Words From Just Another Wartarget

(author, Daisha Voluptia- Amarr Militia)

As of the time of this writing, it is one day untill the patch hits. We’ve seen countless forum threads. Countless ideas and suggestions. Countless complaints. I personally don’t care for any of it. The changes are going to come, and good or bad, I have no choice but to adapt to them. I’m no FW CSM member. I’m no famous voice in faction warfare, I’m not even a FC. I’m just your simple member of Amarr Militia. I’m not even that active as I generally only log on weekends. But I still join every fleet I can. If there is need for plexing you’ll see me in minors, mediums, and majors. I’m that grunt who follows the FC and makes every effort to contribute.

And yet, you wont find me on a single forum post. You won’t find a word of mine for or against the patch we face come May 22nd. I have my opinions of course, and I have taken part in discussions on voice communications. I held my silence because I’d much rather continue to fight the Minmatar then complain about some gameplay changes I can’t do anything about. I’d much rather lose ship after ship in Kourmonen and say I fought the Minmatar in space rather than on the forums. I accepted the rumors of station lockouts even before they were confirmed. And in recent weeks I’ve taken measures to get my ships out of those stations that will be locked out. Consequently, I’ve also stocked up on plexing ships for the fights to come to retake those stations and systems.

For the first time I’ll actually state my opinion for all reading this. I welcome the changes to plexing mechanics. I strongly disagree with the station lockout mechanics and the system upgrade mechanics. This is low sec. More importantly, this is Faction Warfare lowsec. Not Null sec. I could go on and get into detail but anything I could say has already been said in at least triplicate on the forums. So I won’t bother. I will say I’m proud of the Amarr Militia and the hard fighting that the ones who care have done. I don’t think our losses of systems due to the Minmatar’s campaign should make anyone feel bad. They have outnumbered us, plain and simple.

But to the Minmatar I will say this: You might have steamrolled us and taken most if not all our systems by patch day. That’s fine with me. I’ll still be in Faction Warfare. I’m still orange. And you better believe I’m still fighting. Oh and thanks in advance for all the LP I’ll get plexing. XD

And Finally to the Amarr Militia: Amarr corps, those who are dropping but staying in the war zone, and those who are staying orange to the minnies, get ready. Minnies had their fun, now it’s our turn!

And to everybody in Faction Warfare, I’m ready for patch day. Are you?

One Response to “Words From Just Another Wartarget”

  1. Silence ikillyouu Says:

    I’m ready !!

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