Opinion: Reset Occupancy With Inferno

“Do you really want to participate in FW when you are rewarded for, nay required to multi-account/dual-box just to compete?” – Veshta Yoshida on the EVE forums.

There is much speculation about what is going to happen to Faction War after Inferno is released and how the various militia’s are going to respond.

Are we going to work together or are we going to remain splintered? Will we stay and deal with the hassle of being the underdogs or will we give it up for pure out piracy and actually be able to you know, dock.

I can deal with most anything I think as long as we have a fair shot when the new changes are implemented.
Currently it takes six hours to flip a system. Six. That matters little because there are no consequences to owning a system now.

After Inferno, it’s going to take forty hours. That is a HUGE difference. That gives everyone a chance to actually do something about your systems being taken.

I really do like that it will take a lot longer to flip the occupancy of a system, that’s how it should be. As it stands now, two people can flip a system in six hours by themselves. With Inferno, taking systems back is going to be vastly different. It’s going to take a whole lot longer and we will be doing it without having the chance to reship close by.

So it is only fair that occupancy should be reset.

I know that some people feel that it is ‘unfair’ and that it undermines their ‘hard work’.

But look at it this way. If one side starts out owning all the enemy space with Inferno and the losing side cannot dock anywhere, at some point people are going to decide it isn’t worth the effort.

If the losing side continuously bleeds pilots, eventually there will be no one around to fight and what is the point of FW without an enemy militia to shoot at? You’ll have a lot of unwanted blues and nothing to gain from it? You can’t get LP from plexing because you already own the systems.


14 Responses to “Opinion: Reset Occupancy With Inferno”

  1. cearain Says:

    Longer times to flip a system will just mean the blob always wins and the underdog can not accomplish anything before the blob comes.

    The new mechanic with lock outs and longer timers is so bad I don’t care much either way on the reset. If I had to choose I would say leave it as it is. I want this stupid pseudo-null sec system they chose to run its course, as fast as possible. That way ccp can change it as soon as possible.

    I have started a thread to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of shorter or longer timers here:


    I invite anyone with a preference to explain why they have that preference and how it will actually effect their game play.

  2. We live deep into Caldari low-sec. Two jumps from their hi-sec. A Sov Reset would mean we’d have to move years of stored ships, mods and ammo many jumps back. We’d need to take down POS’ and mods.

    We’re VERY against any Sov Reset.

    And why is it needed? Caldari/Gallente are 45/52 and Amarr…… oh……. Well get off your backsides and get plexing Amarr. The Caldari are going like mad at the moment!

  3. Does not matter to me as our corp saw this coming and we acted. The minmatar can spends weeks flipping systems for all I can. My fleets will do the same thing they always have.

  4. I support this change. I also think HiSec should be perma-safe for miners, Goons should be banned from the game, and CCP should give everyone Epic Mounts.

  5. I am against the system reset, although I can see why it might be considered a good idea. I just think that it wouldn’t fit in with the lore at all. Why would the republic/empire/state/federation decide to just… give back all the territory they had taken? Makes no sense to me.

  6. Occupancy is not meaningless. Occupancy means something to those of us who participate in it. The premise of your argument is not sound IMO. As it stands, one side doesn’t own all of low sec and there are plenty of places to dock up. There’s still plenty of time to have some fun, get some fights, and help your side resecure your systems. Go do it! Everybody will be happier for it (more pew).

  7. Galatica789 Says:

    Please dont be an idiot guys, Dont reset this cause most of the Minnie/Gallentes live in there enemie space. Be a real slap to face from Hans if he recommends this to CCP

  8. Andre Vauban Says:

    Only if CCP puts all the POCOs and POSes we’ve deployed in Caldari lowesec back in our corp hangar in Gallente highsec. They also have to move all our Corp/Alliance/Individual assets from our Caldari lowsec stations back to highsec for us. They also have to reimburse all our Alliance members for their PI installation in Caldari lowsec.

    If they do all of the above, I can live with it.

  9. […] the CSM member’s remarks was lighting some heated discussion on the forums, Shalee posted an entire article about the issue, saying that “it is only fair” that occupancy be reset come […]

  10. I think a re-set would render all the efforts of players up until this point truly meaningless. There are players out there who do put effort into plexing despite its mechanical/reward irrelevance, so it wouldn’t be fair to them if it was simply wiped out now.

    If you are in a militia which is currently on the losing end of things, then there is a clear goal here; fight hard and try to take some space back!

    Being out numbered is always going to be an issue for one group or another, and a reset won’t fix that. If anything all we are likely to see is the dominant side pushing even harder post-Inferno to regain those systems. The 24IC will not magically gain extra numbers from a reset, but all sides should gain new recruits anyway due to interest around Inferno.

  11. You can always hire a fighting chance.

    • cearain Says:

      Lots of people in faction war are not in it to carebear. Lots of people in faction war are in faction war to fight. The fact that these new mechanics lead people to even think it would be good to hire others to do our fighting so we can make more isk when we carebear just shows how bad these changes are.

      Most of the people I know in faction war just want mechanics that provide a decent context for and promote frequent pvp. We don’t want a system where we are encouraged to pay someone else to do our “fighting” for us.

  12. i support these changes, but i dunno about the sov reset either. its toss up, i dont have anything down there to worry about, but fw has been going on for years and to just reset years of work..

  13. I’m planning on signing up for Amarr come inferno because it looks like you guys need the help. The supposed underdog is where the best fights and the highest satisfaction comes from when you suceeed in pushing those bastards back.

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