Some Boys Are Still Mean

There is a lot going on in the FW zone and I promise to start writing about that really soon! I know I shouldn’t be wasting my time with this ridiculous stuff, but here goes…

After my last article about him, I thought it would be the end of it (lol wow I should learn), but no. He continues to post on my blog, attempting to breeze over his behavior as ‘roleplay’ because I am a roleplayer, which he is not, and his snide comments were not rp. And I do not have cervical cancer so no idea where he gets that from either. It’s just brutish and distasteful to say something like that, but whatever.

But for those of you who know me and who have been playing this game with me for the last three years, you know I am not malicious nor mean. You know that I get frustrated with the darker side of EVE, that I don’t like carebears to die, that I tire of silly trolling, that I generally like everyone even if we are SPACE ENEMIES. I’m a grownup and act like one.

When I started this blog, I did so for the sole purpose of promoting Faction War. I wanted to bring attention to all the pilots in all the factions, I wanted others in EVE to get a sense of what we do, and how much fun we have with our section of the sandbox. My blog isn’t used for trolling because it’s just not my thing. I’ll leave that to Susan 🙂

I debated on posting my ‘Some Boys Are Mean’ article because that’s really not what I want my blog to be about, but at the same time, I thought people should know of his behavior. I gave him chances to apologize but he did not. In fact, now he is demanding one or else he is going to take legal action.

Talk about tears.

I got this mail today in EVE (below). It’s laughable to expect any game mail to be private. And it’s laughable that he is still having other people mail me.

But since I’m not really the kind of person to resort to trolling or doing things that upset other people, I will compromise. Tomorrow, I will edit my article so that it doesn’t name names, not that I fear any sort of legal action because really? lol. I am doing it because I don’t want him to cry anymore. Because I’m supposed to be the nice one.  Because I feel sorry if he is getting harassed because I know how that feels.  Karma is a bitch ain’t it?


On behalf of Nitro DSP
From: Michael Wienberg CPA-AIAA
To: Shalee Lianne
Shalee Lianne,

This is an official request for you to remove your publication “Some Boys are Mean.” on your website

This publication breaks US Federal law regarding defimation of character as several statements include untrue and offensive language. Your publication in general aids in confirming you broke 6-A-1 of EVEonline EULA.

What follows is a personal statement from Nitro DSP:

“Shalee, I understand you may be upset about what I said to you, in character. but publishing private email that you state was a personal insult about you, using obscene language, encourages in-game and out-of-game harrassment and I see it as a personal attack. There are several statements, written by you and other people, that you published that are simply untrue and derogatory. This breaks federal law. If what I said to you was so insulting, why did you publish it? My statement was derogatory, but was not published – why do you stretch this out in such a public manner unless you are personally attempting to publically defile my character and encourage the harassment of me in and out of game? An apology from you seems to be in order, your actions are consitered illegal and I may press charges if I want and/or file an official complaint against you for breaking the EULA and code of conduct you agreed to. I am not stalking you, I am requesting you to stop an illegal action against me”

This site will be watched and if said publication is not taken down in a timely manner we will be forced to pursue this in a legal court of law.


28 Responses to “Some Boys Are Still Mean”

  1. Kuan Yida Says:

    Get a life, Nitro and MTFU. Hope you get kicked from Autoz and Late Nite.

    • Lol. Nitro’s really pretty special-sauce.

      • I think it has stopped being funny now.

      • My first comment was before I had really read into this, including the earlier post. Now I’m just facepalming and wondering if we really can get him kicked. The guy has really rubbed me the wrong way from the start, and sheesh, take things too far much?

      • It is a bit over the top. We have a joking rivalry with Susan, and admittedly a sometimes unpleasant relationship with Hans, but, this is a tad different.

  2. WTF? How is it defamation of character? No one knows who you actually are. It’s like if I insulted Gandalf.

    Seriously. Get a life. You have been harassing her, ffs. Threatening legal action for the same thing you have done is silly.

    Further, the EULA shouldn’t cover this. If it did, half of Eve would be banned for Eve forums violations along the same lines.

    Take a chill pill and relax. You overreacted to something and didn’t like the response. Smile, nod, and roll on. I don’t always like things people say about me either. I don’t throw a tantrum and threaten people over it.

    • her original blog was full of lies about me that she published. EULA does not cover blogs but it does cover what she says in chats.

      • Except for certain information in your Account (discussed below), all transmissions by you to the System are not private. You acknowledge and agree that you have no expectation of privacy regarding communications you make in the Game, whether through private in-Game messaging, during chat, or in chat rooms. CCP and/or its designated affiliates and representatives may monitor communications made by or received from you. You should not provide private information to any other player in the Game. CCP shall not be responsible for the consequences of any such disclosure by you.

        You may encounter and converse with people who are rude, offensive, belligerent, and who may use indecent, obscene, and/or threatening or harassing language while playing the Game or otherwise interacting within EVE. You may report any instances of such behavior to CCP. CCP will investigate and take such measures as CCP, in its sole judgment, determines are reasonable under the circumstances. CCP does not guarantee that you will not encounter behavior of others that you may view as insulting, demeaning, offensive, threatening or harassing. You assume all risk associated with playing the Game, and CCP assumes no responsibility for the conduct of any other players, and shall not be liable to you or any other person for their conduct.

  3. Hehe, I think his “lawyer” needs to read the Federal law on Defamation of Character. Though, it would be interesting to see if it was legally possible to defame a virtual character.

    • Actually, because Nitro said this to you:
      “look at my only public medal

      have fun with your cervical cancer you slut”

      HE is the one in violation of Federal Libel and Defamation laws. The Federal action of Defamation per se includes: “alleging that someone has a foul or loathsome disease; ”

      In addition, there is this interesting law blog on a similar subject: might be a good read.

      • not true. it was not published by me.

      • Ah, well then I miss understood. Either way, you are going to have a tough time trying to get a lawyer to take you seriously. And you aren’t likely to get any lawyer to take up your case unless you are going to be paying them a fair chunk of change. I have had to deal with lots of lawyers recently.. and it doesn’t matter what lawyers think. It only matters what the judge thinks, and judges usually don’t like their time wasted on piddly matters.

      • Blog full of lies? You DIDN’T send those eve mails with your name clearly at the top?

        Grow up. Quit the nonsense. Get over yourself.

  4. E-Thuggin at it’s best. I’d report all of his threats to CCP. This is going from humorous to creepy really fast. You have a right to enjoy your game time and not worry about what Nitro will say next. Guy needs to grow up and learn how the real world works before he starts making threats about things he doesn’t fully understand.

  5. Do you think he learned a lesson? Bullies are thick.

  6. Onesimus Theodoulos Says:

    Wow! Talk about respite ingame.

  7. I would love to watch Nitro actually try to file a suit on this. I doubt he’d find any judge in the world willing to take up jurisdiction on this.

  8. Nitro: I called the leg store. You know, to get you one to stand on.

  9. Markius TheShed Says:

    Honestly it doesn’t matter if you change the names in the Blog, The scumbag has more than shown his RL character to all of eve and everyone in all 4 militias should make it their duty to make sure he is excluded from every player corp involved in FW.

  10. This guy is a special kind of stupid, maybe he should grow up a little, and I think the corp he’s in is getting heavily tarred with the same brush, of he was in my corp a kick and kill order would be given.

    What he’s said is undefencerble and he needs to be rightly punished.

  11. Wex Manchester Says:

    Eve is a game, and we’re here to enjoy it. We would enjoy it far less if we didn’t have such interesting and competent enemies. Those enemies are real people, and I bet 99.5% of them are really good people. They all deserve our respect, and none of them deserve to be treated the way Shalee was. Some boys ARE mean.

  12. Silence ikillyouu Says:

    Nitro ur fucked wen I see you next.

  13. Flyinghotpocket Says:

    Holy shit nitro GROW SOME BALLS.
    ‘waaaa somebody said something about me i didnt like’

    harden the **** up

  14. Never, ever, feed the trolls. This guy wants attention. This guy wants to see that he is getting to you. He wants to be talked about and find new ways to push your buttons. Shalee, the best course of action is to simply ignore any and all attempts by him to contact you directly or indirectly.

    If he wants to disrupt your activities, acknowledging his existence is by far the most effective way of being further sucked into his games. You post, he flames, you post a reply, he fames again and whatever you had to say is lost in the noise.

    Remove yourself from the argument entirely, bite your tongue, and let the whole thing whither away in silence.

  15. BoredWithDrama Says:

    What is so strange about his behaviour?

    This behaviour is common to most of the Late Nite crew. Sneaky and Silence lead the way with this twattery, but are never called on it because they are careful to only bully people that are new or not popular.

    The only reason all of you are up in arms is because this behaviour was directed towards Shalee.

    How often do you guys step in and call Late Nite bullies when they are throwing abuse around in Militia Channels and killing newer players.

    Classically Galdornae’s initial response was “Lol” Somewhat telling response.

    Nice to see people eventually saying this behaviour is unacceptable, but it would be even nicer if you stepped up and said something when Late Nite members next take a dump on a new militia member.

    The most likely reason Nitro has got this so far wrong is because he has watched long standing members of a major alliance do EXACTLY the same thing for ages and get away with it. Sadly he is an inexperienced bully, and picked the wrong target.

    If this behaviour is really that offensive to all of you, then it will be interesting to see whether or not you are calling it offensive next time it is happening in local or in a chat channel with a new target that is less popular.

    • Hans Jagerblitzen Says:

      I’ve never once heard any other LNA member call a female player a cancerous slut. The last one to cross any similar line was Missy Lorelai, who was posting pantless pictures of Susan Black (a glitch produced a naked avatar) in emails and he got kicked as well. Nitro’s gone now as well, LNA doesn’t put up with this crap.

      They will however shoot pilots that are warping into their plexes to whore LP. If a LNA pilot asks you to leave their plex, its wise to do so for your own health.

      If you do spot an LNA number being “abusive” in a militia channel, send me a log, I’d appreciate it.

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