What Do You Think?

Miura Bull of the Black Rebel Rifter Club, a well-known pirate corp that bases near the Amarr/Minmatar  Factional Warzone wrote this in his blog:


Faction warfare is great! The lore of it all, the blobs, the cool dudes who fly solo picking off the weak or the willing, the politics and everything else that goes with it. There are some cool people in FW, no doubt about that. There are cool people that have come from FW to other areas of the game too. It’s all good.
But there is one problem.
FW is broken in one way.
You see when I spot a juicy looking frigate or destroyer inside one of the many Installations, Compounds, or Outposts and I warp in and land in my bright red spaceship (overview) what happens 99 times out of 100?
The guy inside the dungeon is usually 100k+ away from my landing zone and in a moment of shock and utter fear he warps off.
This is especially annoying because:
A – I want to destroy his ship and then pod him.
B – It wastes my time when they leave system.
So how can we fix this? Well. My proposal is simple.
Once inside a FW dungeon you can not warp off your ship if another pilot not affiliated to your faction warps in. So if a pilot from an enemy faction warps into your dungeon, or, I dunno, say a flashy pirate warps in….. It should be locked so that you can not leave until blood has been spilled, a ship lost or a ship abandoned.
Only a pod can warp out when hostiles are on grid. This would mean the cowards who warp out as the mechanic stands at the minute could eject from their ship and leave if they wish, with their tails between their legs and ship less. The hostile party can then board the new ship or blow it up.
One more thing I would do as well. As I understand the way FW works, the person running these dungeons gains loyalty points that they then spend in the store. Complimenting the above mentioned dungeon lock-in system–If a lock-in is sprung, then the winner of any duel that takes place inside the dungeon gets a reward of all the loyalty points that would have been claimed, even if they are not a FW pilot.
These changes would make life in FW more dangerous, it would promote more fights in general and it would make FW a more interesting place for everyone and not just a place where people stick an alt in to farm loyalty points. If you can kill the FW people then you too can claim the loyalty points. A kind of theft to accompany a well-deserved killmail.


I think it’s an interesting idea, but what do you guys think?


6 Responses to “What Do You Think?”

  1. I think it is retarded. It is very seldom I am running a plex and just 1 enemy ship comes in. It usually is 3 to 8. So, in addition to being there with long odds, this suggestion means my only option is to either die in a fire or kite like mad, or mwd away in hopes that they bore. But no one can leave. So I could literally grief them to tears all day running 5k/s in a cap stable frig and lol.

  2. What Ryven said. I can see where the OP is coming from but forcing pilots to do something is anti-Eve. Interesting, certainly, and with some tweaks that I don’t, personally, feel like thinking on, something akin to this could work though.

  3. Cearain Says:

    Yes ryven is right. Many faction war pilots will stay and fight unless you bring a ship that they really can’t handle (loki boosted hookbill anyone?) or they are taking too much damage from rats at the time. Or they see a griffin on short scan.

    Its good the way it is. Actually the dungeons are the best part of faction war.

  4. I thought about something similar to how radar sites work, if you warp out then the site des pawns leaving a tough choice. Fight to lay claim to it or flee and lose it. Granted I’m no FW expert so no idea the consequences of this 🙂

    • Cearain Says:


      There is a proposal that if you get chased out of a plex the timer you are running will start to count back down to zero. That is a good idea that would help allot to make fw plexing more of a pvp activity.

  5. I think that this is a great idea, especially the bit about non-militia pilots getting LP for militia kills inside plexes. It would fit really well into Shalee’s post-patch suggestion about getting LP for pirate kills in plexes – after all, fair’s fair, right? Not only that, but it would partially solve the nasty problem of how to define “inside the plex” and “outside the plex” for the purposes of those kills.

    As a former FW pilot and current pirate, I support this message.

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