Sharing An EveMail

An EVE mail from Jhaelee de’Auvrie

I have a suggestion for an article for the sovwars site. Something about the importance of this weekend and the long vigil some of us are putting into it.

For example: as Silva and a number of others can confirm, I was up all of Thursday night until downtime split between Kourm and Sahtogas. Like so many of the Amarr Militia, we have been doing this all week. That was followed by my normal friday schedule of go to work, evening get together and then come home.

Anyhow, I was home for a bit, logged back on to EVE and have been plexing around Sahtogas area or helping with the fighting in Kourm all day. Now I have taken a break as 00:45am (local) 06:45eve rolls around to put some coffee on and prep for a long night. The mind is a bit soft at the edges by now, but we need the numbers active to keep this up.

I am not the only one struggling to keep the Amarr militia standing firm. Credit also has to be given to most of our opponents. A good number of them have brought solid and enjoyable fights, and for the most part the respectful and polite have won out over the rude and caustic in LOCAL chat. Despite the instances of plex bugging and general misconduct, it has been an enjoyable weekend.

For a site intended for those already more than aware of all the crap incoming focusing on the negative, lets share some of the positive that this situation has brought about.

While we do not know if things are going to go completely belly up on the 22nd, we can at least continue to strive like we always have. Stand firm, and stand strong!

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