If so, describe your experiences. If not, do you plan on going to any in the future?

No… and I feel bad saying that. How ever I can say I’ve been giving thought about the 10th anniversary FanFest next year!!!

What do you think of the proposed FW changes for Inferno?

I watched fanfest live & I’ve heard a lot of talking that’s going on. I’m not sure how much of it is concrete. However, I’ve done my time in null-sec and moved to low-sec because it has a more casual feel about it (( it’s about blowing each other up!! )). Don’t make it any more complex it needs to be!
I personally feel that we will be forced to plex… or we lose stations to dock in! So instead of us getting an incentive to plex (eg LP or fights) things stay as they are but get worse if you do not plex. Till I hear more definite details closer to release date, I stand opposed to the changes.

If you could trade places in EVE with any one person for one day, who would it be and why?

I wouldn’t mind doing some DNS black ops…. Also, I wouldn’t mind knowing how many mails Chribba gets on any one day, haha!!

From your perspective, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Amarr Militia.

As an alliance we do not work so well as a whole anymore. I think we all miss the 30man battleship gangs. We’d always bet if Bahmaut420 was gonna drop his Archon or not haha. So a lack of communication and timezone differences definitely affects us.

However, I often seen alot of smaller fleets. BWG, 000, ILAW & 7TH are some I can think of on the top of my head. I feel when in smaller groups, what you do matters more! So I really believe as a whole our pilots are becoming better because of this!

I should point out the corps that do these small fleets are always so happy & inviting for other corps to join in on their fun! =]

What are some of your most memorable battles in FW?

Too many!   Long ago we had a 2hour fight in kourm against 2 carriers + subcap support and i’ll never forgot what Eran Mintor said when he cyno’d in “Umm.. guys I don’t have fuel to siege” – it’s ok though, some how he lived & we did win!

Pred lead a fleet to kill a carrier in Amamake recently, it was pure leeroy & doing shit in the moment. I frapped this and will be sure to post it in the future.

W-BR had an ALL dramiel fleet, we took down many abaddons, took minimal losses and countless laughs! Shit like that needs to happen again!

And of course “The TMFED Hello Kitty Commando Pink Angel Fleet” …what isn’t sexy about 8 machariels blow shit up?

Thank you for the interview, any parting thoughts?

Keep the fights coming!  And remember… all problems can be solved with overheating!! ^^


FW System: Auga, my home.
Space StationN-8BZ6 IX (not many know why tho!)
EVE Chronicle: I’ve read several in the E-on magazines, but I don’t recall the titles
EVE Related celebrity: Chribba, Garmon & Gods Coldblood
Pirate Corp or Alliance: None come to mind, I’ve so FW focused.
EVE Related Website: evefiles.com, it’s where I get my eft updates ^^
Way To Make Isk: Selling corpses to Shalee =p ..and diving in on any loot I see!
Ship: Mimir & Machariel… don’t make me choose!! =p
Wartarget To Shoot: Any that come on to Tmfeds space-lawn (Auga)
Corpse: Nitro DSP’s… I’ve considered putting it on display in my Mimir
Food & Drink While Playing EVE: V (or sot of energy drink) and left over pizza!!
Song To Fly Tohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJUvBY8Vpms
Thing To Do When Not Playing EVE: Watch ANIME!!!!!


6 Responses to “RTSAvalanche: Amarr Militia’s ‘Most Interesting Man’”

  1. i knew RTS was rich, but wtf.

  2. God bless you RTS !

  3. Daisha Voluptia Says:

    Great interview! Go RTS! \o/

  4. Don Radke Says:

    thats my good buddy, he loves da bling 😛 good article jalee

  5. Fallen Aurora Says:

    Ha nice interview RTS 🙂

    P.S He uses Internet Explorer.

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