My FW Wish List!

My top ten wishes for FW:

1. Remove GCC penalties for repping ‘pirate’ militia members.
I don’t understand the logic behind punishing logi pilots by giving them a sec status hit and flagging them with GCC.

2. Reduce the GCC timer in low sec.
If low sec is for pvp, then why punish those who do it? It is an enormous hassle to engage something then go wait off GCC for fifteen minutes. It slows down fleet action. And not everyone is pirating and being evil. A lot of times we are forced to shoot neutral alt spies and boosting alts. They are clearly working with the enemy militia but just aren’t seen as such by CONCORD. So, reduce the penalty to five minutes.

3. Stop AFK plexing.
From a roleplay perspective, when you go into a plex, you’re invading an enemy military base of operations. It makes no sense that the actual objective to destroy this base can be accomplished by whizzing around it at a very high-speed in poorly (un)fitted ships.
Though it might be considered PVE, I think that the invaders should be required to down all of the enemy ships within the base, and then should be required to blow it up.

4. Let pilots bribe Scotty or do a good deed to dock.
The no-docking in enemy space still sucks. I wish we were allowed to either:
*bribe Scotty with some ISK and/or LP to dock
*or, give X amount of looted dog tags from plexes.

The roleplay reasons could be something like, a pilot is returning the remains (the dog tags) of enemy soldiers. So for their good deed, they get to dock. Another reason I think this would be a good thing is that it will motivate more people to plex to get those tags.

Also, I was musing on something like, allowing docking if the system is 50% contested.

5. An announcement system.
I would like to see some kind of NPC announcement, from whoever is ‘commanding’ the war, to announce in militia chat when systems go vulnerable, and when they are within 90% of being vulnerable. Also I wish when we logged in, militia chat should have a generated MOTD with basic info of what systems were taken and what systems were lost.

6. Better Militia clothing.
Yeah yeah, I can hear you now ‘stop being a girl Shalee, nobody cares about clothes’. Whatever, I do, and it’s my blog so naynaynay.
When they announced clothing in the LP stores I was thrilled but quickly saddened to find out it was just the shirts that are already on the noble exchange, just in a different color.
I’m not asking for pink uniforms (though I’m tempted to!), but rather, something more unique to each faction. There should be a variety of things, like dress uniforms and downtime combat fatigues. Long sleeved black shirts with Blah Blah Militia wrote across it. Or with the faction symbols. And dog tags! And a novelty belt that says Amamake or Glory on it. Get it, glory belt? lol

7. Reduce plexing timers and add variety of plexes.
Twenty minutes for a major is an awfully long time, especially for defensive plexing. Just. Orbiting. A. Button. For. Twenty. Minutes. Yuck.
It’s not so bad when there are fights to be had, but when you’re in a backwater system and no one is there, it’s dull.
I wish it could be something like:

minor light: 5 minutes (only allows tech1 frigates)
minors: 7 minutes
mediums: 10 minutes
major light: 13 minutes (has excel gate)
major: 15 minutes (no excel gate)
colossal: 25 mins (has way better loot and tags, making it worth the time spent)

8. Give LP for being inside the plex.
The majority of plex fighting happens on the warp in, not on the ‘button’.

9. Reward some defensive plexing.
I feel like if LP were given for all of defensive, then the winning side would have far too much advantage. When a militia is in tier one, then reward defensive plexing with some LP, perhaps 30% of what you’d get if it were offensive plexing.
Also maybe have a rogue NPC try to infiltrate the plex and if he is shot down, he drops some mad loot. (since we aren’t supposed to shoot defensive rats, when you offensive plex you get LP and tags etc)

10. Do some live events centered around FW. Also, publish more EVE chrons about FW.
There is so much potential for this kind of thing!

11 Responses to “My FW Wish List!”

  1. One and two god yes. The cloths….well Almity should look pretty! The others are good ideas also. Come to the darkside Shalee. Be a pirate with me and Ryven and kato and phione and the rest of ilaw!!!(and most the militia)

  2. Andre Vauban Says:

    #9. We should get LP for defensive plexing systems that originally belonged to your faction, but not when defending captured systems. This should help even things out and make it easier to the losing side to defend what they have left and make it harder for the winning side to hold all the territory they’ve conquered.

  3. 11) Let me in mediums with my DIC. Just silly that an SFI or Cynabal can go in mediums but a Sabre can’t.

  4. Cearain Says:

    I like jack dents low sec proposal. And i like 1 and 2 from your blog.

    Just let us dock in stations. Why settle for less?

    We already know the information from your announcement system don’t we?

    Shorter timers will just make it easy for alt ninja plexing won’t it?

    But yeah I agree on the uniforms. Something about the pockets with the big trim reminds me of the old western style polyester shirts.

    And yes it is horrible that all the uniforms are the same just in different colors. Its like they all buy from the same “military uniform store” or something.

  5. Number 1 would be a pirates dream and everyone else’s nightmare. I understand what you mean, but if you remove it then I can sit on a gate with one alt in a logistics repping me and another in another ship remote se-bo’ing me.

    Insta-locking ship that can tank the gate guns and more.

    That breaks the “Low-sec if fairly safe for carebears as fast tackle cannot go GCC on gates”.

    I support it, but CCP will never implement it.

    +1 on the other 8.

  6. Hans Jagerblitzen Says:

    Great ideas, Shalee!! We talked about several of these items at the CSM summit, I just got finished writing the minutes for the FW session weekend. We’re working fast to get them into your hands as soon as possible so the dialogue can continue! Keep up the good work….

  7. Yes for the love of god take away GCC for repping pirates within the miltiia. It is really only a problem if your a solo scimi pilot or if there is only two guardians and you have to rep pirate fleet members on gate or station but it is still a problem.

  8. 3: Why not just require the rats to be killed for the plex to be capped? But I do like the idea of shrinking the buttons as well.

  9. Dai, I would like that as well, but taking away GCC for repping pirates would create soo many loopholes, as Drackarn said.

  10. Cearain Says:

    At this point I don’t think minmatar need any sort of lp for defensive plexing. Its the only balance in what is a pretty unbalanced mechanic. I think amarr should start to take advantage of the mechanic and see if we can turn the tables.

    If we can’t ccp may need to do some things to make it easier for the side that has more systems to offensive plex not give rewards for defensive plexing.

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