Some Boys Are Mean.

Here’s what happened.

Last night I log on and glance through the various blinking channels. In Sov Wars, my in game channel for people to discuss the blog or other various things related to the militias, I notice that Nitro DSP is going off.

The channel is supposed to be a place where people can come in and chat about things in a grown up fashion, it’s not meant for trolling. There are over 5 thousand local channels a person can get their troll on, so no need to bring it into that channel.

I point that out, then kick him. (which mind you isn’t the first time I’ve had to kick him for going too far)

He proceeds to EVE mail me:

From: Nitro DSP
To: Shalee Lianne

you kick me for complaining

yet let maud and other amarr complain

you claim hans is using unfair advatage
yet you just used your own power for personal reasons unlike hans

you have no idea what you haev done
when you realize forward all QQ to me




Ok, fine. Let him get his rage out of his system. Ignore it.

When that mail doesn’t get a response, I get another:

From: Nitro DSP
To: Shalee Lianne

look at my only public medal

have fun with your cervical cancer you slut


Okay, not so fine. He goes too far. I’m not sure wtf he is on about, his public metal? Uh okay. But wishing cervical cancer on a female? What the hell is that about? And calling me a slut when he doesn’t even know me? Okay, so so not cool.

I was prepared to ignore it yet again, but some of the other guys in the channel asked me to petition it. So I did, not expecting anything from it to be honest. But apparently a GM did contact him. Anyhow I thought that would be the end of it.

But oh no.  He convoed me.  I’m hoping at this point that he’s cooled off and realizes he went too far.  I told him I was prepared to hear his apology but if he didn’t have one, then I was going to close the convo and block him.  He told me to block him because he wouldn’t apologize.

Okay fine, block it is.

Once more, I think this is the end of it.

Nope, not so lucky!

Today I get a mail from an Amarrian Militia member:

From: Fallen Aurora
To: Shalee Lianne

FYI for some reason Nitro asked me to pass this message onto you. I have no idea why he would ask me maybe just becuase i was sitting in Kam when he got angry or somthing. Anyway here is what followed after he invited me to a convo…

[05:03:49] Fallen Aurora > yo
[05:04:00] Nitro DSP > i have a message for shallee
[05:04:14] Fallen Aurora > not that i speak to her but sure, fire away
[05:04:25] Nitro DSP > i was recently contacted by a GMi asume it was your petitionsaid GM did not respond to my inquiry on what the offensive language i used was. i have been cursed at – the b word and the f word – by your militia members on many occasions in public…
[05:04:36] Nitro DSP > channels and local. if you have a problem with something i said please tell me what it was. expect petitions citing chat-logs i have saved on a seperate hard-drive from your militia using offensive language at me , diretly, on may ocasions. no matt…
[05:04:53] Nitro DSP > no matter what the outcome, expect an increase of ammarian ship and system loss. your hypocrisy has offended me greatly. you, personally have insulted Hans on many occasions claiming he uses his power to satisfy his personal goals and have claimed he is
[05:05:07] Nitro DSP > a fraudualent representative of EVEonlines militia player base. these in game actions by you and the militia you represent will not proceed without a counter – prepare for a lack of pity for the amarr milita from myself, a long standing and well respec
[05:05:15] Nitro DSP > a fraudualent representative of EVEonlines militia player base. these in game actions by you and the militia you represent will not proceed without a counter – prepare for a lack of pity for the amarr milita from myself, a long standing and well respec
[05:05:33] Nitro DSP > respected member of the Minmatar people.

this shall be repayed in Amarrian blood – the intesity will depend on your responce


– General Nitro DSP
[05:05:58] Fallen Aurora > sure i’ll pass this on…
[05:06:19] Nitro DSP > will you?
[05:06:47] Fallen Aurora > i don’t speak to her but i can sure send an eve mail her way if you want?
[05:07:57] Fallen Aurora > not sure it really concerns me other than im in the same militia
[05:08:41] Fallen Aurora > if all you wanted was for me to evemail her sure, if not i think you’ve got the wrong guy. i can’t even get on coms for a couple days becuase my bandwidth is dead
[05:09:12] Nitro DSP > well
[05:09:13] Nitro DSP > ok



I had a giggle over this one.  ‘General Nitro DSP’?  Is that rp?  Anyhow, apparently he is waiting for a ‘responce’, so here it goes….

Dear Nitro DSP. Stop contacting me through other people. It’s kind of stalkerish. And weird. So stop. Thanks.

To the Amarr Militia: So sorry that you’ve lost the ‘lack of pity’ from Nitro and that you’re going to suffer the ‘intesity’ of his wrath by your ‘blood’. lols.

29 Responses to “Some Boys Are Mean.”

  1. Well, lol. He didn’t do a very good job of making us bleed last night. Whatever. I guess we found Saeger’s minmatar alt. So much QQ.

    Anyways, thanks for posting this. We finally found someone more over the top than Susan Black.

    To all my minnies: Seriously? This?

  2. Wishing cervical cancer on someone, hell any type of cancer, is definitely going too far. What a dick.

  3. Love how he came and died horribly to us last night. Then brought 30+ people and we loled at them. I’m sure Susan is writing a reply as we speak. Should be fun to see how she spins this one.

  4. Number X8 Says:

    Nitro when too far there. :S Cancer is not a thing to wish on to someone.

  5. i would of been happy to mail you directly, but you had blocked me and reported me to a GM for “foul language” in EVEmail.

    i never wished cancer on you – i simply said have fun with yours

    i did call you a slut – because i have heard from many amarr that you are

    i know you RP – i pulled out the RP pants

    🙂 ive never been the one to make a threat then carry it out immediately. but it still stands that i completely lost any pity i have for the amarr

    • Have fun with your AIDS you dog raper?

    • You wonder why she blocked you? Also why would you ever pity us? we are the ones out having fun in eve.

    • Dood Maker Says:

      I would have been happy to mail you directly, but you had blocked me and reported me to a GM for “foul language” in EVEmail.( I think if you read what you said you would agree that she had grounds to do so and I think she rightly should have done.)

      I never wished cancer on you – I simply said have fun with yours (The fact you suggesting this is the same thing)

      I did call you a slut – because I have heard from many Amarr that you are.(So I guess they must know her in RL then? These people in Amarr you spoke to can you state who they are so that she can talk to them about this allegation that is floating about the Amarr?)

      I know you RP – I pulled out the RP pants (If you don’t role play in the game from start of Character creation then please leave your RP pants at all times in the cupboard. We don’t want people in and out of Character as this confuses everybody.)

      I Have never been the one to make a threat then carry it out immediately, (You should not be threatening anybody unless you can act it out. Otherwise you look stuped.) but it still stands that I completely lost any pity I have for the Amarr(True story bro)

      O yes I also fixed all your grammar and spelling mistakes.

    • People like you are unendingly pathetic, I dont know why im surprised anymore at the levels your kind will stoop to just to puff up yer pathetic ego.

  6. Silence ikillyouu Says:


    • Silence ikillyouu Says:

      Also what’s this got to do with Susan ?

      U know she hits the nail on the head wen ur all talking about here every chance u get.

      Crying baby’s

      • So, you think this is acceptable behavior? That’s nice. Means I can go back to believering you guys are all 12 year olds.

      • Also, in response to your “crying baby’s” above: who threw a tantrum over being kicked from a chat channel?

        Oh, right… Nitro.

      • Because Susan is totally obsessed and stalkerish over Shalee. Almost every blog she does mentions her. Its kind of scary when you think about it…..

  7. thanks guys,

    i needed to loose my pity for amarr. your constant pathetic complaints made me feel like i was beating up helpless children.

    but the hypocrisy shown by shalee – by kicking me as i was discussing faction war tactics in her “sov war” channel – made me just not care about your concerns. if you want to be selfish and one sided – that is fine – but stop saying things like CSM Hans is secretly using political power for in-game military domination. when you complain CCP is one sided, yet use chat moderator’s power to create a one sided chat environment, you look a bit silly.

    Mission Report:

    fc’ed 26 kills with 4 losses – all fights minmatar were outnumbered.

    butterfly effect – over 50 additional kills as the fleet i started continued for a few more hours, but not under my command.

    Valkyrie General Nitro DSP

    • Yet i have not seen you all night. Wonder why that is?

    • You got kicked because you are a troll. Hans is a CSM who is supposed to represent both sides. Shalee operates a chat channel. If you were kicked, it is because of the way you talk, not your viewpoints.

      As I recall, Hans and I were having a legitimate discussion in that channel when Hans told you repeatedly to stfu because you were being a troll and a disruptive jackass. I simply blocked you.

      So, no, you can’t really claim the high ground.

      Also, generally speaking, the Sov Wars channel isn’t for trolling. It is for discussion. If you get overly disruptive, you get kicked. Even I try to behave in there.

      • just because you dont like something someone says. does not make them a troll. i was trying to have a legitimate discussion about fw tactics when i was kicked from shalee’s channel. the only reason hans told me to stfu is because i was telling some guy who was incessantly complaining to hans – he was trying to calm him down i guess and the ironic thing is if i recall correctly an amarr started a post on an off-site forum about how annoying the guy complaining to hans was.

  8. Ascentior Says:

    While most of what Nitro has said seems irrelevant, as being kicked from a chat channel for acting poorly is normal, the personal attack is reprehensible, and I hope some proper action is taken by CCP.

    Replying with a similarly, inappropriate response not only lowers yourself to that level, but opens you up to equal recourse and will never help to make things better. (I’m referring to a comment here, not the article)

    Perhaps this isn’t the place to be discussing this though. I know that feelings have been hurt and people want support and to have their side of the story heard, however there are actions to take aside from finger pointing and name calling.

    Don’t think you should have been kicked from a chat channel, tell them politely why you think they are wrong, perhaps they will correct it. Still think it’s run poorly, start your own and let people know you will be the ‘fair and just’ chat channel. (Or get angry and blow their ships up)
    Someone continues to harass you, in a completely unacceptable manner, petition it, and should the behaviour continue, petition it again stressing to CCP the effect this had on you. If the harassment stops, job done! (Or get angry and blow their ships up)

    • what i said was in character – action by CCP would not be justified as I never broke the rules.

      i tried to ask politely why i was kicked – she said something to the effect of “your a troll – you better be here to apologize” ( wasnt trolling – lol, if you dont like or agree with what someone says it does not mean you are a troll. i would seriously recommend learning what the word means if you will use it on a consistent basis towards me )

      All i was saying in her “sov” channel was a long standing complaint about FW tactics in general. how i find it absolutely ludicrous that the amarr complain about stuff minmatar do yet do the same things to the minmatar (and visa versa) – this was met by an immediate boot. Shalee – i say your acting more like a troll than me in this situation. cheery-o

  9. Kuan Yida Says:

    Hmmm… I now ignore all whining on both sides and just concentrate on fighting. I don’t have enough pod time to waste on kvetching.

  10. Markius TheShed Says:

    Unfortunately the dateless and dysfunctional are always going to take the frustrations of their RL failing with women out on the easy targets of female online gamers.

    I can’t think of any other reason why someone would say what nitro said, No decent EVE player would even think of saying it.

    If someone said what Nitro said to your Mum or any other female relative of yours you would Fucking kill them, You wouldn’t stand for it in RL so none of us should stand for this in EVE
    No matter which side your on.

    CCP needs to stamp on this and the decent majority of EVE players need to stamp on this.

    I don’t anyone as vile as this saying they represent the Minmatar milita

    There is a very good piece about this subject here with a attached radio show.

    • your statement is libelous and illegal.

      • Markius theshed Says:

        Sorry was rping and in character you can’t do shit.

      • You keep using this word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

        For instance, she published nothing that you didn’t actually write.

        Everything else is stated here as an opinion, and opinions about online characters are hardly covered by libel laws.

        Even in RL it’s tough to prosecute for libel. Think of all those people who have been claiming Obama wasn’t born in the US. How many of them do you think made it to court for libel?

        Even if her statements were libelous, yours are harassing. I would say that either way you look at it, you’re in the wrong, dude.

  11. unbless Says:

    nitro is the classic case of “i must have the last word”

    seriously nitro, uninstall for your own good and to keep the peace. might also be an idea to biomass ur character to delete the shame of your misdeeds… ur like a rabid dog man, getting more and more vicious, not caring what you do as long as you can get that last word in… ffs man you were given enough rope and suprise, suprise. you hung yourself.

    you’ve probably learnt nothing from this as well… jeezuz man just consider this

    does an insane man ever stop to consider he may be insane???

    do you ever stop to consider?

    you are demonstrating that the answer is no by spouting this bile.
    “in character” is the biggest load of of bullshit ive ever heard and furthermore it isnt even original… well done “mini-mitttens” ur a fkn hero.

    get your head straight man, the anonimity of this game is enabling your baser instincts… its REALLY not a healthy idea for you.

    you arent justified dude… you just arent.

  12. peeveepee Says:

    I like Cookies!!

    ~~PS Nitro ive lost all respect for you.

  13. […] this can cause them to go mad, and do things they really shouldn’t.  For example over at Sovereignty Wars a while back someone flips his shit after getting booted from a chat channel (for flipping his […]

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