Oh Susan…

Susan Black is a liar.

Recently back from her hiatus, just in time to see the Amarr reclaim Kourm, she has started her trashtalking propaganda blogging once more.

It’s funny really, I found Susan’s blog by happenstance, long before she was in the Minmatar militia, when she was somewhere out in nullsec. It was an interesting read, she posted a lot of informative pieces about how to do marketing and other helpful tidbits. I didn’t even know it was hers, though I vaguely knew who she was because she was once in Amarr militia.

Once she returned to the militia, I was actually pleased to see her blogging about FW. Her earlier posts were less trollish, still more informative. At the time, FW was the neglected step-child of CCP, always cast aside for their favored children, ‘Null sec’ and ‘Care Bear’.

So yes, it was wonderful to have another person out there promoting Faction War.

However, instead of promoting FW, she started trolling and outright lying. It became an amusing tounge-in-cheek read.

Most of Amarr know that her blog is nothing more than a troll fest, but since we do have tons of new members within the militias, I just wanted to make clear that you guys know that Susan is a liar and her latest post proves it.

I’ll start with:

In regards to Fweddit: “they have made little to no impact on the war zone.”

Wrong! Before Nulli joined militia, Amarr had already made vulnerable over 20-something systems, mostly due to the Fweddit plexers. Fweddit runs fleets, joins general militia fleets, plexes, and have been very active within the war zone. Their directorship works very closely with other militia corps. Also, when we took Kourm, it was a Fweddit hero-pilot who dropped a dread. Rina Kondur, one of Fweddit’s directors, has done amazing work for the militia.

She goes on to claim that if Amarr doesn’t reach war zone control 5 “it would be a huge blow to the Amarr,” and “the impact on their morale could cripple the faction for a long time to come.”

Wrong! Since Inferno, Amarr has been fighting an uphill battle. We have had to deal with fewer numbers, less sov, Minmatar who bugged plexes, etc. And yet we stayed, we brought the fight night after night just like pre-Inferno. We did this at war zone control one, have been doing it at level one and if we never hit level five, we will be fine. It will not cripple anything at all.

She predicts that if we do hit war zone control five, “Amarrโ€™s credibility will be irreversibly damaged.”

That just made me giggle. Like, seriously a fit of giggles. When has Amarr ever HAD any credibility?

Let me bitter-vet here for a moment. Pre-Inferno, all of us were aware of the changes to come, but at the time, the Minmatar vastly outnumbered us. They had the superior numbers to flip systems (and please remember that it only took six hours to flip a system in those days), and they had several dickhead pilots who would go out and bug plexes so that they wouldn’t respawn if we were trying to plex, so it was nearly impossible to recapture a system. And please don’t forget how easy it was for a Mim to solo-speed-tank a plex in an unfit ship because of the rat imbalances.

So that is how Inferno began, with the Amarr severely crippled. If we tried to explain this on the forums, it was ‘omg Amarr stop whining’. Or ‘plex more, fight harder’. If we tried to convince our CSM representative of this, we were told ‘CCP knows and doesn’t care’.

After Inferno, a few ballsy corps and alliances did join Amarr for ‘more wartargets to shoot’ like Fweddit and Moar Tears, etc. And once they started to realize that everything we were claiming was true, once they started to speak out, they were then branded as ‘drinking the kool-aide’.

So you see, we never had any credibility to begin with. We don’t give two fucks what other people think. What we do care about is the fights, and we’ve been bringing them. ๐Ÿ™‚

TLDR version: Suck it Susan.

14 Responses to “Oh Susan…”

  1. Stop crying Shalee. You know what makes you feel better? Ponies. heheh… I’m evil.

    In all seriousness, it is true that Fweddit (and others) has been a massive help to the militia and Nulli has just showed up on the scene. From what I have seen, Nulli is still settling in and figuring out things. It took Moar Tears and Fweddit a couple weeks to get the lay of the land. Once that was done, fights were then being brought and the Minmatar ran as much as fought.

    Now, with their backs against the wall for the first time since Inferno, Minmatar militia chat is ablaze with whining, crying, and “the sky is falling” talk. Amarr will reach teir 5 and the pilots who fought so long and hard will finally be able to cash in their hard earned LP to continue the fight.

  2. Hans Jagerblitzen Says:

    Why is it that no matter what is posted by anyone on any side of the war, it’s “Oh look, TEARS!!” Taking a post that leaned more towards factional pride than complaint, and responding with the “stop crying” pic not only doesn’t make sense, it places this post squarely in the same category.

    It’s unfortunate, because Sov Wars also started out as a very objective, fact-based reporting platform that quickly slid into an editorial soapbox where its been mired for months. You are fair to say whatever you’d like about Susan, but there’s no point in pretending that this website hasn’t offered up just as many “tears” or hosted propaganda itself.

    This is all fine and dandy of course, I love the ongoing entertainment, but I’ve been following all of this long enough that none of the “You minmatar….” or “Those silly Amarr…” posts really stand out anymore. I have nothing against those that like to blog in this style, trash talk is a Faction Warfare staple, but we must be true to ourselves and call a spade a spade.

    I can only hope that as the minutes are released and we move into the FINAL phase of discussion regarding Factional Warfare improvements, (let’s be honest – there’s no official commitment past winter expansion) that those in the blogosphere that want to contribute to the FW iteration process can curb the finger-pointing that has becoming boring and cliche, and move back to something even remotely resembling objective, balanced discussion.

    For everyone else craving a fresh, drama-free look at the current state of the feature and the changes on the table to improve it, I highly recommend you sign up to follow Zeric Sarain’s blog, Overheat Everything!


    • Wolololo Get us hats!

    • Surprise surprise, Hands being a punk. I’m sure now that minnietards don’t have control you’ll get right on trying to fix the slant on FW. Be sure to use some of those “great” ideas the minnie’s were throwing out too, you know the one’s that wouldn’t fix anything. Anyway I don’t know what I expect from someone like you, but csm? Really? For reals, for reals? Fucking lame.

  3. You can suck it too, Hans.

    I love how you single out my blog for being unfair yet say nary a word about hers.

    She verbally attacked MY MILITIA and MY FWEENDZ., lying about them, so I set the record straight. Call it pvp blogging. She attacked, I countered.

    • Hans Jagerblitzen Says:

      And that’s totally fine. Blogger PvP is a perfectly acceptable activity, all I’m saying is that I miss the days when Sov Wars was primarily a reporting of events, and stayed away from the competitive stuff you see everywhere else from local chat to personal blogs to the EVE-O forums. If you and Susan end up falling into some silly blog duel, the whole community misses out in the end from wasted energy and wasted potential. Susan knows how I feel about this already, cause we talk every day on comms. That’s just my opinion, and It’s only because I value this site and appreciate the work youv’e done for the community that I bothered to speak up at all. Take that however you’d like.

      • So instead of mailing Shalee you insult her blog in public. Very tactfully done Hans. Susan may know how you feel but since you don’t(would not dare?) say anything publicly you remain a very biased individual.

        You have always been in the habit of shouting down any Amarr voices labeling them cry babies or whatever. I’m not even sure if your aware of your anti-amarrian behavior. Maybe the hate is so deeply rooted inside you think you are fair, when everyone else can see you are not.

  4. Hans, Susans post was not factional pride. It was an attack on Amarr and Fweddit. Your “factional pride” must blind you from any kind of truth.

    Susan has repeatedly insulted Amarr, Shalee, myself, and countless other people and corporations. Where have been to reprimand her? Lets not forget Shalee is the one who said I went too far in my assessment of you and your CSM abilities.

    What I find most shocking is your blatant disrespect of her blog. You have Shalee to thank for your spot on the CSM. Without her being “bias” and campaigning for you there is no way you would have finsihed in the top 20.

    Shalee did nothing but respond to Susans trolling. She defended her Militia and her friends in Fweddit. If you have issues with what Shalee posts on SovWars you may want to look closer to home.

  5. Silence ikillyouu Says:

    Fail troll attempt.
    Why do u allways have to blog about Susan’s. Log?

  6. Silence ikillyouu Says:

    She mad

  7. Susan wasn’t here when we started winning the war. So of course she doesn’t know what she is talking about.

    She won’t ever want to admit to the fact that we were making a comeback without nulli. The facts of how many systems were vulnerable before nulli even joined and how contested others were will have no effect on her opinion.

    She won’t admit that we were making a comeback precisely because there is no lp for defensive plexing and our strategy is putting that to good use. She will still say that giving lp for defensive plexing does not hurt the side with fewer systems.

    She won’t want to admit it sucks having to move her stuff out of kourm and likely out of the war zone. No she is happy spend hours of her life that she will never get back hauling stuff out of kourm.

    And I am happy too.

  8. Dan Carter Murray Says:

    Wow great read! I’ll save the site. Thanks for posting ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dan Carter Murray

  9. All I can say is that you guys ought to just ignore Susan’s trolls. She’s a propagandist for Late Nite. Acknowledging her lends her credibility. I like Susan, I find her entertaining and occasionally insightful. I also โค Shalee, as she knows, we go way way back, when Susan used to be Amarr. I also find Shalee both entertaining and honorable. And Hans, well, I respect him too. It’s only POE I don’t like ๐Ÿ˜›

    Too much drama, not enough pew pew. Meh.

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