Dev Blog &Twitter Wars FTW

Today, CCP Punkturis announced in her dev blog that rigs saved in fittings will now be fit to ships. We will be given a question to verify that we do want to fit rigs- though we will be able to tick off that question from popping up every time after that.

Secondly, cap boosters and ammo will be loaded if saved in your fittings. Awesome, right?

Also, there’s a new tweek that will load all of the mods that you have skills for instead of how it was before, where it would refuse to load anything from your fitting if you couldn’t use a particular mod.

Thank you Punkturis for all of your hard work, it is greatly appreciated!

I really love these new changes because I am one of the people who fit ships for my corp. It is time-consuming and this will make it a whole lot easier!

These new changes brought about a new discussion on Twitter about having a –buy the whole fitting – button.

I replied that I think in theory it is a great idea but that in practice not so much.

A heated debate ensued!

Honestly, I do think a -buy the whole fitting– button is a good idea. It would make mass buying easier. I’m pretty certain that I’ve sat in Amarr bitching about that exact thing, that there should be a way to buy everything at once. I know I have.

However, what I pointed out on Twitter that got people’s tempers flaring for whatever reason is that, it’s EVE, and that button will probably go mostly unused because there are too many douches who will go to great extremes to fuck something useful up.

What I imagine happening is something like:

Random dude buys up all the 1mil mods of common X fitting. He remarkets them for 10mil. Now your ship is heaps more expensive. The window is going to say ‘buy this at X amount?’ and you’re going to click ‘nah’. And then you’re going to individually go thru and buy all the things except for the bloated priced mod.

I can even imagine people with grudges going to extremes, stalking your loss mails, going to your market hubs and mucking around with the things you buy just so you cannot use this button!

The only way the -buy all the things– button will be useful (in my opinion!!) is if you are allowed to untick the bloated price item, but still buy all the other things at once. Like a warning would pop up stating ‘X’ item is one gazillion ISK more than it should be, remove?

Yup, I think that would work.

What do you guys think? Are you in favor of the -buy it all– button??

5 Responses to “Dev Blog &Twitter Wars FTW”

  1. Your doomsday scenario is ALREADY very possible, but it’s just not very practical in larger market hubs. The rate at which people triage orders between hubs and relist via stockpiles is just outrageous and makes direct market manipulations like that pretty risky.

    I’d say the most risky thing that would happen is someone buying and relisting all the gyrostabs or ballistic controls in a remote 0.0 market on the eve of a big battle. Then again, that already happens and has been happening for 6+ years… so nothing new right?

  2. People could save their fitting with approx price in the name. Problem solved.

    Buy all window could include price, number & %avg market value for the lowest sell order in current station.

    Even better, we could link to saved fittings on forums: hey guise, pleez sell this at that station?

  3. Simple Fix- add a threshold that the ‘buy all the things’ butan will operate within. Based on regional prices (can still be exploited) but for the most part this should catch MOST of the problem.

    I think it would be an amazing implemented feature, similar to the ‘jump’ option; which is only used situationally, under the right circumstances.

  4. Show in tabular form, an itemized list of all the modules in the fitting, their market average purchase price (the price you’d pay if you clicked Buy Now without going through a broker), and a checkbox for each item (default enabled). A quick glance at the list, uncheck anything that looks out of line, click BUY.

  5. I don’t see the issue. Just remember to look at the total cost of your fittings. If it costs 100 mill to fit a frigate don’t do it and you are no worse than now.

    If people are really cheap and don’t want this then they can still do it the oldfashioned way.

    I really want this. I have so many half fit ships where I forgot a rig or forgot some ammo or cap boosters. This would save me lots of time and isk.

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