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Dev Blog &Twitter Wars FTW

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Today, CCP Punkturis announced in her dev blog that rigs saved in fittings will now be fit to ships. We will be given a question to verify that we do want to fit rigs- though we will be able to tick off that question from popping up every time after that.

Secondly, cap boosters and ammo will be loaded if saved in your fittings. Awesome, right?

Also, there’s a new tweek that will load all of the mods that you have skills for instead of how it was before, where it would refuse to load anything from your fitting if you couldn’t use a particular mod.

Thank you Punkturis for all of your hard work, it is greatly appreciated!

I really love these new changes because I am one of the people who fit ships for my corp. It is time-consuming and this will make it a whole lot easier!

These new changes brought about a new discussion on Twitter about having a –buy the whole fitting – button.

I replied that I think in theory it is a great idea but that in practice not so much.

A heated debate ensued!

Honestly, I do think a -buy the whole fitting– button is a good idea. It would make mass buying easier. I’m pretty certain that I’ve sat in Amarr bitching about that exact thing, that there should be a way to buy everything at once. I know I have.

However, what I pointed out on Twitter that got people’s tempers flaring for whatever reason is that, it’s EVE, and that button will probably go mostly unused because there are too many douches who will go to great extremes to fuck something useful up.

What I imagine happening is something like:

Random dude buys up all the 1mil mods of common X fitting. He remarkets them for 10mil. Now your ship is heaps more expensive. The window is going to say ‘buy this at X amount?’ and you’re going to click ‘nah’. And then you’re going to individually go thru and buy all the things except for the bloated priced mod.

I can even imagine people with grudges going to extremes, stalking your loss mails, going to your market hubs and mucking around with the things you buy just so you cannot use this button!

The only way the -buy all the things– button will be useful (in my opinion!!) is if you are allowed to untick the bloated price item, but still buy all the other things at once. Like a warning would pop up stating ‘X’ item is one gazillion ISK more than it should be, remove?

Yup, I think that would work.

What do you guys think? Are you in favor of the -buy it all– button??


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Hello Faction Warfare! My name is Daisha Voluptia from Imperial Outlaws, fighting for the Amarr Militia. It has always been my belief that FW is the best thing in the game, broken or not lol. (and Amarr Militia is the best)

All joking aside, FW is awesome, and to celebrate that, I’m throwing this contest for all of FW to participate in! It will be a battle for the players with the most kills across all the militias. Below you will find rules and information and if you have questions you can Eve-mail myself in-game.

I hope to get a good turnout and if this contest is successful I will see about making it a frequent occurence! So go out there for the ganks, the ::goodfights::, and rack those kills up!
General Rules and Information

1. This contest is open to all members of all Faction Warfare Militias. It is a contest for most kills by militia pilots, with prizes for the top ten highest scoring pilots.

2. You must pay an entry fee of 25 million isk to Daisha Voluptia, who will make a list of all players that will be posted on the Sov Wars site after the registration date passes.

3. Registration starts August 1st and will the last day to make the list will be August 30th. The list containing the players in the contest will be posted on Sov Wars August 31st. The actual contest will be for the month of September.

4. Your kills will be monitored using the killboard of your respective faction and eve-kill to ensure all kills are counted. Make sure kills get posted!!  Only kills made in low sec and high sec will be counted.

5. Pods and rookie ships will not be counted as kills. Anything that appears to be killboard stat padding could be grounds for disqualification from the contest and removal from the list. No cheating by blowing up your alt a thousand times! Legit kills only!

6. In the event of a tie, the pilot who suffered the least ship losses will be declared winner.

Rules Regarding The Prizes

1. Prizes are awarded as is. There are no substitutions.

2. Prizes can be collected in these following places – Jita, Amarr, Rens, or Dodixie, in the form of an item exchange contract.


1st Place – Pirate Faction Battleship hull of your choice
2nd Place – Advanced Battleship of your choice (Maruader or Black Ops)
3rd Place – One Deadspace Module of your choice
4th Place – Pirate Faction Cruiser of your choice
5th Place – Advanced cruiser of your choice (Recon, Logicstics, HAC, HIC, Strategic Cruiser)
6th Place – Two Pirate Faction Frigates of your choice
7th Place – Advanced Frigate and Advacned Destroyer of your choice (AF, Covert ops, EAF, Interceptor, Interdictor)
8th Place – T3 Battlecrusier of your choice
9th Place – T1 Battlecruiser of your choice
10th Place – 50 million isk

This Is Why I Love Fweddit

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Watch it now.

Some Links

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Fweddit’s love song to the Minmatar.

Rina Kondur did an interview with me!

FW Roundtable on TEN EVEning news.

SOMERBLINK use the FWRules promo code to sign up!

Battle for Kourmonen

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Battle for Kourmonen
– by Almity 

Minmatar and Amarr forces clashed in Kourmonen last night. Amarr intel reported a Minmatar fleet camping gates in mixed ships around Kourm and Kam. Fweddit formed up one fleet while a heavier fleet of armor BC’s was assembled.

The Amarr forces gathered and engaged the Minmatar fleet on the Huola gate in Kourm. Amarr started loosing Battle Cruisers until a cyno went up and Sobnichiz’s Archon jumped in. After the carrier went Triage and started getting reps on the Amarr fleet the battle swung in the combined Amarr forces favor.

The Minmatar soon counter dropped with an Archon of their own. Bahamut420 arrived on field and went Triage and started repping the Minmatar forces. At the same time five Amarr Dreadnoughts undocked from various stations and prepared to cyno into battle. Once the call was given Almity, Shalee Lianne, and Ryven Krennel from Imperial Outlaws jumped in Revelations. RTSAvalanche from TMFED dropped his Phoenix, and Scatha from Moar Tears Alliance brought a Naglafar.

The Archon of Bahamut420 was called primary and melted under the combined firepower of five dreadnoughts. Minmatar warped out and what was left on field was quickly killed off. Good fights were called in local ending a hell of a battle.

Video provided by RTS
Battle Report

Clearing Up Rumors

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I wanted to write this to clear up some confusion that’s going around in regards to Susan Black’s post here.

To start with, I do not speak for Amarr militia, only for my corporation.

We are finishing up a corp vote about switching to the Caldari militia for financial reasons. As you all know, being in the Amarr Militia is draining the wallets of a lot of our pilots. In the past we could mission for ISK to provide funds for our pvp.

Since Inferno, being cut off from stations with missioning agents and the tier 1 LP has severely hurt a lot of our members.

But let me be clear. We are not abandoning Amarr. We are not leaving the Amarrian warzone, we will remain in Egghelende where we have been since before Inferno launched.

We will still continue to bring the fight to the Minmatar like we always do.

We are still fighting the Amarr war, but after we switch, we will be rewarded with Caldarian LP.

This was brought up in the Amarrian command channel last night and I mentioned to some guys what we would be doing and why.

Some have decided they might try  it as well, to switch sides in name only but remain in our Amarr/Minmatar  war zone.

If you are an Amarrian CEO or diplomat, do get in touch with either myself or Ryven Krennel so that we can sort out blue standings.