Interesting Times Ahead

From reddit:

“We will be joining the Amarr militia as soon as our corp has standings to do it. That may take a few days.

If you are in Fweddit or would like to be, start moving your stuff. All Redditors are welcome to join.

We are in the process of picking a staging system some place near the war-zone.”

Read the thread here.



4 Responses to “Interesting Times Ahead”

  1. Irony.

  2. Cearain Says:

    It’s not surprising these changes are well received by sov null sec alliances.

    If this is true, and if they really bring it, they will roll over the minmatar, unless minmatar call in help from some ofther large entity.

    At that point I would ask, how is this different than null sec blob combat again?

    I am in favor of null sec players wanting to try faction war. I just wish faction war mechanics would provide them with something other than blobbing for the win.

  3. defy_member Says:

    Cearain: Fweddit is completely independent from dreddit, and from what I’ve seen so far, is mostly composed of reddit users who want to try out FW, and don’t really care for the atmosphere in dreddit. I don’t think they/we will raise enough numbers to overpower the Minmatar, but I’m glad they chose Amarr, to possibly help even things out.

    • Cearain Says:

      Thanks for the info. It sounds like its unlikely test is “really bringing it” then but the jury is still out on what sort of force they will be wielding.

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