Opinion: ‘Dumb Beyond Words’ – Cearain

((This is pulled from the comments section of my last article, but I thought it deserved to be on the main page.))

The no docking mechanic is going to be a bust for me. But I did propose a solution here:

But beside that the fact that our lp will be worthless makes this even more stupid.

I don’t rp and I pretty much look at Amarr and Minmatar like red versus blue for the most part.(not quite but close) I like a challenge too and you will see in my corp history in red versus blue I switched a lot. The reason I kept switching was to join the side with fewer pilots so I would have more war targets, challenge and most importantly just more pvp.

However *some* of these changes are just over the top stupid. I mean if you are on the losing side every ship you die in you need to understand that you are giving your enemy up to 16xs the lp you would get from killing them in the same ship with the same fittings. This whole idea of everything costs up to 4x more expensive for the losers and is 4xs cheaper for the winners is just dumb beyond words.

I like challenging pvp as much as the next guy. But when it comes to isk that doesn’t make any sense.

If people like the challenge that forces them to spend more time carebearing for less isk I have an idea for them. They should only run level 1 and level 2 missions. By not running level 3 and 4 missions they will have a “bigger challenge.”

That is basically the “challenge” that CCP offers to the losing side. Both sides are going to get just as much pvp. Its just that one side will be making much more isk while they do it.

So CCP asks players: Do you want more money, or less money?

I’m “excited” to see how players answer this question on the server. Because you know it is “impossible” to tell how players will answer this question until it goes live on Tranquility.


2 Responses to “Opinion: ‘Dumb Beyond Words’ – Cearain”

  1. Cearain Says:

    I admit, the title is fitting. “Dumb beyond words – Cearain”

  2. The isk was never why i chose to fly in FW. Ive never been a mission runner or plexed for the sake of plexing. When they first announced the changes I was excited! Isk for plexing and pvp? I can get behind that all the way! But now seeing how it works I think it needs to be tweeked. I can understand the winning side having an advantage but the currently it is a little too much of one.

    Lets hope they change the numbers so we can all get more pew pew and a resonable amount of isk while we do it.

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