A Series Of Unfortunate Events


What had happened was this. Corpmate Unz Vallen was coming from Kourmonen to Auga when he reports over comms, “An obelisk is on Kourm gate, Auga.”

It was followed by a series of ‘what the fucks’ and ‘undock undock!’

We had just had a small engagement with a couple of neutrals in Siseide, Almity and I showing off our shiny new Nightmares (one of my pretty pretty birthday pressies) , getting this kill.

So we are in Egg, scrambling to get into something a little less blingy while Unz is following the freighter. He warps to Dal, giving us time to jump from Sis into Dal, meeting him on the Auga gate.

I get hero tackle (yay me) and slip a little bit further into the darkside (now -3.2 sec status). We take down the Obselisk and three minutes later…

….the Obselisk pilot joins the Minmatar Militia.


8 Responses to “A Series Of Unfortunate Events”

  1. Pushed that dude straight to war, we did. He wantz revenge!

    Just glad he didn’t join Amarr.

  2. Well so much for neutral hauling…

  3. The new Greyscale Crimewatch Sentry Guns could have saved that Obelisk!


  4. Clearly amarrian oppression forces another poor soul into the fight! That, or he wanted his stuff back…

  5. Andre Vauban Says:

    Black Frog could have saved that poor freighter.

  6. Silence ikillyouu Says:

    Lootfairys hate you

  7. Fairly certain the freighter joined minmatar to make isk, not get revenge 😛

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