My New BFF, Xolve of Fweddit

What are the requirements to join Fweddit?

Essentially, all you really need is an active account on Reddit with an account age of more than 3 months (recently increased), a strong desire to have, and the basic outlook that internet spaceships are not always serious business, and that win or lose it’s all about how much fun your are having.

You can also be vouched in by a friend currently in FWeddit with an active reddit account of 3 months.

How is Fweddit structured in regards to CEO & Directorship?

Well for the most part there are five directors, each is technically a CO-CEO that can act as such in the absence of each other. We are basically all interested in making FWeddit a fun place for our members.

The team so far:
Hylora Trevane- CEO, Market Guy
Xolve- Diplomancer, Corp Recruiter, Free Ships
Rina Kondur- Recruiter, Free Ships, Wiki Wizard
Master Zeuth- PL Spy, Military Director, Generally Cool Guy
Typo Interobang- Does Behind the Scenes Stuff, Corp Security

What sort of corp rules does Fweddit have?

Well there’s only two really. The first rule is literally ‘do not be a dick’, we understand that EVE is a game and in games people are trying to have fun- we don’t want people joining and causing instability in our happy little agglomeration of internet nerds. The second rules is ‘don’t shoot blues’ (pretty self explanatory).

Everything else is a ‘best judgement’ decision. We don’t endorse scamming, but don’t look down on pirating, ganking, or anything else that involves blowing someone else up. We also enjoy thunderdomes (where we go on a roam, can’t find anything to shoot at; and do one massive free for all).

Rumors have it Fweddit is mostly made up of TEST alts? True or false.

False. We have a number of TEST alts from the Dreddit corp (also a corporation based on the reddit community), but we have members from everywhere. Last time I got a general feel for things most of the nullsec powerblocs were represented (Against All Authorities, The CFC, TEST, GoonSwarm, Solar Wing, Northern Coalition, Pandemic Legion, and Black Legion).

What are the short term and long term goals of Fweddit?

We want to have fun for the most part, our goals are to continue growing our alliance and teach anyone that joins that PvP in EVE doesn’t have to stem from a large skillpoint value and a ISK laden wallet. As our pilots become more experienced with FW Mechanics and low sec in general, we plan on moving past Thrasher fleets and into more challenging fleet doctrines; as well as to eventually completely commit to moving into lowsec.

Who came up with ‘Big Plays’?

DurrDurrDurr (DurrHurrDurr of TEST) was actively trolling Amarr militia chat when we first joined (after our warm welcome to the bittervets club) by responding to Cynthia Nezmor with ‘Big Plays’ and evolving it into ‘Monumental Movements’ ‘Large Plays’ ‘Plays of Unusual Size’ and other variations of the phrase to avoid the flood control filter (typing the same thing, more than 3 times, in 10 seconds will stop you from being able to talk in channel for one minute).

After the capture of Lamaa and the infamous picture of my alt (Shylari Avada) talking about ‘plexing is boring’; our subreddit exploded with ‘Big Plays’ propaganda. It has stuck ever since; either trolling or celebrating a victory, ‘Big Plays’ is part of our corporations culture now.

How many corporations are in Fweddit’s alliance, “I Whip My Slaves Back And Forth”? (awesome name by the way) Also, what are the requirements for a corporation looking to join the alliance?

Currently there are six.

We had a few other corporations, but standings issues have presented themselves and the number has dwindled a bit while they are repairing their standings. For the most part (being the corp recruiter) we are willing to take on any corporation that is active in the Amarr Militia, that wants to have fun.

Our culture on a whole is vastly different from that of a casual corp, or even those that have been around Faction Warfare for years. We are ALWAYS in mumble, always talking to each other, and even have several lounges we just sit in (even while playing other games) and ‘shit up coms’ with our friends.

How do you think Fweddit been received by the Amarrian Militia? Which corporations are you looking forward to working with in the future?

Originally there was a lot of culture clash from FWeddit and the other Amarrian Militia members, it wasn’t so much with whole corporations, or even their leadership; so much as it was with individual members. FWeddit is home to a wide variety of players, both new and old; and while the older players have thick skin and have grown accustomed to this game we all love and enjoy. Our newer members were being plagued with unfounded opinions and answers (to generally honest questions) in Militia Chat.

This was all smoothed over later after sitting down with leadership from the offending alliances/corporations and from what we can tell now, FWeddit has been looked at with a bit of respect for a relatively new corporation in Faction Warfare.

What’s more important to Fweddit, plexing or pvp?

The most important thing to Fweddit is having fun. We have members that do plexes, members that PvP and even members that like to run FW Missions. During roams, we do a bit of both. The FC’s and scouts will watch the intel channels, while the fleet idles in plexex. I have yet to see a fleet warp in, at range to a group of Arty Thrashers and even think about engaging.

We certainly enjoy the strategic advantages plexes offer to an idle fleet looking for its next fight for sure. It also affords our members the opportunity to earn standings and loyalty points while the Minmatar Respawn.

What do you think of the LP pay out system?

I’ve only used LP for upgrading systems, never actually purchased anything since at T1 prices its easier just to accumulate points, and wait for the Militia as a whole to start working together to push warzone control.

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Amarr Militia from your perspective.

There is entirely too much infighting, and quite a few people (in small corps, or the NPC corp) have already accepted defeat and are on what seems like their own crusade to spread their jaded viewpoint on to every newcomer in Militia Chat. (Apparently if you call them nerds they stop talking)

What is your opinion of your space enemies, the Minmatar? Who do you like blowing up the most?

I am here for fights, I actually enjoy having an opposing enemy that is looking for the same thing I am. We might have different views on fittings, fleet doctrines, numbers in fleets and the always popular use of falcons; but I enjoy shooting at them nonetheless.

I’ll never grow tired of killing either Jade Constantine or Susan Black. They should probably stop using the title ‘Skirmish Commander’ for their Fleet Commanders as well (heres looking at you Loryanna).

Thank you for the interview! Any parting thoughts?

Her Empress’ Space Chikun Liberation Initiative and the lnterstellar Re-Conquering of the Minmatar Menace will continue!

FW System: Oyonate
Space Station: Not Jita
EVE Related celebrity: Mittens (The Mittani)
Pirate Corp or Alliance: Pandemic Legion
EVE Related Website:
Way To Make Isk: …I used to sell fake supercarriers.
Ammo: Republic Fleet Phased Plasma
Ship: Vagabond, Cynabal
Wartarget To Shoot: Cynthia Nezmor
Corpse: Lukka
Food & Drink While Playing EVE: Black Heart Rum (Yarr)
Song To Fly To: Skulls by The Misfits



4 Responses to “My New BFF, Xolve of Fweddit”

  1. Reblogged this on Casual Capsuleer and commented:
    Great Post by Shalee interviewing our own diplomancer, Xovle of Fweddit!

  2. mad props to you mate and your boys !
    Your’re like locust…anywhere, anytime, eat everyhing, love it !

  3. Good interview and its great to have you guys in faction war. Keep bringing more people into faction war! You will see, if you haven’t already, its eve’s best kept secret. Great stuff all around.

  4. Silence ikillyouu Says:

    That was the best interveiw Eva.
    These fweddits are goingto run FW very soon.
    Also u should interview the creator of LateNight one of the top ten pvp alliances in eve ATM.

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