‘What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate’

“First on Hans’ list is the infamous Complex (plex) spawning bug. Hans explained that this needs to be addressed immediately, by June if at all possible.

CCP Ytterbium explained that the developers thought that this was fixed, and were surprised to hear that the fix wasn’t yet working properly. It would be helpful for them to have as detailed instructions as possible to aid in recreating the bug.”

How can that even be possible? How could he think that bug was fixed when there have been endless complaints for literal years about it? That really just blows my mind. How can someone be so out of touch with the problems of FW and yet be tasked for fixing it?

Blows my mind, really.

I am almost tempted to go to the forums and dig up all the countless threads from over the years asking (begging) for someone to please fix it, but I have this strange medical affliction that makes my eyes roll and I burn with the desire to bang my head against a wall after reading more than ten minutes of them. (I hate the forums k?)

So I’m thinking, maybe ole Yitterbom is the same way. Maybe he hates the forums too, maybe that’s why he didn’t know what was going on in FW. (Does he even play in FW??)

Apparently Yitter doesn’t Twitter either.

So how does one reach him?? How are we to report bugs and express concerns and give ideas if the most obvious of broken things lay neglected for years because someone ‘thought it was fixed’?

The good news is that we have Hans Jagerblitzen, a CSM member who actually plays in FW and has since he started playing EVE.

Obvious by the CSM7 Minutes published today, Hans is taking our concerns to CCP.

The bad news is that a lot of Amarrians simply do not trust Hans because he is a Dirty Mim. And I really have no idea how the Caldari and Gallente feel about him.

What we need is some sort of representation per militia, a couple of people from each corner of FW that players can feel comfortable talking with, discussing ideas etc. Those people can then speak with our CSM representative and possibly CCP themselves.

Basically a smaller, personalized version of CSM but just for FW. We could vote for our faction reps. Mind you this isn’t something that CCP need to endorse (though it would be fabulous if they did). We could do our own grassroots thing.

I think something like this needs to happen quickly, because they are starting to work on the winter expansion.

What do you guys think?

6 Responses to “‘What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate’”

  1. Vote for me or Pinky Feldman!

    • Hans Jagerblitzen Says:

      I’ve already got a Skype chat open for this very purpose. We have a few militia leaders in there already, but more would be welcome! Get in touch with me if you’d like to participate, if you don’t have Skype, grab it! It’s free and a great way to stay in touch. You don’t need a webcam either or a microphone, we just use text chat.

  2. That’s a good start. I want something a tad bit more structured. Not everyone is on at the same time, so maybe I can set up some forums for this. And logs from your Skype can be posted there maybe?
    Long term I would love CCP to make something official like this where we could vote our militia reps.

    • Hans Jagerblitzen Says:

      That’s exactly why I use Skype for everything – it logs as the conversation goes – it has the permanency of forums with the speed of chat. No matter when someone logs into the convo they’ll see all the other posts, it’s great. Jump in, try it out! I’ll happily make you a moderator if you’d like to help facilitate things.

  3. The issue is not that Hans is biased against amarr due to any sort of roleplay reason. The problem, to the extent there is one, is minmatar have had a completely different experience playing this game pre and post inferno.

    I was really shocked how easy minmatar have it when I entered an alt in minmatar to run their missions. But that doesn’t even cover all the other differences between the minmatar and the amarr experiences dealing with station lockouts and plexing imbalances.

    My point is that if amarr can really flip 80+% of systems and he is forced to start fighting with no ability to repair his ship or dock or reship without jumping 5 jumps then I think he will better understand our position.

    He will also understand why if amarr farmers could make lp running defensive plexes in systems minmatar can’t dock in that would ruin the balance.

    If we turn the tables and he fights on the losing side a bit he will have a better perspective and be better able to represent everyone.

    That said I think hans did try to represent Amarr as best he could (given inferno was just released) in the last session. The minutes show that he was truly pressing ccp as to why someone would want to join the losing side.

    This amarrian is happy with Hans on csm.

  4. There are a number of cases where ccp set out to fix a bug only to later discover that they had only fixed it under certain conditions. It doesn’t matter if we complained a year ago if they thought it was fixed last month.

    Having said that, I have yet to encounter this bug. How common is it?

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