The Day After

The day after Inferno was pretty low-key from what I could tell. I think most everyone was worn out and just wanted to relax.

When I logged on, some of my corpmates were already out plexing trying out the new system. They had a neutral alt carrier in system with plexing ships. Already adapting to the station lock outs, it seems.

I took out a navy slicer and joined them for a plex or two then roamed a bit just to see the contested bar in various systems.

I love getting LP for plexing, absolutely love it. I started out my EVE career plexing like mad, having plexed all the way up to Divine Commodore (before we had FW missions), so that was a lot of plexing for no reward other than useless VP. Now, every time one is captured tada! LP. I don’t even mind the LP rate because I rarely did a FW mission so I never had any LP to begin with. I’m loving it, really.

After you capture a plex, you get rewarded if you’re within range of the timer. I don’t like this, really. Last night, Almity and I were in a small plex and a war target came in. During the fight, Almity got out of range of the timer and he missed out on the LP.

If plexing is supposed to inspire pvp, and LP is your reward for plexing, then you should get the LP by being inside the plex, not just within range of the timer.

After you close a plex you will now get an EVE mail stating how much LP you received. I have mixed feelings on that. I do like knowing how much LP was rewarded, however, I do think getting mails for it will get tiresome after a while.

You also get mails for pvp kills against your war targets with your LP payout. (I got a little over 8k LP for this KM)

You get LP for war targets but not against neutrals. I would like to see LP for killing neutrals who come into your plexes.

At one point I took a Drake into a major plex- absolutely loving the new missile effects, so, so sexy.

I really like the new paint jobs, especially on the vengeance and the bhaalgorn. Yummy.

I have mixed feelings on the new hangar system. I was fine with the old way, but I’m trying to have an open mind and hopefully will get used to it. Jester Trek, a popular blogger, has written an informative article about the new inventory system, check it out.

Speaking of blogs, I’d like to point you guys to a new FW blog, Galdornae’s ‘One Man Blob’, here. He has a write-up about the battles of Kourm and Kam that’s pretty interesting.

Also, check out this video from RobekPL, it features some highlights from the Kourm and Kam battles.

So, that’s my thoughts on Inferno for the most part, what do you guys think? Comment below!

6 Responses to “The Day After”

  1. Vengeance and Abaddon and all the Blood Raiders ships = sexy. Missile effects also amazing. Paladin = ugly as sin. Actually, the Sin is prettier (how???). Love the way my Redeemer looks.

    So, now I wonder how long till V3 hits Minmatar and capitals? I am also wondering what the new Angels paint job will be.

  2. Kuan Yida Says:

    Totally agree with you on the whole LP thing in plexes. If you’re expecting a fight in a plex you need all your tackle and short-range DPS on the warp in, and that’s way off the button. Fix it CCP!

    What I noticed on my end (besides the nearly 15k of LP I earned just plexing and PvP–which is awesome) is that there appears to be a flood of new people in FW. It was a bit frustrating to see people shooting red or flashy co-militia members all night because they don’t have their overviews set right.

    And then they had no idea how to report recon:

    “Umm, WT here on gate.”
    “What gate?”
    “Lamaa gate”
    “OK, in what system?”
    “And what was the ship type?”
    “Ummm, I didn’t see, I just jumped past them.”


    It did however provide a ton of new targets. We killed this guy three times last night:

    My drake’s missiles sure looked sexy exploding on that ‘geddon’s armor…

  3. Kuan Yida Says:

    I also heard that someone got an instant 20k LPs for podding a WT. No more holding point on pods now, everyone will be trying to pop them solo!

  4. I agree with pretty much everyone you said here, especially that everyone in the plex should get LP. The LP for neutral kills in plexes would be cool, but I somehow doubt it would be feasible to implement.

    Thanks for the shout-out for my blog! I welcome all comments, smack, and trolls!

  5. video is not mine, frapsed by BeastlyRage from WBR, I just share it 🙂

  6. If plexing is supposed to inspire pvp, and LP is your reward for plexing, then you should get the LP by being inside the plex, not just within range of the timer.

    I completely agree with this, especially if PVP happens over the course of a capture. Everyone inside the plex is contributing to capturing the plex, so it’s only fair that they all get their fair share.

    You get LP for war targets but not against neutrals. I would like to see LP for killing neutrals who come into your plexes.

    For this point I’ll actually have to disagree with you, and not just because I’m not in militia! The reason I’m not a fan is because the entire point of LP with factional warfare corps is that you’ve done something to contribute to your faction’s control of the warzone (or “service to the Empire/State/Federation/Republic”, for all you RP hounds).

    Non-militia pilots can’t contest plexes, and the indirect effects we do have on system control (i.e. popping plexers and making them go get new ships) are hardly limited to happening inside the plex itself. We might be a threat to you personally as a pilot, and to your efforts to plex, but we aren’t a threat to the faction itself. To my mind, it doesn’t make sense that the militia NPC corps would give LP for that, the same way it wouldn’t make sense to be able to get FW LP by running missions for non-FW corps.

    The only way it would really make sense to give LP for killing non-militia pilots in plexes is to redefine kill LP payouts as “anyone who might make FW life more difficult”, which you could argue includes anyone at any place within a lowsec warzone system, militia pilot or not. I’m sure militia pilots wouldn’t mind that happening, and I can’t say I blame them, but I don’t see CCP agreeing to it. 😛

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