QCATS: Running with the Rebels

(Answers provided by X Gallentius)

Qcats have recently joined Minmatar Militia?  What prompted the change?

Pure greed, and a love for super cheap Stabber Fleet Issues.

Is it a short term or long term change?

At this point it is unknown. QCATS will definitely be based out of Black Rise (Nennamaila) until they get kicked out. Whether or not they gain Minmatar LP or Gallente LP for closing plexes remains to be seen.

How has the Minmatar Militia received QCats so far?

QCATS have been well received by the Minmatar Militia. We are running in gangs with them this weekend.

From your perspective, what is the current state of the Caldari / Gallente war front and how does it differ from the Amarr / Minmatar front?

Minmatar/Amarr started this version of FW with the Minmatar holding a significant advantage that is being reinforced by huge LP store payouts and “afk” plexing alts. Amarr are also crowded into one side of the map with Sahtogas and Kamela as home system anchors.

Gallente/Caldari front started out with Gallente ahead, but there was a very large influx of afk plexing alts on the Caldari side. Caldari are steadily pulling ahead by running ridiculous amounts of plexes by both afk plexing alts and regulars pvpers.

We may see Gallente end up in a similar position as the Amarr in a month or so – significantly behind. But the Gallente have more pilots more willing to protect more low sec home systems than the Amarr. Also, the “playing field” is much larger than the Amarr/Minmatar area and cannot be defended adequately by either side. So I suspect system occupancy will be very dynamic with non-station systems switching back and forth constantly. I think Gallente will hold fewer station systems but they will be closer to the “center”. of the map. “Fortress Nenna” may end up being a shiny light of green in a forest of dark blue before too long. We’ll see.


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