‘How Lucia Learned To AFK In A Frigate’

Lucia Denniard of Confederation of xXPIZZAXx [PIZZA] wrote on the Warfare and Tatics forums:


Confederation of xXPIZZAXx recently joined Faction Warfare. Initially, we believed that recent changes had made for a better PVP experience, but we quickly encountered problems.

#1 – The ease of running both defensive and offensive plexes solo, using low sp afterburner frigates makes flipping and defending systems impractical for larger, PVP oriented gangs. Forming a fleet to run individual plexes is pointless; fights are not forced.

#2 – Defensive plexing is risk free and needs no real investment. A t1 frigate alt can defensive plex with impunity, faces no immediate threat, and ship losses are trivial. This only serves to stymie the rate at which systems come under threat, and fighting for these systems.

#3 – Plex behaviour is unpredictable. Plexes spawn and de-spawn in an inconsistent fashion, can fail to award lp, and can stack to huge numbers in specific systems.

#4 – Acceleration gates favour ‘camping’ behaviours and limit the viability of long range fleets.

#5 – Reward tier disparity. A Slicer at tier 1 costs 40kLP, 2.5kLP at tier 5, and pilots gain LP at a 20% increased rate at tier 5. Pilots may simply play both sides of the war, using alts, for personal profit; faction loyalty isn’t incentivised. This further serves to stagnate the progress of system conquest.

#6 – Reward disparity. The Amarr LP store itself contains fewer high demand ships and modules than the Minmatar LP store. This is a minor issue, and mostly the fault of the larger EVE sandbox. But is an issue nonetheless.

As a small gang PVPer, I feel that faction warfare has too much emphasis on alts, incentivising low risk play with LP, and fails to offer enough opportunities for fleet combat. Ultimately, Faction Warfare is still focused on a PVE metagame.


To read the original post, click here.


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