Thoughts On A Scandal

It’s always been said that dominance in the FW war zone ebbs and flows.

Anyone who has been in the militia for over a year will agree to that. It’s a number’s game, really. If one side has too many, they blob the other. (and this isn’t a post about blobing, there’s nothing anyone can do to limit the amount of pilots on the field at one time) And nine times out of ten, those with the most numbers win.

Math, really.

In the past, FW pilots have been known to switch sides merely because their side was ‘winning’ and they wanted more people to shoot at. That’s how casual FW used to be.

Throughout the history of FW, that’s all that really mattered. Shooting people. There was no gain really other than whatever loot was dropped and the smug satisfaction of blowing someone up.

We were always broke as a joke, PVP was King, and it didn’t matter what ‘side’ you were on, not really. We undocked, we shot at each other, we docked back up and called it a night.

We left the plexing of systems to those who cared, which equaled very few. To the majority, it never mattered who owned the system and if by chance some hard core pvp’er happened to wander into a plex, you knew it was on the odds that they were chasing someone who was already in there or waiting on the warp in for someone to come in.

Occupancy just didn’t matter to 90% of FW.

And then, suddenly Inferno.

Now plexing is everything. The entire strategy of FW has changed with one expansion.

We knew it was coming. Since Fanfest, we had an inkling, that was later confirmed. We knew it, but at the same time, the Minmatar was winning the numbers game, so there was little we could do about it.

They simply had more people. Everywhere you went there was a gang of orange stars buzzing around laying claim to space.

Remember, in those days you could flip a system in six hours. All it took was the efforts of one time zone and you could have it all. You did not have to coordinate with your counterparts. It was a bit frustrating to do anything plex/system wise and have it undone by the next time you logged on. In the time of sleeping and working, a star-system could change occupancy twice.

Those were the days.

So with superior numbers, somewhat better organization, and their secret weapon, the Minmatar managed to have most of our FW space claimed by Inferno.

The Amarr were nearly defeated but still we held on. We rallied to fight back,despite their ever-growing numbers, despite the station lock outs, and despite the horrible LP ratios.

All the while we never had an inkling that someone else was pulling the FW strings, making marionettes of us all.

As you have all read, the Goons manipulated Inferno, using the Minmatar as a cash cow machine.

What they took from us was the chance that the Amarr could ever possibly turn the tides again. It would be nearly impossible to plex enough for it to matter. The ‘cabal’ would merely lend its LP to grant tier 5 again. It turned the Minmatar into formidable foes with endless amounts of LP and ISK.

The Amarr have become the victims of the biggest scam ever run on EVE.

No matter what CCP does in regards to fixing the market, fixing the exploits, or even banning those involved in the exploit, they can never undo the trickle down effect that this had on all of militia.

And don’t think I say this just for the sake of Amarr. The Minmatar were affected by this as well, probably more so than we were because now, now history has been rewritten, and victory has been stolen from the Minmatar. They will never be able to truly claim that they won on their own merit; there will always be someone there to say if it weren’t for the Goons the war might have been vastly different.

But that’s just my opinion, what do you guys think?

8 Responses to “Thoughts On A Scandal”

  1. RougeOperator Says:

    Its almost like I said that a big alliance would come in to farm LP if they enacted what they wanted to do in inferno. It seems the very thing i said would happen actually happened.

    Oh that’s right I did say that and everyone said i was just overacting at that time.

    Seems my crystal ball was right again. SHOCKING.

    Yes I said something like this would happen when talking with people on coms about the purposed fw changes.

    It was very obvious outcome to me.

  2. Holy overstating.

    Time will settle the sand in the sandbox. The markets will come back. The Amarr will start taking and holding systems soon.

  3. RougeOperator Says:

    That might be wishful thinking poetic. Once momentum is totally crushed its very hard to get it back. That it was a scam might do even more damage or it might need another null major alliance to show up and prop it up again.

    Effectively I think this is one of the things i warned about happening. Now FW might become more about NULL alliances trying to scam it then the FW players. Something i warned about.

  4. Ascentior Says:

    This is NOT null sec alliances coming in and scamming nor trying to control the war. This is a small group of dedicated Meta Gamers who will always be on the look out for a way to use game mechanics to gain themselves an advantage.

    Now that the information has come to light, it will be a crushing blow to both sides of the conflict. I don’t think this can take away any of the success of the Minmatar, any suggestion that this is the reason why they have held the field for so long, is irrelevant and self deprecating.

    The Amarr will still face some disadvantages (numbers and game mechanics), but I think the biggest decider of how this will effect them is morale. I hope the Amarr spirit shines and drives a ‘turning of the tide’.

    I look forward to seeing what CCP do about this. I hope their is some form of recompense, but I don’t expect it will be a lot.

    Best of luck to our Amarr brethren.

    Commander Ascentior

  5. I don’t see this as a big deal at all.

    First people need to understand that “the minmatar” did do this. Goon alts, test alts, any alts can join a faction and they are part of the faction. But if you mean the minmatar old guard that loves to brag how great they are, didn’t do this entirely on thier own then ok.

    But the minmatar old guard did it primarily on their own. CCP with the rat imbalance helped them several times more than the goons did. Not only directly making it easier to plex but making people want to join minmatar for the easy missions and boosting their numbers. (BTW I have seem 5xs as many people go to the winnign side as I have ever seen go to the losing side even when there was no consequences. Look at caldari Gallente war before caldari captured every system – but anyway at least we both agree now everyone that cares about isk will likely want to go to the winning side.)

    The goons were a non issue really. They said they woudl boost the ssytem 70 or 80 points at a time? Whats that about 1-2 million lp? In this system that is not very much lp. To get to level 5 on their own they only needed to donate about 5 mill lp. Susan’s blog does a good job with the math explaining the mechanics with charts here:

    500 million isn’t very much lp in this system where we get lp every time we pick our nose.

    Goons may have actually devalued some of the items – but there are so many items its hard to say they even had that effect.

    However this does tend to show that the minmatar aren’t as organized and cooperative as we thought. They will get back up to tier 5, I’m almost positive. But it will take some time and likely some involvment from the gallente that went over to minmatar for the lp. But then again math may not be their forte even when it is spelled out with graphs.

    Yes goons made a killing thanks to ccp not thinking things through. No they did not make the minmatar or anyone else into puppets. They leeched on to the plexing work done by the minmatar. They happened to leech onto a wound and benefit the minmatar a bit – maybe. But just a bit.

    The hard part is getting the systems. Getting 30 people to donate 200k lp shouldnt be very hard.

    No side should be crushed by this.

    Even the amarr got an lp boost lol. I’m still not sure why that happened.

  6. Amarr were losing badly before Inferno. Goons have made no real difference.

    But what Inferno has done, it’s made winning…., losing. Currently there are 20 vulnerable systems in the Caldari/Gallente warzone. Why? Because winning space loses you LP. Who wants to capture the system as that is one less system to farm LP in. What sort of system rewards losing and punishes winning?

    • As for winning space losing LP. It’s been explained in length in other places. Having greater control of the warzone, means your earn more from every action in the warzone. Kills net you more LP, plexes score more, and missions score more (and missions are reportedly seeding in your own controlled space, at least for minnies, meaning you can mission in systems far removed from where the front is, and where your enemy can’t dock). Then all the LP that you earn faster, is worth more.
      This leads to the side who has the greatest warzone control making far more ISK (over a Billion in an hour has been reported) and in a lot of cases, at less risk than high sec missions or mining.

  7. If there are 20 ssytems vulnerable in caldari gallente front, its because they have an organized and intelligent militia.

    Winning in this format requires a bit more strategy than just charging forward and taking any system you can. This is a good thing IMO.

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