A Few Links

Rina Kondur, newest CEO of Fweddit’s blog.

An excerpt of today’s post:

“The personal attacks and slander thrown from all sides is what ruins games and turns players away. Faction Warfare has become nothing more than a mud slinging contest to see who can ruin who’s credibility and moral first. I get there is a place for meta-gaming, but this is beyond that. We’re all here to play and have a good time, and we need each other, like it or not. Without Amarr, the Minmatar would have no fights, and same for Minmatar, no Amarr, no fights. No one is going to say that faction chest beating or bragging shouldn’t happen, but the attacks at individuals and specific corporations and alliances are childish. And those doing so should be ashamed to have stooped so low.”


Another new blog on the FW scene, ‘Overheat Everything’, found here.  (note to the owner, I would like it a whole lot more if the font wasn’t that pale gray, makes it harder to read.)


One of my beloved FC’s, Almity, wrote on his blog here an article ‘In love and war’ in response to Susan Black’s last post, ‘All is fair‘.


I want to say to everyone who is currently sexually harassing Susan Black that you’re going too far.  Smack talking and trolling is a valued part of the game, I get that.  She trolls, you guys respond.  But knock off the sexual harassment.  You’re going too far and you know it.  The game is supposed to be safe for 13 year old players, so keep that in mind when you are trolling local.  Little 13 year old girls could be out there reading that.


Anyhow, back to other blogs I want to share.  We have a couple of role playing blogs out there with some interesting stories:


Ryven Krennel is doing a pretty interesting story here.

Ugleb does a lot of in character posts on his blog, here.  I’m a big fan!

I’ll pimp out my own RP blog here, I’m doing a story involving a couple of Amarr pilots, it’s been fun writing it so far!

And ugh, I found a really good rp blog the other day but I can’t find the link to it, once I do, I’ll share it with you guys! (and if it was your blog that I commented on, please please please mail me the link to it)




2 Responses to “A Few Links”

  1. Does this mean I need to keep up prolific in character posting?

  2. I swear I’m working on the readability issues, haha. Thanks for the mention.

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