Opinion: “It’s Not Broken, It’s Meant to Suck To Be You” – Ryven Krennel

Hello FW peoples. Some folks may know me. Others (the lucky ones, I imagine), may not. I’m a I.LAW director, diplo, resident A$$hat, etc. Shalee asked me to talk about my thoughts on the upcoming FW rape changes. Interesting side note: Someone was telling me on vent a while back that Amarr Militia needed to be nerfed. CCP heard your prayers. lol. Okay, here goes:

There have been a lot of opinions flying about the interwebs based on the new Inferno changes to FW. I have (no surprise) been somewhat involved in this, but, I have taken a slightly different view. While a lot of folks are rage-quitting FW over it, and others are spamming eve forums with hateposts, I’ve mostly been trying to figure out how to deal with these changes when they go through. However, let’s start with my feelings (ewwww).

I feel like I can’t be terribly upset about this. I’m actually almost pro-Inferno. Firstly, I’ve complained several times that occupancy was meaningless. CCP has given it meaning. So, yeah. Secondly, I’ve complained before that docking in enemy space seems silly (more on that in a second). So, yeah. I similarly have lamented that pvp kills should have more LP reward or something. WIN. However, the reality of my desires does not match the expectation.

There are two ways to look at the upcoming changes. One of these is from an RP stance. As a semi-active RP’er, I came to FW about a year ago and was shocked that I could dock in enemy space. I was amazed that there were no real consequences for being “at war.” I had tons of targets, but could dock in the station belonging to the TLF. This made no sense to me. Similarly, I found it surprising that there were no real benefits to taking a system or bothering with plexing. I have quite a few VP laying around and no use for any of it. It is nice that I am about to be rewarded for offensive plexing. This is one actual upside to being the loser. ALL PLEXING IS ABOUT TO BE OFFENSIVE PLEXING FOR ME. Bring on the LP.

The other standpoint is one based on gameplay mechanics. This is where most people seem to have hangups. I, for one, am okay with the station lockouts, for the reasons mentioned above. The issue I have is with the compounding effects of station lockouts, plus LP penalties, plus any other disadvantages the enemy puts into their system’s infrastructure hub. The effect of all of these implemented together is that the side that is currently unable to effectively take space back (i.e. Amarr) cannot dock and reship quickly, has to travel further, and has to pay 4x as much in terms of ISK/LP to gain items from its stores, and only has two stores it can even access if all our space is taken. This has the net effect of being extremely discouraging for a lot of players. The reality is, the changes are going to be rough on a lot of people. Myself included, actually, since I suck at making ISK. In fact, I have been insanely poor for most of my EVE career, aside from recently (thank you SOMER Blink and my dual pirate BS promo wins). Losing a good chunk of what ISK I do actually generate is going to hurt me a little, and I imagine I’m not alone.

So, how do we proceed?

A lot of people are bailing. I can’t fault them for it. Just not my cup of tea. People pay to play this game. They should be able to enjoy it. Other people are going to inject alts into the other side in order to maximize ISK farming via LP and all that. This is hardly surprising. EVE mechanics seem to exist to be exploited for in-game monies. I won’t be hopping on that bandwagon, but I can see its appeal. Still others are waiting it out to see how CCP manages to balance things out over time.

On that note, I do have one suggestion for a way to fix some of the pain in this expansion. I believe there should be some underdog bonuses. Maybe not the same sort of bonuses the winners get, but certainly some benefits that help to regain systems once lost. Shorter plex time requirements that scale based on how few systems each side holds, perhaps? A system-wide “determination” bonus for ships of the losing side? I don’t know. Maybe CCP can look into that. Doubtful, but, worth some thought. It just seems to be in the interest of maintaining a viable FW population.

Shalee already mentioned that I.LAW will be sticking around. This is totally true. We’re nuts. So, of course we’ll fight against long odds. That’s how we roll. I can’t stress enough how important it is that a lot of us are staying optimistic right now. The truth is, CCP pushes through unpopular changes all the time. Every time, people come unhinged and threaten to murder babies over it. Every time, the players that stick around learn to adapt and overcome. I’m here to adapt and overcome (although, I may still murder a baby, but it won’t be out of anger, so it’s okay, right?). Anyways, see you in the warzone. Look for me in local. I’ll be the one running my mouth.

4 Responses to “Opinion: “It’s Not Broken, It’s Meant to Suck To Be You” – Ryven Krennel”

  1. Well said. My sub ran out last month and I can’t see a reason to come back but I will be keeping my eye on this blog (among others) just to see how it all plays out. I don’t think I agree with a *complete* station lockout but I’m not certain on how to exactly balance that.

    Overall I must say that I am happy that something is finally changing in FW but my eternal pessimism reigns supreme.

  2. Now THIS is what I like to hear 🙂 WIsh all the Amarr felt the same way as you. I look forward to blowing you up!

    • A lot of us do, I think. But, hey, it is what it is. And we just did shoot at each other. And you didn’t blow me up. Still, nice try.

      Oh, btw, what’s up with you saying we “retreated?” That’s not true at all. If we retreated, why we in Kourm shooting you?

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