For The Record

For the record.

Today, newbie blogger Almity posted a rather scathing article about Hans Jagerblitzen on his blog.

As a corp, we don’t really prohibit what our pilots can say on forums or blogs or even local chat, other than to say ‘don’t be vulgar’.

So today when I logged onto IM while at work, Almity told me he posted on his blog and linked it. I knew that he was going to post about Hans Jagerblitzen, he’d mentioned it the night before, and even asked if I would mind since Hans and I are friends.

I told him to go ahead, because I knew that the things Hans has been saying since being elected has bothered him. Before the election, as any politician would, Hans represented himself differently than after the election. Before, he represented himself as someone who would speak for the four factions, as someone we all could point to and say ‘that’s our guy.’ You can scroll back through my blog to see the countless threads I made in regards to the CSM election, desperately pleading with my readers to vote Hans, because we needed someone to represent us.

I believed in him.

After the election, things seemed to change. As things for FW were being announced, of course most of the Amarr had a problem with it. And a lot of them were vocal on the forums about it.

But what else can you do really? If you don’t speak up and voice your complaint, then CCP assumes that everything is hunkyfuckingdory.

If you do complain, it’s met with responses of ‘stop whining’ and ‘harden the fuck up’.

Well, okay.

Just before the launch of Inferno, Hans asked me to keep my corp in FW and I did, despite some of our Amarrian allies leaving it.

I.LAW made a decision to move one jump out of the FW zone so that we wouldn’t risk being locked out of stations. It wasn’t that big of a deal to us to move to Egghelende, we spent a night jumping our stuff out and the next night we were back on the war front as per usual, roaming and killing.

But instead of appreciating the fact that we stayed, we were taunted with several snide remarks about ‘retreating to Egg’ and ‘stop whining in Egg’ etc.

Well, okay.

Even closer to Inferno, with the station lockouts and the fucked up LP pricing, some players in general were starting to turn on Hans because they assumed he could do something about the changes.

He could not. He isn’t CCP, he is only a voted representative from the player base. He has the power to voice his opinions but that is it.

I do think it was very unfair that Hans was getting blamed for things that were out of his control.

However, at the time I told him that he was the posterboy for FW Inferno changes whether it was fair or not, that’s how he would be viewed. I advised him to change sides, even for a little while, so that when he said things like ‘suck it up’, his words would have more merit.

Instead of soaking up the benefits of Inferno, that he should suffer the miserable impositions that we would be dealing with. If it isn’t so bad, prove it instead of profiting off of our misery.

He didn’t, not that I really thought he would.

But therein lies the problem. It was timing really. He was elected when FW was getting a major overhaul, and he received benefits from it (as all Minmatar). Did some players think he orchestrated such changes? Yes, but it was wholly unfair. He doesn’t have that much power within CCP.

So yes, I think Almity had a right to post his feelings on the matter, he had a right to say that he felt betrayed by Han’s saying ‘come at me bro’, ‘suck it up’, ‘stop whining’ etc. Especially when Hans singled out our corp for no apparent reason several times.

Do I think Almity said it in the right way? Absolutely not. I think that, as adults on this game, we have a responsibility to express our opinions without shredding apart another person. It’s just the decent thing to do.

So, on IM this morning I was in the process of telling Almity that his post was over-the-top and needed to be edited when Hans tweeted it…

And so the shitstorm began.

Pretty much this. Hans needs to stop with the snide comments about my corp, that if he has a problem with something or someone to come to me and I will personally handle it.  I think that as someone we all voted for and elected, we deserved better than the snide, underhanded remarks that had been thrown at us by him.

Also, Almity needs to edit his post, because as much as I love the guy, he went too far in his word choices. Way, way too far.

And though it sounds like all we do is sit around on our comms and trash Hans, I assure you that is far from the truth.

Both guys do so much for faction war, both offer so much that I hate seeing either getting viewed in an unfair light.

As for Susan’s post in regards to the whole matter, I think it is foolish to try to paint all of Amarr with the brush of one post by one disgruntled player. Just like we don’t judge all of Minmatar by the stuff she posts.

I hope that everyone can just chill, hug it out, then get back to blowing each other up. 🙂

8 Responses to “For The Record”

  1. I thought it was funny, honestly. Way nicer than the things said about Obama, who has real power and a real job. Still, we can I guess pause for the cause and allow the feelings to heal.

    I do think it is a bit strange that these folks get so upset. The Amarr get upset that the minnies benefit and the minnies get upset that we get upset and the vocal amarr get upset that the minnies say mean things when they are upset that we are upset. Honestly, I am thankful. Gives me stuff to write about for my FW comedy blog.

    Anyway, I gotta run. I ate some bad mexican food and I have to drop a Susan Black… oh, lol. See what I did there? j/k. Hugz.

  2. Hans Jagerblitzen Says:


    I want you to know how much this means to me that you took the time to speak your peace about all of this. I want you and the rest of the Amarr Militia – to know how important you guys are to me. I value having opponents I’ve known for years, and I want to fight against you for years to come. The hardest part about stepping up to this job was knowing that I couldn’t change which faction I belonged to (For immersion and identity’s sake), and knowing full well that if we ever ended up successful as a faction after these changes I’d immediately be the target of suspicion and ridicule.

    I won’t deny that this is a juggling act – I’m not only fighting to keep up with the community’s concerns and observations about the new Faction Warfare system, but I have to provide feedback to CCP, stay in regular contact with the developers to monitor progress on fixes, write up CSM documentation and transcribe the minutes for the summit session. In between, I’m expected to blog about it, post in the forums about it, talk about it on the radio, manage a job and a personal life, and oh yeah, play the game in there some time too.

    The only way I know how to deal with all of this, not to mention the community outcry from those of you that are *justifiably upset* about challenges posed by the game mechanics, is to have a sense of humor. I can’t change everything about the rules, I can’t change the fact that people don’t pay attention to the fact that the warnings I gave CCP were the same warnings the Amarr gave, and I can’t change the fact that people write horrible things about me as a person because they’re too stubborn to listen.

    I don’t have any lasting grudge against I-Law as a corporation, nor do I really think you were foolish to move to Egghelende. Who *doesn’t* want a stable place to dock? And you’re absolutely right, I haven’t done a good job in sharing my appreciation for all of the Amarr that stuck around and have provided us with good fights (this means you too, Almity)

    What I’ve refused to do though, is ignore the fact that I-Law has been simultaneously extremely vocal, and extremely conflicting in the message it sends. It’s members believe everything from the idea that systems don’t matter, its about PvP prowess, to the idea that dockblocking is the *reason* the Amarr are losing the war. And everything in between. Some of these claims – (like the fact that dockblocking kills small gang activity) have little evidence in the statistics released since inferno. Some of the claims about me as a representative – (like the fact that I leaked insider information to the Minmatar) are so easily debunked that they are indeed *comical*.

    The only way I can deal with the stream of insults and lies is to laugh them off. I just have too much on my plate to go around letting assholes get to me. Like I said earlier, part of the way I’ve dealt with the absurdity of some of the claims made (yes, by your corp members) is to laugh occasionally back. And to jest back. I wish that both sides of this stupid meta-conflict could just have a sense of humor and not assume malicious intent by the other party.

    Throughout all of this, you are one of the *few* that has shown consistent friendship and respect – refusing to stoop to name calling, refusing to feed the lies, and calling out your corpmates when they’ve crossed the line and been disrespectful. You’ve been a true friend, and I appreciate all that you’ve done on my behalf. You, along with the rest of the Amarr militia, continue you have my utmost attention. I’ve never onced ended this dialogue no matter how ridiculous anyone has acted, and as long as the feedback stays *grounded in reality* and not hyperbole, rhetoric, and conspiracy – I’ll continue to vouch for the entire community’s concerns just like I always have.

    I think it’s critical that as we continue to debate we try to remember that there’s a difference between disagreeing with someone, agreeing with them but explaining them there’s nothing that can be done, and outright ignoring someone. I’ve even disagreed with the community, but STILL passed your ideas on to CCP. All I ask is that you encourage each other to pay attention, listen, and hear me out. None of us are going to make this feature a successl without the patience needed to keep the conversation respectful and productive.

    Thanks again for setting the record straight, it means a lot to me.

  3. Kuan Yida Says:

    Hugs all around. Well said by both Shalee and Hans.

  4. RougeOperator Says:


    Just and FYI take of the tinfoil hats. Hans had no say in the crap that was inferno. And he did not have any inside info etc.

    And I fought against and talked over the stuff with him about why I thought inferno was bad etc. Many of you Amarr know I was against the changes in inferno. I got to Hans almost as soon as the fanfest announcements were made and told him all the problems that were going to come from these changes. I see them as bad mechanics and gameplay. And predicted 6 months down the road everyone would understand why once the stagnation sets in. HE KNOWS GUYS I TOLD HIM.

    They just put a new coat of paint over something broken IMO. They did not in fact actually fix the problems. But in the long run might end up making things worse.

    In private I myself have had discussions with Hans about the changes that came. Trust me he knows the other side of the issue. This just in CSM does not have magic powers to stop a company he does not actually run or work for from doing things they want to do.

    Me getting hit by a car gave me reason to take a break from the game for a while.

    All i want to say is ALL the stuff going wrong or that appears wrong about FW is all CCP. It was in the works before the CSM and was not going to stop just cause we got a guy on the CSM. Thats just not how dev works. It was already set in stone a lot of what was going to happen before Hans got to the CSM.

    When they announced proposed changes at fanfest that were coming I made sure Hans understood that I thought it was all wrong the way they were going with it. He knows. And all he can do is tell CCP how we feel.

    Amarr, get on the forums and blow them up in a coherent way and offer up solutions. But know that Dev time costs money, and they want to see that money they spent put to use, so you might be just throwing crap at a wall. But the squeaky wheel and all.

    Trust me what inferno was was way out of his hands and the plans to take systems etc were in the works in the mimitar faction long before CSM elections etc. It was just one of those things where the stars aligned perfectly on many many points.

    You should be happy he is still being available to talk to and engaged with in PvP etc in FW. Rather then being out of touch with the players he represents like some other CSM members I could talk about.

    He does not have a magic wand to fix this. That wand comes from all the players with problems with this system making clear and coherent arguments and points as to why they see the changes as poor and not working right. Get to twitter get to the forums and make yourselves heard. And of course talk to Hans. You have to go at CCP from all angles.

    Hit me up on twitter if you need to get in touch with me. @rougoperator1

    • “You should be happy he is still being available to talk to and engaged with in PvP etc in FW. Rather then being out of touch with the players he represents like some other CSM members I could talk about.”

      This is very true. Hans at least is still engaging the community unlike many other csms. And that is why he is my favorite csm member.

      But again no one in their right mind is blaming hans for what inferno is.

      However, his comments defending it and requiring impossible proofs against bad mechanics are his own fault. As are the comments encouraging mechanic changes that would benefit his own faction and are proposed by his fleet mates. He can’t blame ccp for his own comments. Including the last dig about moving to egg. His own comments are what is alienating him from amarr militia. Not what ccp did with inferno.

      He will on rare occassions admit he is against the no docking rule. But 90% of his message on this issue is: “you can’t prove by data that the no docking rule is a problem.” And then he subtley suggests that pvp has increased because of it. Of course without any data to back that claim up either.

      This is why I don’t really care what csm and ccp decide to craft as far as minutes of a meeting that happened 2 months ago. Weve seen these worked over minutes all through csm6. Pages and pages of warmed over fluff that will put us to sleep before we get past the introduction.

      They won’t tell us how strenuously certain things were pushed. His comments on the forums need to demonstrate what he is really behind rather than just giving us minutes that say “Hans said he was against station lock outs”

  5. I already posted an apology on my blog but will expand on it here. Just as I speak my mind on blogs and forums others do as well. We may be one corp but we have different ideas as to what matters and how to go about doing it. To some like me its all about the pvp. To others its getting to lvl 5 system control.

    Ilaw was vocal about the changes they didnt like because they were passionate about FW. After all the fighting and name calling is done we still love FW and just want the best for it.

    Shalee is right. I used the wrong words to express my anger. We all invest so much time in Eve sometimes it gets too personal and we say silly things.

  6. “I do think it was very unfair that Hans was getting blamed for things that were out of his control.

    However, at the time I told him that he was the posterboy for FW Inferno changes whether it was fair or not, that’s how he would be viewed. I advised him to change sides, even for a little while, so that when he said things like ‘suck it up’, his words would have more merit.”

    Nobody I know ever blamed him for things outside his control. They blame him for blowing off concerns amarr have.

    Even here he continues to say that no statistics prove station lock out deters pvp. Even though we have gone through this at least 2xs that there were too many changes to get statistics about any one change. In other words this is just a way of saying buzz off.

    Yet when susan recomends that we change the rules to allow lp for defensive plexing. (A change which would obviously help minmatar solidify there advantage) Well where is the demand for data? Of course there can’t be any data for that change since it hasn’t happened. Instead he claims that her rehashing what the mechanics are is somehow proof that this is needed.

    Hans there is a reason you are continuing to get attacked for bias. I know you don’t see it but you need to perhaps start listening to some of the amarr.

    And as for my move I wasn’t on the night we did the corp move. Plus I had allot of stuff through out the the faction war space. It may not have been a big deal for Shalee (or others with carrier alts and or jumpfreighters) but it was and still is a major pia for me.

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