Separating The Men From The Boys

Last night Amarr had combined fleets out in Kourmonen and we were pretty much locking down the system. It was nice for a change to be on the winning side. Practically everyone was there, us, Fweddit, etc.

The Minmatar couldn’t do anything about it but sit in station and let us plex their system.

And plexing is awfully dull when there is no fighting to be had. Most of us can find other ways to entertain ourselves (I roleplay!) but some of the other guys who are new to FW entertain themselves by trolling local. It’s not just a Fweddit thing, a lot of guys do it.

It’s usually funny and I’ll snicker right along with them. (the Hans joke last night was hilarious)

For so long now Susan Black has filled her blog with nothing but garbage and trashtalking about the Amarr. Being the subject of her many, many trolls, I take a certain kind of delight when the Amarr does it right back to her.

So yes, I think she deserves what she gets...however...

There was a guy in our fleet last night who was giggling with delight, saying ‘we should tell her tits or gtfo’.

What? I sat there shocked for a second before saying no, we are not going to say douchey things like that.

Seriously guys, grow up.

You can troll without being vulgar, without being the equilivant of a twelve year old pube who just found a copy of his dad’s playboy.

Yes, girls have boobs and other interesting body parts but you do not need to discuss these in a video game about spaceships.

These things are off limits, okay? All the girly bits are not fodder for your local smack talk.

And maybe I was just having one of those oh-my-god-you’re-being-hormonal nights because I also took offense to a guy entering into the Amarr command channel saying the word cunts.

After he had been kicked for it before. After he had been warned to behave upon returning. Someone else said cunts right after he did, I kicked them both and went to bed.

Apparently there was a huge drama about it after I logged, to which I don’t have all the details about but I will say this:

Men know where the line is. Men realize that EVE is just a game and that there are actual females that play this game too that don’t want to be harassed by boys. They know how to have fun and be respectful.

Boys tend to be provocative douchebags with potty mouths, saying stupid things about tits and ass because I don’t know, maybe they’ve never seen any IRL. Bazinga.

Be a man.



10 Responses to “Separating The Men From The Boys”

  1. Kuan Yida Says:


  2. Smack talk is fine up to a point, and when it gets personal like that, I think it’s time to take a step back. This is a game, and we’re all there for fun, no need in personally attacking someone like that.

  3. Don’t let this sort of thing bother you. You need thick skin in eve.

  4. I have a thick skin I’ve been playing for 3 years! 😛

  5. Mark Smith Says:

    Good on you for saying this. There is certainly a line, and harassment of this kind is over it. I agree with you complete.

  6. Thanks for defending me. I agree there’s no need to be crude in Internet Spaceships.

    • Strangely enough, I fully enjoy trolling the hell out of you every chance I get. However, there is definitely a fine line between humorous taunts and unnecessary vulgarity.

      Let me know if I cross it.

  7. I like boobs.

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