A New Blogger

Almity, an Amarr Militia pilot and a corp mate has started his own FW blog, here.

An excerpt:

“CCP finally gives FW some loving and I fucking hate it now. I hate the not being able to dock but its not a game breaker. I hate orbiting a button for hours hoping to maybe get a fight.”


3 Responses to “A New Blogger”

  1. “I hate orbiting a button for hours hoping to maybe get a fight.”

    Err. Maybe he should fly with Fweddit. Takes them all of 10 minutes to find a fight.

  2. Well the Minnies go looking for them and fight them freely. Mostly they avoid us unless they have two to one odds. It can be hard to get a fight.

  3. Cearain Says:

    It would be much better if militias were notified when plexes were being taken. That way people who ninja plex in pve ships could be kicked out of plexes by pvpers close to them instead of requiring people to chase them around the universe.

    But the lp will be worth something once the amarr starts to spread out and take over systems forcing the minmatar to spread out. And plex for no reward.

    However, If we continue to take systems *right next to their bases* then of course they will say “thank you for the new farm” and continue to profit.

    However if we start to plex in spread out areas *and refuse to flip any systems until we can flip over half the warzone in one push* – then we will win.

    Amarr needs to change tactics and take advantage of the no lp for defensive plexing mechanic.

    I think you can see from her blog that, the fact that they do not get lp for defensive plexing, is a real thorn in their side. We need to take full advantage of that.

    But yeah until ccp does some things like notifications of plexes being taken then the plexing war will remain a boring pve activity.

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