Interview: Corelin, Caldari

The Fancy Hats Corporation [TFHC]
Corelin’s Blog 

Where does the name come from?
Corelin is a name that came about when my friend joined EvE we went with generally “Lord of the Rings” themed names. That toon ended up being an alt, Corelin a main.

When did you create [TFHC] and what inspired you to create your own corporation?
Fancy Hats was created to be a partner corp to The Jagged Edge. I was sitting around with several of their directors (most of us wearing some sort of Fancy Hat) and they wanted recruits, but also wanted to have their standards upheld so TFHC was intended to be a feeder corp, we’d take noobs, train them up and pass them on. Never really worked that way.

Does [TFHC] resemble the kind of corporation you set out to create?
Not initially. We started with mostly griefer wardecs on the old [TRAPS] model, evolved through a few alliances and while our numbers remain small our core of veterans and rapidly learning folks makes us an asset for certain in faction warfare.

What does [TFHC] look for in a potential recruit? What are the rules regarding your corporation?
We demand T2 tanks, T2 guns are good, Logistics are great. We might take a known spai with logistics 5.

[TFHC] is new to Factional Warfare. I’m assuming Inferno brought you to the warzone, but why did you choose Caldari militia above the others?
We had some old hands from Caldari FW and a few connections, as well as the convenience of being able to keep our jitamart connection

How was [TFHC] received by established old guard Caldari corporations?
We’ve had a decent time getting in fleets. Getting in all the right channels takes time even in a well-organized alliance. Expecting instant gratification in FW which is rather more chaotic is just going to take longer. Our reception has been pretty warm, but also disorganized.

Currently [TFHC] is not in an alliance. Will that change in the foreseeable future?
Corelin is the Alliance Killer. The Last Stand, War & Pestilence, Cult of War, Razor, Disciples of Crom, S I L E N T. yeah I don’t do well with alliances. Honestly I think I might be able to make Caldari State failcascade.

From your perspective, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the Caldari Militia?
For strengths I see a lot of numbers and enthusiasm. Leadership is definitely working on getting people coordinated but with the huge influx of people jumping in from Inferno it makes things a challenge for them. I’m already seeing improvement but it takes time.

What do you think of the LP payout system?
Ugh. I think it’s one of those “Best and Worst” deals. It makes things profitable but look at the post goons had about how they farmed LP. There’s ways to make it work but I’m not a fan of the way things actually are.

What do you wish CCP would change about FW?
Give us a reason to defend. There’s no reason to hold any given system unless you plan on cashing out LP that day.

How does FW vary from the other things you’ve experienced in EVE?
More casual and chaotic, the fact that it is accessible means there’s a lot of issues. You get a lot of nooblets that don’t understand overview settings, that don’t understand how to properly identify blues, how to defend themselves, the importance of intel gathering, operational security or even naming their own ship. It’s a leadership challenge for virtually everyone who wants to help people along.

Thank you for the interview, any parting thoughts?
Thanks for having me. I’m looking forward to lots of fun times and pew pews.
FW System: The ones with the flashy people!
Spacestation: Amarr center station, TMP 5-7. I’m old skool like that.
EVE Chronicle:Old Man Star and the Shrinking Skin. I’m old skool like that.
EVE Related Celebrity: I miss Mynxee. Of course I really love me.
Pirate Corp or Alliance: R&K if they count.
EVE Related Website:
Way To Make Isk: I miss when I had the time, patience and isk to do T3 manufacturing. Talk about printing money.
Ammo: T2 blaster ammo. Scorch L
Ship: Geddons are awesome.
Wartarget To Shoot: The ones that can’t shoot back. Looking forward to hitting Kirith Kodachi though
Corpse: There’s a few I wouldn’t mind acquiring, don’t actually have a huge meatlocker.
Food & Drink While Playing EVE: String Cheese and bad convenience store coffee
Song To Fly To: I usually have bad dubstep going.


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