So I Found This On Twitter…

Read here.

An excerpt:

“It is worth noting that the entire time, the coalition of the terrible roleplayers and various other pubbies comprising the Minmatar faction thought that they were doing this on their own.  They were oblivious to the fact they would jump 50-70 points in a single hour. To the extent that anyone noticed at all, they attributed it to their own skill, clapping each other on the back in militia chat while the cabal laughed at them for being too stupid to notice what was literally under their noses.  This also applied to the Amarr.  On a lark one of us went one morning and fully upgraded all 13 Amarr systems to level 5.  The next day this was repeated along with the two systems they won from the day before, allowing the Amarr faction to hit t2.  Of course they immediately lost it.”


2 Responses to “So I Found This On Twitter…”

  1. Why did they blow stuff up for amarr lp? LOL Anyway thanks for getting us to tier 2! I was wondering who did that and why. Still not sure why you did that, but whatever.

    And really I don’t think the minmatar were patting themselves on the back for putting lp into the upgrades as much as actually capturing the systems.

    But anyway that was a pretty nice trick with the datacores. I wasn’t aware of how ccp valued stuff.

  2. I’d wait and see how the Minmatar do without this particular backing. They can be crafty all on their own.

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