Militia Uniforms

Check out CCP Unifex’s  latest dev blog detailing some militia clothes that will be released in the Inferno 1.1 patch.

What do you guys think?  Like them or not?



3 Responses to “Militia Uniforms”

  1. Cearain Says:

    This is a comment I left there:

    Currently we can’t tell an allied militia other than by checking in the corp etc.

    It would be nice if these militia uniforms:

    1) were offered for free to people who obtain top rank in faction war

    2) could only be worn by people in the specific militia.

    That way we could have a way to tell if somone is in an allied militia or not.

  2. Cearain Says:

    Hey what do you know? A dev liked the idea I posted. If you like the idea too then maybe you could encourage him by giving his post a like here:

  3. Cearain Says:

    I didn”t really look at the shirts before. I’m no fashionista but I’m not sure I like the whole double pocket with big trim look.

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