Interview: Aldrith Shutaq, Amarr


How long have you been playing EVE and how much of that time has been spent in Factional Warfare?

I began in June of 2008, so it has been just over four years, minus a six-month break. Of that time I’ve spent about three years in the 24th Imperial Crusade.

What have you done in game outside of FW?

Honestly, very little apart from missions in hi-sec and role-play. RP and faction warfare have been the only things I’ve ever really been interested in the game, period.

Tell us about your corporation, Knighthood of the Merciful Crown.

It started off as a pipe-dream between myself and Shalee Lianne, a place where we could PvP and RP as we saw fit. There is a lot of history to cover in the year and a half it existed before I popped it and left the game, so I’ll not bore everyone. I’d much rather look towards the future anyway. That said, I did have a grand vision for the corp on an RP level but was a bit too ADD about it to really commit to building it properly before. Now, after some growing up and a break, I’m ready to turn it into what it was meant to be.

You’ve recently resurrected KOTMC, how will it differ from the original KOTMC?

Vastly. Old KOTMC started off very tight-knit and homey, but ended up becoming a huge corp with many non-RPer’s that had ideas on gameplay that clashed with the original intent of the corp. Upon realizing this I decided it was best to take a step away from the corp and the game to sort out if I wanted (or even had the ability) to do what I really wanted with the corp and EVE in general. Now I am back, fresh and eager to make things happen.

The new corp will have a heavy RP emphasis, and in short will be a ruthlessly honorable and noble vigilante group. As the name suggests, I intended members to abide by a code of chivalry-like honor in their endeavors while kicking ass on the in-game battlefield. No piracy, but instead lots of PvP against people we identify as ‘evil’ from an in-character perspective, which means the vast majority of pilots out there anyway, all of this against a backdrop of grim talk about heavy-handed justice and doing what is right, no matter the cost in blood. Additionally, while the Knighthood is Amarrian based, the new corp is technically apolitical, doing what it sees fit despite what might fit in with a traditional loyalist perspective. I hope this will lead to all sorts of badassery both in space and in RP channels.

Will KOTMC join any alliances?

KOTMC has just joined Aegis Militia on the invitation of Graelyn and Invellious. I originally intended to keep the corp independent, but the opportunity to rebuild a great old Amarr RP base was too good to pass up. I hope to keep those two bittervets acting with the honor befitting true Amarrian men! 😉

What are the requirements to joining KOTMC, also, link to any killboards, websites, or blogs that you’d like to share with us.

Requirements are still nebulous at the moment; I am still forming much of the base of the corporation, and without anyone else in it at the moment it’s going a little slowly as I spend evenings fighting instead of planning! KOTMC will be doing two things: fighting and role playing nobly-minded (yet ruthless) space warriors. An SP requirement is a must, and I expect it to be as high as ten million, with exceptions made for those who have good PvP potential. Then there are the RP requirements, meaning that the player’s character must not be blatantly evil (unless it’s the right kind of evil!) and buy into some of the Knighthood’s ideals. And of course, I must be able to trust them on both fronts, which means some kind of relationship being formed both IC and OOC.

This all is very impractical for a corp that wants to get big, but in all honesty, I don’t want to be big. I want a small, elite kill-squad that likes to shout “BURN IN THE FLAMES OF OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS” in local while they shoot people in the face.

What are some of your most memorable experiences in FW?

There are quite a few. Back when I was still in my first Amarr RP corp I took part in the battle to destroy a Star Fraction POS in Kamela during the first campaign they launched against the Crusade. They dropped something close to a dozen capital ships and we wiped them from the field. I was still but a nooblet then, trying to pick away at the carriers with a Coercer, fighting through lag and exploding to some unknown gun after about 5 minutes of being stuck!

A year later I was with PIE Inc., soloing about in the beautiful work of art known as the Imperial Navy Slicer. My experiences fighting in minor plexes and perfecting my ‘dogfighter’ fit against masses of Rifters, Thrashers and the odd Dramiel were some of the best fun I ever had in EVE. The war story I always tell everyone is how I once soloed three Rifters and two Thrashers. I took advantage of their over-confidence in their numbers by leading them away from each other, taking potshots until I could kill each in isolation. I ended up killing two of the Rifters, one of the Thrashers, and podding two before forcing what remained to run in terror. Glorious.

Was your decision to join Amarr based on roleplay?

Definitely. I came into the game with an interest in RP and I carefully considered what race to be. I briefly thought of being an Intaki Gallente, but there was no way I could not be Amarr after reading all of their lore. In my opinion they are the most complex, morally ambiguous and flavorful race. Besides this, I have always had a fascination with religions and belief systems that create glorious litanies about how things should be done and impossible legends demonstrating these principles. Besides, their ships look damn sexy.

What are some of your most memorable RP arcs?

The most prominent one is the one where Aldrith was seduced by a Sani Sabik and got tortured for helping her recover a certain slave. It’s a long story…

What do you think of the upcoming Inferno changes to FW?

Like many others I had my doubts, but now I consider them to be a blessing. Everything except the unbalanced LP rewards system has improved things in my opinion. Station lock-outs have created clear battle lines where attackers are at a disadvantage, while LP for plexing has made fleets actually fight over the important parts of the battlefield rather than camping gates and running around chasing each other on stations. System upgrades seem trivial at the moment, however, and the fact the losing side gets horribly gimped LP store prices is very dangerous, threatening to make a militia bleed profit-minded pilots. It is also something that has been easily broken, as many players on the Amarr side have begun to take advantage of Minmatar LP discounts with alts. I look forward to seeing what CCP does when they realize they derped on some things.

If CCP gave you free reign to change EVE to suit yourself, what would you change and why?

The criminal and bounty systems. I believe that if you want to be a pirate, you need to feel like a pirate, living a gritty, dangerous existence constantly on the run that is difficult to get out of once you fall to preying on your fellow players. Piracy should be EVE on hard mode, not easy mode as it is for most as they pick off easy targets and only get the occasional anti-pirate gang hunting for them every other month. Outlaw characters would have permanent bounties on their heads that could only be collected by characters with high security statuses. This would encourage carebears to get out of hisec and hunt down evildoers while creating a greater challenge for pirate fleets.

This said, better designation of valid targets also needs to be done, since many honest low-sec space dwellers have to lose security status by shooting neutral targets that are helping hostiles. Fleet boosters and cyno providers need to become hostile for at least a few days when they aid parties that are hostile to you.

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Amarr Militia from your perspective.

Well, the Amarr militia is a complex beast. You have three major power blocs: Wolfsbrigade, 7th Fleet, and Fweddit, none of whom especially get along. Then there are all of the bittervets who complain about the changes, the Minnies who blob and their bad hair, and then there are all the poor lost scrubs that have no idea what’s going on. We have good potential, we just need to pull it all together, quit the infighting and coordinate. I just think it’s too bad that egos constantly get in the way of forming a functioning militia.

Who do you most admire in EVE?

Difficult to say, most people in EVE are complete scumbags! Probably Chribba, with his complete disinterest in playing the same power games most players in EVE seem to be interested in. He is an incorruptible beacon of decency in a universe made of thousands wannabe mobsters.

If you could trade places in EVE with any one person for one day, who would it be and why?

Nobody! Aldy’s my boy and always will be.

What kind of advice would you give to a new player just starting EVE?

Don’t get too attached to ANYTHING in the game. Ships, corps, or even people. Attachment keeps you from enjoying the game because you become too afraid to lose anything.

Thank you for the interview, any parting thoughts?

Not at all, thanks for the opportunity.


FW System: Kamela

Space Station: EFA in Amarr

EVE Chronicle: The Part Where I Play the Devil (Artico is my hero!)

EVE Related Celebrity: Chribba

Pirate Corp or Alliance: The one that I just burnt with my lasers.

EVE Related Website: BattleClinic

Way To Make Isk: Cashing

Ammo: Scorch

Ship: Imperial Navy Slicer!

Wartarget To Shoot: The mouthy ones.

Corpse: Dame Death

Food & Drink While Playing EVE: The tears of my enemies.

Song To Fly To: What the Water Gave Me by Florence + The Machine

Roleplayer: The sane ones. Which is like… none.


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