Opinion: Thoughts on Inferno

As I’m certain you’ve all seen, a dev blog was released yesterday about Factional Warfare. If not, click here. If you haven’t read the FW thread on the EVE forums, click here. It’s a good read with a lot of valid complaints that are not going to be addressed, because -and I quote- ‘CCP does not care’. Whenever there is a change in EVE it is met with the inevitable rounds of complaints, like when they changed null sov, nerfed the drone regions, and nerfed titans. So our complaints (based on years of continuous FW participation) mean nothing. The forum outcry is well within normal parameters for a feature change.

CCP does not believe that enough people will walk away from FW to take anything the ‘losing’ side complains about seriously.

And rightfully so, because I can pretty much guarantee you that FW will have a massive surge of players in the beginning.

Why? Because I have a feeling that everyone who is currently in FW will stick an alt into the opposing militia to farm LP.

I know I am.

I already know of a lot of people who are preparing for the farming. What’s going to stop me from taking my Mini alt into the Minmatar plexes while they are plexing and soaking up the LP? Or for that matter, into Gallente plexes.

They could shoot me, of course, but after so many times they will lose faction standings and be kicked out of militia.

So yes, in the beginning, a huge surge.

After things start to taper off, we will still see some corporations and random pilots join up to experience FW- but most likely those who do join are going to join the winning side.

Why? Because there are no incentives for them to join the losing side, obviously. Get more LP and docking access to join the winning side.

The station lock out issue is a deal breaker for a lot of players. And really, I’m not going to rehash what countless players have already said on the forums (pages worth, read here), but many Amarrian corporations have stated they will leave over it. CCP hasn’t given them any incentive to stay and fight it out. It will be easier to be a pirate in low sec than to be on the losing side in FW in low sec.

Mutnin from SQUIDS pretty much sums up the whole argument: “Any game mechanic that makes it harder to operate under that mechanic but easier to leave is a flawed game mechanic. Why should I place my corp at a disadvantage to pirates that can dock in the stations I can’t?”

But again, you already know that too.

So that’s my predictions. First a surge, then a tapering off, followed by what we have now. A dying game feature. FW will still suffer, and only those who have been loyal to FW all along will continue to stick around and suffer the shitty game mechanics.

It’s not that I mind being the underdog, not at all. More people to shoot. There is something challenging about facing superior numbers nightly and living to tell the tale. It makes you fly smarter, teaches you to be a better pilot. I’m not complaining about that at all.

What I am complaining about is the mechanics.

*Neutrals get to share in the FW system upgrades, despite their standings to that militia. That is absurd. And don’t forget the main thing, they can dock there. lols.

*You can still dock in enemy highsec systems. That kind of makes no sense.

*NPC’s are not created equal. For the many years that I’ve been in FW, I’ve heard this complaint. This is the FIRST thing that should have been fixed. The absolute first. It is far easier to run plexes on the Minmatar side. And I assume the Gal/Cal have the same complaints, judging by the forums.

*The ease of bugging plexes. It happens, a lot. By the current game mechanics, there are a set number of plexes that spawn at downtime, and then 3 will spawn every 30 minutes after they are closed. Some Minis bug the spawning ones so that new plexes will not appear. If they bug a small plex (the easiest to run), then it will simply stop respawning for the remainder of the day until the next downtime. It is highly irritating to gather up enough people to try to flip a system, spend countless hours orbiting those beacons running them down to have your work foiled by one douchebag who bugs a plex, making it twice as hard to capture a system.

It feels as if CCP are rushing to put out something for FW without having everything ready for it. There are a lot of ‘in the futures’ and ‘someday we will change this or that’. They claim to be looking at Faction/Navy NPCs but ran out of time for it for Inferno. That is kind of galling, that they heap on the punishments for being on the losing side, yet also admit that their mechanics are broken- ones that make it so much harder for the losing side to pull themselves up.

Regardless of the bad mechanics, the inability to dock, and the Minmatar bugging plexes (not that everyone does, but some do), my corporation has decided to stay and see what happens. We are used to being the underdogs, always have been, even when we moved away for a break from the Minmatar and ended up with TEST living in our station. But that’s a whole other story lol.

For security’s sake, we have moved out of the FW zone but are close enough to it still to roam through it.

We will be fighting as always, we will even plex despite the lopsided, broken mechanics of it. We will adapt. We will use different tactics, but we will still be here.

ILAW will stay and I urge all of you on the losing sides to stick it out with us. I urge everyone in Amarr and Caldari to stay and fight despite it all, because when you do win, victory will taste so much sweeter because you DID win despite the overwhelming odds.

See you on the war font.

18 Responses to “Opinion: Thoughts on Inferno”

  1. Kuan Yida Says:

    Well, I for one am not going to farm LP with an alt. But probably everyone else will.

  2. When these changes where first rumored I said that numbers would not be an issue for FW after this. The amount of alts and isk farmers will be epic and CCP will call it a huge success. They will flip flop from side to side to make the most isk.

    PVP pilots will leave. Less will join. Even the winning side will bleed pilots to piracy and null sec corps as they seek action. But some of us will stay. We will fight and we will keep winning battles. Oh yes we will fight. We already fight out numbered and out shipped most nights. Time and time again we fight with the odds aginst us and we win!

    Just last night ILaw showed its face in Auga combined with TMFED and the minmatar who still had MORE numbers ran and did not return. Unless they have two to one odds and bigger ships they wont fight most nights. They hide in Huola where they have safety in numbers because they know we are out roaming.

    Amarr is down but not out by any means.

    • No, Almity. You are doing math wrong. In minnie math, 2:1 is even, but only with ewar and logi. If those aren’t present, we blobbed them. Geez.

    • Kuan Yida Says:

      I can’t speak for last night but a lot depends on if there is a single fleet or not–often there are multiple independent, non-cooperating fleets. Late Nite doesn’t back down from even or even hard odds, but most other fleets will. You can’t lump all Minmatar corps/alliances as the same.

      What Ryven says sounds exactly what I hear on Late Nite comms. Amarr won’t fight unless it’s 2:1 with logi and ewar support. I’ve witnessed both–a lot depends on how ballsy the FC and his pilots are. Meh. Both sides blob, both sides sometimes run from an even or better fight. I’m tired of all the chest thumping from both sides.

  3. Pretty much. I.LAW is crazy. It’s our thing. I am not even sure I intend to farm LP with an alt. I play to pvp. So, enjoy the swell in numbers, Minnies. Half of them will likely die in a fire anyway.

    I.LAW is staying, and we’ve only gotten better over time.

  4. I agree the changes suck, and i am no fan of them… but a little hard to take you seriously when you and yours routinely do stuff like this

    Only 1 of the 3 dreads you dropped made it on the km.

    Maybe… you’ll have to not play docking games with carriers anymore and do this sort of shit at every turn? Id rather see the cyno jammers than station lockout, for shit just like this (Both sides likely do it, IDK, i dont fly in militia fleets much) but come on… youre PART of what is wrong, now, with FW.

    What was supposed to be small gang and solo fights has become anything but.

    • That drop was not for you. Its kind of cute you think it was. Sadly you are not worth that much time and effort. We had recently moved to Egg and Hydra, the pirates living there had been agressing on station in some high isk ships with a carrier for support. We needed a little breathing room so we had a surprise waiting. You were just lucky enough that they didnt want to play that night.

      But dont worry! We got them a few nights later http://ilaw.killmail.org/?a=kill_related&kll_id=13230520

      Also if you were any kind of pilot at all you would have gotten your frig out of there the second that cane red boxed and a cyno went up. How could you just sit there? And why did you have agro so you could not dock?

      After our primary targets logged you were not even a consideration to black ops on. The cane was barely worth it. You my dear were just unlucky.

  5. Afs would be to my pleasure. Ive flown a thrasher… once?

  6. On a serious, unrelated, less chestbeaty note, also mentioned the changes on my blog; not many readers, but in a nutshell, yes, I do agree, the changes seem to be changes made only so CCP can say “Look, we addressed FW!” rather than anything they devoted much thought or time to.

    Especially the station lockout, not a fan at all.

  7. Ava I would be happy to link your blog on Sov Wars and even publish articles that you write so that you can pick up new FW readers, if you promise to stop badmouthing me. You don’t even know me. I bet we’ve never talked yet you repeatedly have said untrue, mean-girl things behind my back. I don’t really understand why, I don’t even know you, nor do you know me. /shrug
    I’m pretty sure I’m not any of the things you seem to think I am.

  8. Silence ikillyouu Says:


  9. Shalee, the same can be said in reverse, I think.

    I dont have anything personal against you or anyone else, in EVE as a whole or FW in particular. At one time, I wanted to get to know you guys as a whole, as Minmatar vs Amarr RP has become stale, boring, and utter crap, to put it bluntly. I want good adversaries. If i dont have people to fight (Lets face it, my corp has like 4 active members, We cant exactly fight WBRs bridge gangs) well, its kinda dull? Not sure where this stems from? Have you said/done things that have gotten on my nerves? Yep. Have I done the same? I have to think so, from the contents of your earlier post?

    I have something against the crap state of pvp, especially in FW. It has basically become horrid (The fact that I prefer soloing in null to FW space should say something).

    And an earlier question about the cane… I couldnt dock, I attacked it. I dipped in scram range to see if he would aggress back, he did. I was just bored enough to try a station hugging, obviously armor fit cane (He had taken a few shots at me, I saw the gun size) that I decided to try it. Scrammed webbed wolf can manually orbit and evade guns… it cant really burn away.

    Hope that sorts all the questions?

    • Damar Rocarion Says:

      Ava, you are a douchebag who once questioned my sanity because I fought over plexes for sake of fighting and not for RP reasons.

      So what gives you ANY RIGHT to pass judgment on people how they play the game. Go write some more e-peen stroking to your shitty blog.

  10. Captain Crunch of the Matari Nation Says:

    primary is Shalee’s fail-thieving alt. tsk tsk tsk you amarr are not acting very strong or “empire-like”. your tears are amusing and have no value since no one has seen the changes on tranquility. many many many minmatar fw members have been prepping since the day the release was announced. many tears are shed EVERY patch, CCP does not listen to the tears because in the large picture and in the long run it is better. if amarr dont have “enough” occupancy or the “correct” systems amarr have no right to complain, since many have done nothing but complain while docked. don’t plex, dont prepare, cry more please.

    • I like reading one rambling non coherent post a day. Looks like I just did that and won’t even have to visit eve online forums.

  11. Cearain Says:

    Excellent post shaleelianne.

    The no docking mechanic is going to be a bust for me. But I did propose a solution here:

    But beside that the fact that our lp will be worthless makes this even more stupid.

    I don’t rp and I pretty much look at amarr and minmatar like red versus blue for the most part.(not quite but close) I like a challenge too and you will see in my corp history in red versus blue I switched allot. The reason I kept switching was to join the side with fewer pilots so I would have more war targets, challenge and most importantly just more pvp.

    However *some* of these changes are just over the top stupid. I mean if you are on the losing side every ship you die in you need to understand that you are giving your enemy up to 16xs the lp you would get from killing them in the same ship with the same fittings. This whole idea of everything costs up to 4x more expensive for the losers and is 4xs cheaper for the winners is just dumb beyond words.

    I like challenging pvp as much as the next guy. But when it comes to isk that doesn’t make any sense.

    If people like the challenge that forces them to spend more time carebearing for less isk I have an idea for them. They should only run level 1 and level 2 missions. By not running level 3 and 4 missions they will have a “bigger challenge.”

    That is basically the “challenge” that ccp offers to the losing side. Both sides are going to get just as much pvp. Its just that one side will be making much more isk while they do it.

    So ccp asks players: Do you want more money, or less money?

    I’m “excited” to see how players answer this question on the server. Because you know it is “impossible” to tell how players will answer this question until it goes live on tq.

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