Opinion: Cloaking Should Not Be Allowed In FW Plexes

It’s a poor mechanic of the game, I think.  As it stands, three plexes spawn every half hour once the timer is ran down and everything is off field.

They don’t close if you have someone inside, cloaked up, even after you’ve ran the timer down.  It wouldn’t matter all that much, but now that most everything in FW will hinge on closing plexes after Inferno, it shouldn’t be allowed.  I think it is an abuse of game mechanics and a poor way to cheat.

What is your opinion?


6 Responses to “Opinion: Cloaking Should Not Be Allowed In FW Plexes”

  1. I’m sure there are d-bags who probably do this from time to time … but is it really a rampant problem?

  2. Damar Rocarion Says:

    Val Erian and whole corporation Black Onyx Society from gallente side does it all the time and without any shame. Other alternative is the off-grid boat.

    Then they go on forums and say Caldari do it.

  3. Cearain Says:

    I think they need to fix the bug without making it so you can’t cloak.

    Many more plexing ships will need to fit a cloak if we can’t dock in enemy controled space.

    But there the cloak will mainly be used to get out of gate camps and “dock” in a safe spot. I suppose there aren’t that many “must have” uses for cloaks in a plex.

  4. What Cearain said – The problem isn’t the cloaking, it is the closing trigger. This extends to Exploration sites and mission sites too. There should be a trigger item/event that closes all non-celestial sites. That way the plex, or site, or mission for that matter, should close once the objective is complete, not when the grid is clear. I can’t tell you how obnoxious it is to scan down a system, then find half the sites are cleared already.

  5. Kuan Yida Says:

    It should close when completed, not when the last ship is out.

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