Battle for Kourmonen

Battle for Kourmonen
– by Almity 

Minmatar and Amarr forces clashed in Kourmonen last night. Amarr intel reported a Minmatar fleet camping gates in mixed ships around Kourm and Kam. Fweddit formed up one fleet while a heavier fleet of armor BC’s was assembled.

The Amarr forces gathered and engaged the Minmatar fleet on the Huola gate in Kourm. Amarr started loosing Battle Cruisers until a cyno went up and Sobnichiz’s Archon jumped in. After the carrier went Triage and started getting reps on the Amarr fleet the battle swung in the combined Amarr forces favor.

The Minmatar soon counter dropped with an Archon of their own. Bahamut420 arrived on field and went Triage and started repping the Minmatar forces. At the same time five Amarr Dreadnoughts undocked from various stations and prepared to cyno into battle. Once the call was given Almity, Shalee Lianne, and Ryven Krennel from Imperial Outlaws jumped in Revelations. RTSAvalanche from TMFED dropped his Phoenix, and Scatha from Moar Tears Alliance brought a Naglafar.

The Archon of Bahamut420 was called primary and melted under the combined firepower of five dreadnoughts. Minmatar warped out and what was left on field was quickly killed off. Good fights were called in local ending a hell of a battle.

Video provided by RTS
Battle Report

One Response to “Battle for Kourmonen”

  1. Cearain Says:

    Nice kill.

    And nice job with the video – although I don’t really care for music in videos.

    Is the purpose of the music in the video to block out the comms?

    Personally I would rather hear the eve sound effects or comms.

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