Opinion: Hug-A-Carebear!

A few nights ago I logged onto EVE, hopped onto vent as per usual with my corpies and other random Amarr Militia pilots that fly with us and heard “Uh oh, Shalee’s here…” as soon as I joined the channel.

Not the usual rounds of “Shaleeeeeeee.”

My interest piqued, I warily asked, “What are you guys up to…”

A chorus of “Uh’s…” and “Um’s….” resounded followed by me saying, “Go ahead and tell me.” Obviously this wasn’t going to be good news.

“We uh, might have killed some miners in Jel.” Jel being a high-sec system one jump  from where we are basing out of now.

“You did WHAT?”

“They are evil Gallente miners, Shalee. We were only helping the Empire!” Trying to appease me through roleplay motivations, apparently, since I’m a roleplayer.

“So you’re telling me that y’all killed a miner?”

“Uh…more than one?” a sheepish voice.

“What…really? REALLY? You killed miners. In High Sec. That’s like…kicking puppies, there’s no skill in killing High Sec miners, it’s just mean. It’s like those fat kids who pound on the skinny little kids, just because they can.” And then I logged off of vent.

Suddenly my chat channels lit up with, “Are you really mad?”

“Yes.”  To everyone who asked.

Here’s the thing. Every time someone kills a miner in High Sec, you’re stopping that person from doing something that I do not want to do. I can’t stand the thoughts of mining, I think it’s dull but I am SO GLAD there are other people out there who really like to do it. I’m happy that person is out there mining that ore and building my ships etc.  Every time you slaughter a carebear, you’re just punching yourself in the face in the long run because now that guy has to buy a new ship and you’ve taken time away from them that they could be mining! Ships become more expensive. Great.

I think a lot of miners (and I could be wrong here, I don’t know a whole lot of miners) are newer players as well, so why would you want to grief those people out of the game?  It’s kind of stupid to harass players to the point that they have no enjoyment of the game and want to quit.  The less people who play EVE, the less amount of revenue CCP has to work with, that means fewer employees for CCP to be working on the game.

I think Hulkageddon is lame. I think harassing people in highsec is stupid. There are enough people who actually want a fight that you needn’t go bother people who are providing the means for you to pvp.

Just because you can do a thing doesn’t mean you should do it.

So I think that instead of harassing those who actually make the game a better place, why not hug them instead!  Okay, maybe not hug…just…leave them alone and enjoy cheaper ship prices okay?  Don’t be a fat bully?

But that’s just my two cents. What do you guys think?


9 Responses to “Opinion: Hug-A-Carebear!”

  1. Kuan Yida Says:

    Well said. What’s gained from killing miners except the same feeling a bully gets when pounding on the little kid, eh?

  2. Until you have tasted the blood of a low-sec virgin miner you have not truly experienced EVE online 😛

    I agree with what you are saying Shalee, to a point 🙂 Griefing high-sec miners who have just begun to play the game can have a negative impact on increasing the playerbase. I think its all part of the EVE experience though. Having a slight risk of losing a mining ship to ganking should spice up a miner’s day a bit, if you see thrashers – warp out.

    If CCP is concerned about losing players, specifically miners, they should make mining more fun. I’m surprised that they have not tried to do anything to improve mining gameplay; its an ancient system that has barely seen any changes since its induction. But that’s another story….

  3. Almity Says:

    I have, in the past killed a few miners. Since then I have came to realize that besides a kill mail there is nothing gained. There is no skill involved. There is no reward. Hell, I even feel bad about doing it now.

    Until recently I never thought about the person on the other end of my guns. If you ever take a second to think about what you are doin when you kill a miner in high sec you come to Shalee’s point.Leaving the econ stuff aside, you are being an asshole. Now I’m not an asshole IRL so why would I want to be one in Eve? I feel no guilt or remorse for poping noobs in low sec because the game even tells them them about the danger and ask “Are you sure?”.

    Next time you see that hulk mining in high sec think about that smart bombing BS in Amamake that got your pod. What did you call that guy?

  4. What’s gained? well…

    T2 ships drop T2 salvage. A single Hulk can be looted/salvaged for about 10-20 times the cost of the ships required to kill it. So there’s profit.

    Also, GSF is sponsoring your ganks this year. Every 10 nets you 100 million ISK. More profit.

    Finally, if you ply the markets at all, you can drive the cost up of minerals and materials that you have invested in at substantially lower prices, then resell at the inflated values. So…more profit.

    So I get to make money and killmails at the same time. Sounds like a good deal to me. Definitely better than mining. LOL

  5. Kuan Yida Says:

    Heh. I even feel guity when I kill non-wartarget civilians in low sec: http://kuanyida.tumblr.com/post/22334012957/that-guilty-feeling

  6. Harrigan Says:

    There is no doubt that ganking high sec miners is more for the lawlz than anything. My compadres will usually light them up when things get slow in low sec. It passes the time, is cause for some laughs, and creates/maintains the brotherly love between us.

    I notice that you say high sec miners. Would you be agreeable that low sec miners are righteous targets? If so then I would argue that it shouldn’t matter. High sec is supposed to be “safer” not “safe”.

    I would disagree that ganking miners raises mineral costs. Maybe a little bit. But there are some very large very powerful null sec alliance with their OTEC that has many facets of the economy by the balls. Including Hulk prices.

    I think it’s a bit unfair for anyone to bad talk Hulkageddon. IT’s a coming together of the community to play in the sand box that makes Eve Eve. It’s a great time.

    Disagree with but still ♥♥

  7. I agree, lets make HiSec safe and asshole free! It’ll really give new players a good representation of what EVE is actually like: you know, safe and asshole free.

  8. Well, fortunately we are not all noobs and they won’t really chase us off. We’ll keep mining and making things regardless of the bullies. We’re just built that way I guess. Enjoy the ships!

  9. I’m so glad that I make a gazillion ISK while sitting in a station and never risking my neck with dangerous activities like mining.

    I agree with Shalee on the notion that “because I can” is a pretty lame way to stroke one’s own ego. Removing killmails from the game would go a long way to mitigate that problem, but alas, CCP seems to want to go in the opposite direction.

    If you ever need some financing, Shalee, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m sitting on a pile of money like a dragon guarding his hoard with nothing to buy. I’m always happy to front cash to good friends with a healthy respect for others.

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