Clearing Up Rumors

I wanted to write this to clear up some confusion that’s going around in regards to Susan Black’s post here.

To start with, I do not speak for Amarr militia, only for my corporation.

We are finishing up a corp vote about switching to the Caldari militia for financial reasons. As you all know, being in the Amarr Militia is draining the wallets of a lot of our pilots. In the past we could mission for ISK to provide funds for our pvp.

Since Inferno, being cut off from stations with missioning agents and the tier 1 LP has severely hurt a lot of our members.

But let me be clear. We are not abandoning Amarr. We are not leaving the Amarrian warzone, we will remain in Egghelende where we have been since before Inferno launched.

We will still continue to bring the fight to the Minmatar like we always do.

We are still fighting the Amarr war, but after we switch, we will be rewarded with Caldarian LP.

This was brought up in the Amarrian command channel last night and I mentioned to some guys what we would be doing and why.

Some have decided they might try  it as well, to switch sides in name only but remain in our Amarr/Minmatar  war zone.

If you are an Amarrian CEO or diplomat, do get in touch with either myself or Ryven Krennel so that we can sort out blue standings.

4 Responses to “Clearing Up Rumors”

  1. Andre Vauban Says:

    So, you are going to pull a QCATS then?

  2. Cearain Says:

    I don’t know a lot of what qcats does, so I don’t want to say fully, but from what I understand, yeah pretty much that is what the corp leadership is considering.

    Adapt or die! And all that, you know.

    Its just a sensible move given the current mechanics. Everyone is joining the sides that fight the weakest npcs in their home space. Imagine that.

    Only problem is if we do this people will need to keep the miliitia column open so we don’t shoot at or get shot by amarr. (waste of a column IMO) It would be nice if our allies were marked as such. Perhaps Hans will see if ccp could do that.

  3. silence iKillyouu Says:

    amarr vi…. O wait

  4. silence iKillyouu Says:

    huola for sale almity. 50bill

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