Opinion: Put A Stop To Federation Inferiority!


*Disclaimer: the examples and problems I will be referring to is on a subcap level without taking into consideration EWAR (of which Gallente suck… badly) or various ideas from the forums (i.e. this will be from my own experience and from the experiences of those I fly with).

There have been many rants, raves, and otherwise negative language used in the past regarding Gallente ships. Between the problems with their guns, drones, and tanking abilities, few veldspar rocks have gone unturned in the attempt to find meaning and usefulness for Gallente ships. While I intend to add to said criticisms, this particular rant is intended to show how even after Crucible changes and certain “buffs”, Gallente still should be considered by CCP a primary candidate for general buffing and not just “re-balancing”.

While die hard fans and purists will stand by their hybrid guns and say how Gallente can do well if used correctly, such supporters usually have to designate such circumstances and timing down to the microt: “When an enemy does X, you can then do….” “If your fit is Y you MIGHT get a CHANCE to do z to such and such a shiptype….” Such theorizing should not have to characterize an entire racial ship selection instead, Gallente should be able to have at LEAST a choice between versatility and doing well with something. Take for instance Tier 2 battlecruisers. Harbingers can tank reasonable well and put out good DPS (and can even be nano fit). Canes have the ability to be armor or shield and do reasonably well with either, be it arty or autos. Drakes are, of course, EXCEEDINGLY good at tanking and/or nano fits. While the Myrm has the ability to do… well…. it can tank 1000 DPS if fit in “just the right way”, isn’t that worthwhile? *insert witty, sarcastic remark here*

Anyone can see Gallente ships are underused in comparison with other races: Look at any nullsec or lowsec battle report with more than 20-30 pilots, chances are you won’t see more than a handful of Gallente ships outside of logistics or recons. Even CCP Diagoras shows in his stats in most months that Gallente ships are far outstripped in kills by almost every other race in almost every class. Every race can use it’s own racial ships to form a fleet except Gallente, when was the last time you saw a fleet with more than 20 Gallente BC or larger ships? But wait, you may say, Gallente ships are great, Hybrids got buffed and they do lots of damage! To which I must say no, hybrids (and therein Gallente) are not great, they are simply worth using again. First let’s look at all the good/decent ships:

Comets. Comets are mini daredevils (minus the web bonus) or T1 Ishkurs. Drones, damage, and buffer tank make this a great solo or small gang ship. Throw in the fact that it’s relatively cheap and you have yourself a winner. AF’s: Both the Ishkur and Enyo can hold their own against most other equivalent ships with the Crucible buffs. Recons: Any nano fleet commander will tell you that there is nothing better than being able to point someone out to 100km (throw in a Minmatar Recon and also have webs out to that). Proteus: If you have an armor T3 gang these are a must (if you don’t mind being less than 5km away). Let’s see, what else… Oh, I guess that’s it.

Reasons why Gallente ships fail set 1: Tankability. Gallente ships are inherently DPS ships. Mag stabs will get you some obscene DPS on most ships but at the expense of tank. Less tank means you must be able to hit your targets right away (something blaster can’t do at more than 10km). Go buffer with rails then, oh yeah, Gallente ships don’t get any kind of a useful fleet tanking bonus and have crap DPS at those ranges even if you put on the mag stabs (and needed tracking enhancer’s). Oh well, I guess we will just have to go with Abaddons and Navy Armageddons again…. Wait, we have drones! *insert another sarcastic remark*

Some Gallente supporters say that it’s an easy and simple fix which could be done one of two ways. Keep all the attributes with armor repair bonuses EXCEPT make them apply to received remote armor reps as well OR make Gallente ships hull tankers (with added resists) to make them not even need armor tanking and tank like “real men”. Let’s consider the first scenario: If I am slowly chugging towards an enemy in my Hyperion (people still make those right?) waiting to use my 1000 DPS blasters, if I have a 37.5% increase in received armor repairs it makes up for a lot of tank that I lose fitting those mag stabs. Unlike Abaddons, which can get away with it since they receive a resist bonus, not to mention the range (do you see the irony?). On a side note, this could also be applied to Minmatar since they also do not receive resist bonuses like the fortunate Caldari and Amarr. The big drawback with this is that most Gallente ships don’t have this bonus and wouldn’t help many “frontline ships”. Hmm…. Well let’s look at option 2: If I don’t even bother to tank except fitting a DC2 to bring my resists up further (and assuming that CCP gives me more hull to begin with) I can use all those slots for DPS and tracking to make me do what I am supposed to (apply DPS) but then you have the pesky problem of no logistic bonuses (and even if the Oneirous did, it would lose all it’s precious mid slots for cap regeneration due to hull reps needing mid slots. Ugh.) All this is only compounded by reasons why Gallente ships fail set 2: Speed.

While most Gallente ships received a small boost to agility and speed in Crucible it wasn’t nearly enough. What do I think is the best way to change this? Swap Minmatar and Gallente speeds. It’s already going to be slowed down right after because of the armor tanking, but if you allow Gallente ships to go fast and actually get to the target before they melt, it at least gives them a CHANCE to get into range against anything with more than a 15 km range. For instance, outside Alliance Tournaments, when was the last time you saw a Vindicator used for anything other than bait or for the web bonuses? Give that Vindi some speed and we might finally see 1500DPS be worth something again.

Some might say “slow down dude, you are blowing this out of proportion” or “you just need the right fittings.” Let me challenge you: Next time your FC calls for ranged (50km+) armor BS, ask him if you can take a rail Domi, Mega, or Hype and see what he says. I’d be willing to bet it will be something like what I hear: don’t bring Gallente crap, it will just DIAF. Bring REAL range like arty pests, or Abaddons. Still others will say “Caldari need looking at too, our battleships are crap.” Maybe, but with Drakes and Tengu’s do you really need them to be good? I would guess not.

So in summary of these problems (based on Gallente ship bonuses and using them “CCP style”): Gallente ships need to burn MWD’s longer to get to their targets (because they are slow) and burn lots of cap. While burning, they have to use even more cap in order to use armor repair systems (since that’s what I get my bonus for) and finally, IF I manage to make it to the target, my blasters have no capacitor and my drones can’t do enough DPS on their own.

Some may criticize and say that there are other good ships and tactics available to Gallente pilots. Maybe. But by and large I think I have given plenty of reasons as to why Galletne can rarely be used en masse outside of solo roams, 2-5 man gangs, or single, precise situations and why the ENITERE philosophy of slow, armor ships without fleet tanking bonuses that must get close to apply full DPS don’t work. Without seriously boosting drones and/or base ships traits, Gallente ships will never be on a level playing field as other races for general usability. This is why even in FW, where Gallente faction ships are cheaper and fleets tend to be more “mob style”, you see so few Gallente ships, let alone in other areas of PvP.

Put a stop to Federation inferiority CCP: Buff Gallente.


5 Responses to “Opinion: Put A Stop To Federation Inferiority!”

  1. I don’t even know where to begin…

    First of all blasters are AMAZING now.

    But lets start at the bottom I guess, frigates, both the incurses & tristan are popular choices for T1 frigate PvP and both are viable. The Enyo is on par with the other AFS’s that aren’t Hawks now and really quite good. The Ishkur is horrible in the hands of a ‘scrub’ pilot but a flying machine of ultimate destruction in the hands of a capable one (much like a Sentinel in that regard a ‘skillship’).

    Destroyes; I have so far fought 2 of those popular shield Thrashers in my 75mm rail Catalyst score so far Catalyst; 2 Thrasher; 0 I also managed to murder a TD fit Navy Hookbil and solo ganked a huge pile of Hulks so far with this 640+dps blaster monster. Viable ship if you ask me.

    Cruisers; oh hello Thorax, you who has no rival besides the Rupture and is one of the few commonly flown T1 cruisers. Oh hello Vexor didn’t see you there? The Gallente have TWO viable T1 cruisers one of which is as popular as the Rupture. Arazu/Lach are very popular as tacklers. Deimos is more and more common in nullsec small gangs (Agony’s Tweed Doctrine comes to mind).

    Battlecruises; Myrmidon, I will fight any other tier 2 battle cruiser in this 1vs1. I’ll win too, prolly without breaking a sweat and I don’t even triple rep fit these. Talos only THE choice battlecruiser of every ‘kiting solo fag’ in nullsec these days.
    The Brutix is a viable choice as far as Tier 1 goes but I admit it could do with a little extra speed.
    Reason you don’t see the much in lowsec; the gate guns shoot drones so they’re not a viable choice if you’re likely to take GCC, problem with a mechanic not the ship itself.
    T2 well yeah the Astarte is nice solo, but the information warfare is unpopular and thus so are ships giving a bonus to them

    Battleships; Dominix is a viable ship for small gangs and solo. Hyperion lacks power grid admittedly. Mega is a little slow still admittedly. The reason they’re not used is 0.0 fleet doctrine is lack of alpha (rails are horrible for it) nor because they’re bad ships persé they just don’t fit the profile needed for fleets (alpha/range control).

    Caps/Supercaps; The Nyx is KING baby. High alone on it’s ivory tower of doom. Thanny’s & Earabus are pretty solid too.

    Tech 3; can’t comment I hear proteus are popular with wormhole pilots with ‘a clue’.

    The e-war ships; Damps are *the* weapon of choice to deal with ECM and range based alpha ships and pretty much the perfect thing to force those faster longer range ships you claim Gallente can’t fight properly closer.

    tl;dr Gallente ships are fine, in fact they’re real nice, it is certain fleet doctrines that make them uncommon in nullsec. And a the fact that gate guns pop drones makes them unpopular in lowsec.

  2. Astrial Stargazer Says:

    I guess heres one way to look at Gal ships… You actually have to use the gray matter between your ears to effectively fly one. The remote repair bonus would be nice I guess, as well as the MWD burn length. Blasters are great for close in damage, so CCP should look at ways to overhaul the Gall ship line to take advantage of these points. But if CCP shows love to the Gallente ships…whose going to be the first to bitch about it?

  3. One of the Gallente issues is armor tank + dps, in my opinion. IF you are going to armor tank, why would you use rail guns when your other armor tanking fleet can use lazors with better range and damage?

    Another is the fact that sure, blasters are awesome damage, but the ships (again armor tank) are lumbering hulks into range (cute shield Brutix/Thorax notwithstanding).

    The third is that Gallente really have a drone dependency issue that isn’t a good choice in nullsec, like missiles but worse. Can you say “wait for DPS that might not make it if you blow up?”

    I saw a suggestion once where Gallente could get a boost to propulsion mods – essentially shortening the time on grid between landing and closing range. That might be interesting.

    As for damps, they aren’t bad, but Caldari ECM gets better boosts than Gallente in the appropriate recons, and is more mobile due to shield vs. armor tanks. EWar ships need to be mobile, and again, we come up against the issue with armor tanking…

  4. cearain Says:

    Gallente ships are fine solo or in gangs of 2-5.

    Yes Amarr have better battleships but amarr otherwise are pretty bad. Tristan, incursus, Deimos, afs, Vexor, Thorax are all great ships. The myrm is a great brawler. Vigilant is also great. Moros is the dread I want.

    That said they could still use something. What?

    Boost the speed and tracking of drones!

    Shield ruptures can outrun hammerheads and make it so even valks have a hard time keeping up. Many fast ships can outrun hobs.

    Even when you have an afterburner af scrammed and webbed your valks won’t do much to an it if it has a tight orbit let alone your ogres.

    Increasing the speed and tracking of drones would help all drone boats and of all races help the gallente most. It would also help some other ships that could use some help like the arbitrator.

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